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CARFAX is a web-based VIN checker that provides reliable vehicle information. This platform facilitates car buyers and dealers to make the right decision about used vehicles. The website has in-depth experience of about 35+ years in the automotive industry. It takes data from 100,000 leading databases working in 22 countries. Moreover, various banks and insurance firms usually rely on CARFAX’s data. It has more than 35 integrations in the online vehicle market, and the website optimizes car history reports efficiently.


Previously, you could only check the car potential data from Canada and the US. But now, you can assess essential details about the cars imported from Poland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Europe, and many more. This website helps retailers, buyers, and dealers to avoid costly solutions and go for cost-effective reports.

This CARFAX review was updated in 2024.


Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what CARFAX has to offer:

  • Provide comprehensive vehicle reports.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Collects the data from 100,000 multiple verified sources.
  • Multiple reports are affordable.
  • Real-time live chat is available to assist customers.
  • Single reports are more costly than competitors.
  • Not all damages and accidents are recorded.
  • No information for comparing various vehicles.
  • Some reports may contain less data about service history.
  • This platform only provides vehicle info reported to them.



CARFAX is one of the leading service providers that discloses hidden details about vehicles. It is significant for car buyers to acknowledge the history details of the used cars before buying. This platform has been in business for more than 35 years. CARFAX has great expertise in this sector, and the website maintains billions of records in its car history reports.

Additionally, this VIN decoder gathers information from valid sources like motor car agencies, auto auctions, vehicle manufacturers, and more. So it provides reliable information to its customers. Moreover, these history reports show mileage manipulations, accident records, damage checks, car usage, and other information.


Where does CARFAX take data from?

CARFAX gathers vehicle details from the largest databases all across the globe. This platform collects data from DMVs, Canadian and US motor databases, body repair shops, public agencies, and service shops. This platform partners with major data sources like law enforcement departments, fire agencies, service stations, and state inspection sectors. These databases only provide verified data about vehicles.

CARFAX also gets the required data from rental companies, collision repair stations, import/export centers, and more. As the information is taken from multiple sources, it becomes easy to verify the details. The mechanic shops and auction houses also provide important data to facilitate the buyers to decide upon used cars.

Additionally, if your car has been in an accident, you can get these details from the history reports. For this purpose, the website gathers accident data from the police. If the damage is not reported to the police, CARFAX will not have that information. When buying a new vehicle, it is important to acknowledge whether its parts have been stolen or damaged. This decoding platform takes the maintenance record from the dealers or auto technicians to ensure that the car parts are original. So, CARFAX has access to multiple data providers which are working in different states.


Pricing Details

CARFAX offers different pricing deals for various packages. The report costs depend upon its number and version. For instance, the cost of a single report is €39.99. Three car history reports are worth $59.99. You have to pay only $20 per report to get three reports. Similarly, if you want to purchase multiple reports, it is quite affordable. The website provides you with six reports only for $99.99. In addition, CARFAX also offers professional business deals. It offers an 80% discount for the users buying its premium offers. Dealers are reported to pay $500 to $1500 depending upon the needs.

This platform does not charge any subscription fee or other follow-up costs. CARFAX offers a safe mode of payment. For this purpose, you can pay through a credit/debit card supervised by PayPal. Moreover, this VIN checker has a flexible refund policy of 30 days. It guarantees its users 100% money back on its specific terms and conditions.


What’s covered in the CARFAX report?

CARFAX provides detailed information in the car history reports. The following section gives you an overview of the sample report. Let’s dive into this.

