What To Ask When Buying A Used Car?

Deciding on a new vehicle and ensuring it fulfills your needs can be nerve-wracking. Buying the wrong car can be a nightmare. If your budget allows for a used car, you need to have a quiz prepared for the seller and avoid making ill-informed decisions.

Key Takeaways

This article will provide you with all the necessary information before you meet the seller of your potential new car.

  • Ask for basic car information, i.e., make, model, mileage, and owners.
  • Ask for damage history.
  • Inquire why the car is being sold.
  • Look for maintenance frequencies.
  • Check the car history report.

Get Into The Basics Of The Used Car

Before any further contemplation is done, you need to get the essential information about the car. To decide whether the car fits your needs, ask the following questions.

  1. How old is the car?
  2. What is the mileage?
  3. How many owners has the car had?
  4. How long did the previous owner keep the vehicle?

Ask For A History Of Damage To The Car

Knowing everything that a car has been through is necessary. This helps determine how the car will perform when you are using it.

Assessing the damages and repair work required also gives you an idea of the costs you will incur once the vehicle is yours.

Here are some questions that may help.

  1. Has the car been in an accident?
  2. What repairs does the car require?
  3. Is the exterior damaged?
  4. How well-kept is the interior?

Ask Why The Car Is Being Sold

Asking why somebody is selling their car may be tricky, and you would have to be smart about it. Look for information on the issues with the vehicle and the way the car is not providing the seller with what it needs. This can give you insight and help you decide if the car is worth it.

Ask About The History Of Car Maintenance

Cars are one of those machines that require plenty of care and attention. Regular maintenance trips are the standard. Ask your seller how often the vehicle was taken for maintenance. For proof, you may ask them for their maintenance receipts.

Inconsistencies in the receipts may mean that the car’s performance could be compromised because issues have been fostered instead of repaired.

Independent Inspection Of The Used Car

A second opinion on something as heavy on the pocket as a car is crucial. Ask the seller if they would be willing to let your mechanic take a look at the car. If they agree, your mechanic can tell you what the real deal with the car is.

Check The Car History Report

A car history report is a compilation of the information necessary in the decision-making process of buying a car. This includes information about how old the car is, the damage done to it, the mileage, accidents it has been in, and more.

To get the most reliable car history reports, click here. Vehicle history reports can be an excellent way to crosscheck the seller’s information to ensure you are not being scammed. Make sure you note down the car’s plate number.

Ask For The Title

Often sellers may need a title in hand to sell cars. Ask them about the title; if you wish, you could push them to show it to you. Buying a car without a title may cause trouble later, so be careful!


Buying a used car saves you bucks if you work around it smartly. Put your seller on the spot and ask them the basic information about the car, why they are selling it, the damages to the car, and how well-maintained the car has been. Make sure to check the car history report and the title!

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