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Ranks #7 out of 22 companies is a online service provider that provides its users with comprehensive vehicle reports. It provides authentic information to vehicle buyers, car owners, and auto auction houses in all 50 US states. Its vehicle reports are easy to comprehend and contain multiple records. The report lets you access basic vehicle specifications, salvage/junk records, accident history, loss events, and many other details. This VIN decoder offers cost-effective solutions. It assists the buyers in making the right decision while purchasing any vehicle. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of the website to determine its effectiveness for your particular needs.

This review was updated in 2024. Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what has to offer:

  • Leading partner of NMVTIS and other major databases.
  • The interface is simple & easy to use.
  • Accurate and reliable reports.
  • Offers VIN services in all 50 states of the US.
  • You can screen multiple vehicles, like trucks, bikes, etc., through this platform.
  • Sometimes the report may contain outdated information.
  • Customers are mostly dissatisfied with their refund policy.
  • Their report data could not replace the actual vehicle inspection.
  • As compared to competitors, its data sources are limited.
  • It only provides VIN services in the US.


VINCheckupCom provides its users with a lot of information about any vehicle which is sold after 1982. It is an official partner of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). This service provider is a major database that collects data from various DMVs, auction houses, insurance companies, and many other verified sources.

Additionally, this website offers detailed info about title history, theft records, mileage manipulations, flood checks, service history, accidents, and many more. The report is so convenient that you can easily navigate multiple sections in no time. As compared to major competitors, offers cost-effective rates for reports. You can also screen multiple automobiles through this platform.


Where does take data from? gathers data from multiple data providers. The major service provider is National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). It is a nationwide data source that obtains information from 900+ global sources. It protects customers from buying unsafe vehicles. The website aggregates the information in bulk and pays for each vehicle record. Other data sources are DMVs, federal institutions, insurance companies, public agencies, and many more. These databases provide verified information to the website. You can access this information to check the VIN details of your vans, RVs, cars, trucks, motorbikes, and many automobile brand models and designs.

Other partners of contains non-profit organizations, auto auction houses, automotive research companies, and more. These sources facilitate the website in providing comprehensive data to its users.

Many private sources also report data to this platform. continuously collaborates with these legitimate partners and acquires in-depth information. You can get details about the sale and lien records, maintenance data, service history, odometer rollbacks, and more. Therefore, this VIN decoder offers reliable and valid info about vehicles.


Pricing Details

VINcheckup Price offers inexpensive solutions for vehicle history reports. It provides various deals, and the prices vary accordingly. For instance, the website offers one report for only $14.95. It also provides you with membership options. The website provides you with a 35% discount when you buy 3 reports. You only have to pay $9.72 per report. So, instead of paying $44.85, you can purchase the 3 reports only for $29.95.

On top of that,  allows you to buy multiple vehicle reports. It gives you special discounts on buying bulk reports in a single go. For example, when you buy 10 reports, you can pay $4.99 per report. It enables you to save 66% of your money. Thus, this platform offers flexible pricing options for its users according to their particular needs.

In addition, these deals are valid for 30 days. You can access them through the Search history section of your membership webpage.

You can download and print them through your membership period. The website does not offer any trial subscriptions. This platform offers reliable payment options. You can always pay with your credit or debit card. The refund policy is valid only for up to 4 weeks. You have to request moneyback within this timeframe. Overall, this platform provides its customers with cost-efficient vehicle history information.


What’s covered in the report? covers comprehensive details about used vehicles in its history reports. Let’s discuss various sections of vehicle history reports in the following.

  • Accident History. This report section contains all the information regarding the past accidents of the vehicle. If the vehicle has gone through damage and repair due to accidents, it is covered in the report. In addition, this section also provides the criminal record of the vehicle, if any, in the past.
  • Title Check. This website provides you with an incredible opportunity to check the historical title information for over 60 kinds of title brands. It enables you to know about the different owners of the vehicle. You can also access different current and past car documents through this info.
  • Odometer Check. Many car sellers do manipulations in the mileage record to increase the sale price of the vehicles. The reports checks for tempering with the odometer readings. If there is any rollback in the record, the reports showcase it in this section.
  • Service History. This vehicle history report section provides the maintenance records to the users. If there are any damages in the past, the service’s history discloses all the significant details.
  • Theft History Check. If the car has been stolen in the past, this section provides you with adequate information about the theft records. For instance, the car you are going to buy is registered as a theft-recovered vehicle; you will find all the details in the report.
  • Sale & Lien Records. The reports also cover information about past vehicle sales and the lien records. For example, you can easily access the lien events, dates, amounts, locations, lien holder names, info, and more.
  • Commercial Use History. This commercial use history section of the report is significant for car buyers when deciding on purchasing used vehicles. It provides you with information about the car usage history. For example, whether it was a public transport or a private taxi, the report discloses it all.
  • Problem Checklist. This report area deals with the potential problem and damage check history. For example, you can access vehicle specifications, lemon records, reconstruction history, impound history, sales records, repossession records, total loss, insurance data, and a lot more via this less-than-fifteen-dollar report.


