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Buying second-hand cars can be risky as one wrong decision exposes you to scams and fraud. That’s why it’s essential to check the VIN of a vehicle before sealing any deal. Although many VIN check websites are available online that help users make a fair car deal, VINreport stands out due to its excellent features. The website has an extensive database and utilizes top-notch technologies while creating the VIN report.


Once the data is collected, it gets checked by verification tools, so the user doesn’t end up with false or misinterpreted information. The report contains everything from minor vehicle damage to any theft or stolen history. What’s the most prominent part? Upon visiting the official VINreport website, the user gets a brief guide on what to consider before buying any used vehicle. However, just like any other website, VINreport has its pros and cons. Let’s have a look at them!

This VINreport review was updated in 2024.

VINreport Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what VINreport has to offer:

  • Collects information from credible sources like NMVTIS and other local service shops.
  • Provides clear pictures of the damages.
  • Trusted by Micro Trend.
  • Services are limited to mainly USA and Canada.
  • The cost of the single report is slightly high.

About VINreport


VINreport is an excellent platform for anyone looking for credible information about a particular vehicle. The website collects data from around 350 million VIN records and majorly covers US vehicles. In addition, VINreport covers data on most of the cars sold from 1981 until now, which means you get access to data on all the old and new vehicles hassle-free.

As mentioned earlier, the website gathers information from multiple sources, so the report you get is comprehensive and contains in-depth details on the defects and damages of the vehicle. Overall, the report’s format is easy to understand, protecting the buyers from potential scams.


Where does VINreport take data from?

Unlike other typical VIN check websites on the internet, VINreport doesn’t rely on any unauthentic and random source for data collection. Instead, the data is collected from a credible government-authorized department like NMVTIS. The NMVTIS is a US-based vehicle database containing current information and history of all the trucks and cars. This NMVTIS system extracts data from around 900 sources and carries the history of over 400 million vehicles.

Moreover, the government has also ordered other small service shops or car dealers to provide vehicle data regularly to the NMVTIS so they can update their database. Hence, the user gets accurate and detailed data, protecting them from all the scammers trying to sell their malicious vehicles. The VINreport being NMVTIS certified also means the final VIN report provided to the user is reliable and free from confusing and misleading stats.

To make their reports more comprehensive, VINreport also consults several other sources like local vehicle shops, car dealers, auto auctions, etc. This data is later passed through various verification tools before creating and sharing the final VIN report with the user.


Pricing Details

VINreport offers exceptional, in-detail VIN reports to users at affordable rates. What makes it better is that the user gets an instant discount on bulk purchases. So, if you are short on money and need to review multiple VIN reports, VINreport is perfect. Let’s have a look at the pricing chart of one VINreport vehicle report:

  • 1 report – $11.99
  • 4 reports – $7.49/report
  • 10 reports – $5.49/report

The VINreport single report costs you around $11.99, which is a considerable amount compared to other websites. However, looking at the detailed description and the report’s credibility, this price is justified. If you want to go for a discount, then either go for the four or ten reports option and get multiple VIN reports at half the price of the single report.

Do you know what the best part is? These prices don’t vary with geographical locations. Whether in the USA or Canada, you will pay the exact cost for the same or different VIN report. This compels users to consult VINreport to access the history of the vehicle they’ve been eyeing for a long time.


What’s covered in the VINreport report?

VINreport offers quick and detailed VIN reports of different new and old vehicles. The report contains all the information provided by state-owned departments and helps the buyer in sealing a fair deal with the vehicle seller. Here’s what you get to know from a VINreport report:

  • Basic Vehicle Information. The VINreport possesses every essential detail about the vehicle, including the brand name, color, age, manufacturing date, and location of the car. This is shown at the report’s top before delving deeper into other essential information.
  • Odometer Reading and Rollback. Many times sellers trick the odometer and take its reading back to zero. This is to scam the buyer by saying the vehicle hasn’t covered any significant distance and asking for the high cost. However, the VINreport shows the accurate odometer reading or mileage of the car, saving you from the traps of the dealers.
  • Vehicle Equipment Details. This section covers the details of all the parts specifications of the car. The user gets to know whether any part of the car has been replaced or needs any maintenance.
  • Usage Details. VINreport also explains the total usage of the vehicle to the buyer. You get to know if the car has been previously used as a taxi or was under police usage. So you can figure out how much the vehicle has been used and if it’ll serve you in the long run or not.
  • Ownership and Sales. In this section, you learn about the car’s sales listing and whether any private company sold it. Also, you can know when the car was last sold and at which price. The ownership of the vehicle is also mentioned, like how many owners that car had and the details of each owner with the mileage they covered.
  • Accident and Damage Records. The accident records section tells the user about the small or large accident history of the vehicles only if the accident or damage has been reported to the police department or any other state-owned department. Remember, the unreported damage or accident history isn’t added to this section.
  • Safety Issues or Recalls. In this, all the information related to the vehicle equipment that is at risk of getting damaged or causing any potential accident is listed. So, the buyer can address these issues before using the vehicle.
  • Theft and Stolen Databases. This section covers the theft history of the vehicle, and all the data is taken from the National Crime Bureau and other reputable departments. Hence, the user stays safe from getting deceived into buying a stolen car.
  • Vehicle Pictures. This one is the most critical part of the VIN reports on this website. The user gets access to the current vehicle picture, which helps them make a clear decision. It also contains images right after the accident so you can get a clear idea of the vehicle’s damage history.