What could be better in the report?

Although the report covers various sections, it needs to add more data to its history reports. It is significant to provide recorded images of vehicles to its customers. These auction images allow them to acknowledge the past condition of the vehicle.

In addition, the report should also contain a separate section for ownership changes. It will be a decent addition if also includes some manufacturer recalls, technical data, major vehicle damages, and vehicle defects on the list. It will further ease the car-buying process of customers.


Our Review


Our team has tested the functionality and performance of this platform in person. We have reviewed the website from every perspective through our multi-step review process. When it comes to the pricing, we found that the is a very reasonable option. For example, we bought ten reports and paid only $4.99 per report. Isn’t it pretty affordable?

The reports we got were very comprehensive. We could access the VIN title history, salvage records, accident history, service check, VIN specifications, theft records, lien/impound data, commercial usage check, and a lot more. The report also covers mileage manipulations and odometer rollbacks.

We also got a problem checklist at the bottom of the report. It was pretty helpful in disclosing more details about the vehicle. The audit information was accurate and reliable. As the website claims to gather verified information, it is validated in the vehicle history reports. Additionally, the reports were easy to understand. The website offered us a very quick service through its excellent customer service.

In addition, comes up with flexible payment options. We paid through a credit/debit card. The checkout process was pretty convenient. The website also provided us with an option to screen our multiple vehicles. There was also an option to check the VIN details of trucks, cars, motorcycles, RVs, vans, and other automobiles.

We also checked the commercial history of car usage. The report gave us all the records regarding whether the vehicle was a government or privately-owned transport. The reports almost contained everything they listed on their website.

It’s an official partner of NMVTIS, which is a leading data provider in the United States. So, after counter-verification of all the details, we can confidently say that the reports were accurate enough to use for decision-making. The audit reports did not contain the recorded images of the vehicles. It would be better to add these auction images to give more clarity. We had a great experience with this decoder website. It was more than we expected from this platform.

Personal Opinion

In our opinion, if you’re looking for precise and comprehensive reports, then is made for you. This decoder platform gathers data from verified sources like NMVTIS, government agencies, insurance companies, and federal institutes. So, the site is pretty reliable. It offers you affordable rates for vehicle history information. You can access detailed data about vehicle features, damages, services, accidents, liens, reconstructions, title brands, odometer readings, and many more. It also offers you excellent customer support. The payment options and the return policies are also flexible. What makes you think much? It is more than one desire from a VIN platform. Summary

Overall rank#7 out of 22
Our rating4.25
UsabilityEasy to Use

How to use is much more accessible and provides you with a convenient experience. You just need to follow simple steps to get started with it.

  • Enter VIN and start searching. The preliminary step is to enter your VIN code in the empty spacebar and click on “Lookup VIN” to start searching.

VINcheckup step 1

  • Review your search results.  Once you are done searching, a page will open in front of you which contains all the report sections. You can request a full report or select from various databases to proceed further.

VINcheckup step 2

  • Access Full report. If you want to purchase the full report, you need to complete your payment before accessing it. Once your payment is made, you are able to view your history report on the membership page. You can download this file within 30 days of the active purchase date. After that, it will be removed automatically from the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is is an online VIN decoder that provides comprehensive audit information to its users. It gathers authentic information from trustworthy sources like NMVTIS. It offers reliable and accurate details about used vehicles. You can access vehicle title brand history, basic features, damages check, accidents, salvage, mileage, and more details.

✔️How does work? is convenient to navigate. You just need to provide your VIN code to access your vehicle report. The website also provides you an option to select different sections you want to get data about. It aggregates data from only trustworthy databases like NMVTIS, salvage yards, auto auction houses, public agencies, and more.

✔️How much does the report cost? offers affordable solutions for you to purchase full-scale reports. A single report is worth $14.95. If you want to buy 3 reports, you have to pay only $9.72 per report. The website also offers you to purchase multiple reports at a time. For example, you can purchase 10 reports for paying $4.99 per report.

✔️What will I see in the report? report covers a bunch of information about the past events of the vehicle. You can access vehicle specifications, damage checks, accident records, mileage details, odometer rollbacks, lien info, a sales record, theft history, and service history. In addition, also provides you with a problem checklist to facilitate the customers.

✔️Is the report accurate? gathers vehicle information from verified sources only. It collaborates with leading service providers like NMVTIS, insurance companies, DMVs, public agencies, private sectors, and others. These databases provide transparent information to the website.

✔️Is worth it? is a cost-effective decoder website. It provides comprehensive reports to the customers. The audit information is aggregated from multiple data providers. It offers quick and accurate reports. It is more than what you expect from a decoder.

✔️Is safe? provides its users with safe and reliable information. As gathered from trustworthy sources, the platform only provides verified audit information. Additionally, it keeps the user’s information secure from scammers. It is SSL encrypted and keeps your data secured throughout the journey.


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