VINreport Vehicle History Report Example

VINreport Sample Report


What could be better in the VINreport report?

Undoubtedly, VINreport is an excellent website for getting accurate and credible vehicle information, but there are a few things that can be improved to make the user experience better. For instance, the website is only desirable for people who own USA and Canada-based vehicles, so anyone who tries to access particular data of the car from other geographical locations will not get the results. So, VINreport should expand its range to European and other nation-states to facilitate a bigger audience.

Another thing is that the reports don’t cover the unreported damage, which means if the car is marked damage free, it can still have some fault or accident that’s not reported to any state department. Therefore, adding such information can also help the buyer make a more precise decision. Overall, the VINreport website is perfect for all buyers who need a detailed and comprehensive car report before finalizing the deal.


Our VINreport Review


Before penning down this review, we checked the VINreport website to get a VIN report and to check whether they are offering the promised things or not. To our surprise, as soon as we entered the VIN, we got the report, and it contained all the vital information that can help a buyer in selecting the right vehicle. The significant sections of the report were odometer history, accident or damage records, sales history, equipment details, basic vehicle details, ownership, and much more.

The VINreport claim of providing factual data extracted from NMVTIS and other sources like auto auctions, salvage yards, service shops, etc., was also valid as we double-checked the report given by them with several other VIN check reports, and the data was the same. Even a few sections of VINreport’s report were more detailed than competitors. The price for a single report may seem high; however, buying multiple reports can ease up this tension as, on bulk purchases, you get a quick discount.

Multiple payment options are available, including PayPal, visa card, etc. As all these options are reliable, you shouldn’t worry about getting scammed or ending up with a false VIN report. Overall, our experience with VINreport was satisfactory, and we highly recommend this website to those who want an in-detail and accurate VIN report.

Personal Opinion

VINreport is a quick and reliable VIN check reporting platform that collects data from state-owned sources and verifies the information from various tools before sharing it with the user. The report possesses all the vehicle details to help the user make a suitable decision. You may find the price of a single report high, but we suggest going for multiple reports and saving some bucks. A few areas need improvement, like providing VIN check services worldwide and lowering the cost of a single report. Otherwise, the decoder works great!


VINreport Summary

Overall rank#10 out of 22
Our rating4.00

How to use VINreport?

With no complicated interface, VINreport is very easy to use. Here’s how you can efficiently use it to generate your VIN check report:

  • Go to the Official VINreport Website. In your browser enter ““.

VINreport website

  • Enter the VIN Code. The home page has an empty VIN bar; write the VIN of the vehicle in that section and click on ‘Check VIN.’

VINreport step 1

  • Availability of VIN Information. The website will take less than 10 seconds to generate your VIN check report. However, to get access to the complete report having in-depth information, you need to buy the report.

VINreport step 2

  • Purchase Your Report.  Enter your email, and you’ll be directed to the payment page of VINreport. Select your package, whether you want a single or multiple reports, and choose any payment option to make the purchase.

VINreport step 3

  • Completion. Your final comprehensive VIN check report will appear on the screen within a few seconds. Download it to view later, and have an excellent car-buying experience.


Download VINreport Sample Report Here


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is VINreport?

VINreport is a credible online VIN check platform with data on most of the cars sold after 1981. The user gets up-to-date and in-depth information about a certain vehicle. Their customer support team is also swift; you will get a timely response in case of any query.

✔️How does VINreport work?

The website collects data from NMVTIS and multiple other sources, including salvage yards, auto auctions, vehicle service shops, insurance and finance departments, etc. It has the data of over 340 million vehicles and provides customers with the most accurate VIN report within seconds.

✔️How much does the VINreport report cost?

A single VINreport report costs you around $11.99; however, on purchasing four or ten reports, the price for a single report becomes $7.49 and $5.49, respectively.

✔️What will I see in the VINreport report?

You will see everything about a vehicle in a VINreport report. The most prominent sections are the odometer history, sales records, stolen databases, equipment and parts maintenance, and much more. All this information is enough to protect you from a miscalculated deal.

✔️Is the VINreport report accurate?

Yes, as VINreport collects data from state-owned departments like NMVTIS, the report is accurate and has all the updated information. We didn’t find any difference in cross-checking the data with other websites; instead, VINreport shared a more detailed report.

✔️Is VINreport worth it?

Of course! Considering the information given by the website about a particular vehicle at affordable rates, VINreport is worth it. Moreover, the data is collected from top-notch sources, ensuring the website’s credibility.

✔️Is VINreport safe?

Yes, VINreport is safe, as the website takes pride in keeping the customer’s data secure and encrypted. The information provided is hidden from other viewers, and the payment options are also very reliable.


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