  • Accident and Damages Check. This VIN decoder provides its users with the accident details of the car. It gives significant data about the damages, wears and tear, and repair of the vehicle. The website takes this information from verified databases. Some minor crashes are not included in the list. But, overall, the report covers all the major accident records. Additionally, salvage title info and other safety recalls are also included in the list.
  • Odometer Readings. Most sellers try to scam and change the odometer readings to enhance the sale price of the used vehicles. The CARFAX vehicle reports keep a check on the odometer records. It facilitates the buyers to acknowledge mileage manipulations before purchasing these second-hand vehicles.
  • Ownership Changes and Car Usage. The report also covers the number of owners and the details about car usage. It provides the users with important information about the time the vehicle has been on the road and the car’s condition. Similarly, you can understand whether the vehicle is used privately or commercially. So, the report covers all these sections.
  • Maintenance and Inspections. The report also includes the car service history and maintenance records. If any type of maintenance work is done over the course of a car’s lifetime, it is recorded in a clear manner in the report. The inspection data is recorded with date and location. It helps the buyers with deeper insights to look into the vehicle’s history.
  • Thefts and Import Records. CARFAX also provides information on whether the car you are going to buy has been stolen or reported. It makes you understand the criminal record of the car, if any. In addition, if the car is imported, it might be challenging for you to disclose its historical events. Therefore, it is significant to know the vehicle registration in different countries. These reports provide its users with accurate details about theft and imports in a user-friendly format.


CARFAX Vehicle History Report Example

CARFAX vehicle history report example


What could be better in the CARFAX report?

CARFAX car history reports cover various sections, but there are better choices to add more details to the list. This VIN report should contain comparable data to know about various vehicles in the automotive marketplace. Likewise, it would be best to add recorded images of the used car in the report. It discloses the past car’s condition to the buyer. The report includes the service history but does not cover all the events. So, it is better to increase data coverage in this section. The CARFAX report should also include minor details about accidents and damages to give more clarity to the consumers.


Our CARFAX Review


VIN Mentor has taken the services of CARFAX in person and tested the website’s functionality through top expertise. The professionals appraised the security, audit information, customer services, and many other things to check the performance of this platform. We have tested these essentials through our multiple steps review process. When we contacted the website, we found it very responsive.

The website answered our queries through emails and online chat. It was a real-time experience through live discussions. That’s what puts CARFAX above its competitors. Next, our experts checked the prices for various reports. The single report was worth $39.99, which is pretty costly. But the prices for multiple reports were not as high. We ordered 3 reports and paid only $20 per report.

The CARFAX history reports were very comprehensive and contained detailed information about the used vehicle. We found the car title info, safety recalls, salvage records, theft info, damages check, accident records, ownership changes, import check, and more. The maintenance records and mileage manipulations were also listed in the audit report. The services history section only contains minor details.

It could be better to include additional details. Likewise, we didn’t find recorded images in the report. It could be better to provide the history photos to show the car’s condition. CARFAX offers safe modes of payment managed by PayPal.

The website also offers a strong refund policy. We requested a refund within 30 days of the contract and got 100% of the money back. The website collects data from a wide range of trustworthy sources like auto auction houses, insurance companies, public agencies, fire departments, repair shops, and many more.

These organizations provide reliable information through verified systems. So, we got almost accurate details about everything listed in the report. The website also offers premium reports named “business reports.” The business version of the reports was more comprehensive than the free ones. It also has more coverage over data. In short, we had a good experience with CARFAX.

Personal Opinion

In our opinion, CARFAX is a good alternative if you want to get in-depth information about a particular vehicle. The report lets you get details about mileage, odometer rollbacks, stolen vehicle, owners, damages, and others. It is more expensive than other VIN checkers. But if you want a detailed report, then it is worth spending some more bucks.

The website offers you great customer support, safe deposit options, and a flexible refund policy. The business reports offer you an 80% discount on multiple reports. Using CARFAX, you can request unlimited reports at a time. Accuracy and security are the factors that make CARFAX a better option for vehicle reports.


CARFAX Summary

Overall rank#6 out of 22
Our rating4.50
UsabilityEasy to Use

How to use CARFAX?

CARFAX is simple to navigate. Just collect the VIN number of the concerned vehicle and head over to the official website of CARFAX.

  • Go to Report Section. CARFAX offers multiple services. So, after opening the website, click on ‘Get CARFAX Report,’ and a new window will appear.
  • Enter the VIN of the Vehicle You only have to provide your VIN code in the spacebar. After providing the vehicle identification number, the system loads for some time to gather information. You can also proceed with the ‘License Plate’ number after selecting your state.  After entering your VIN or License Plate number, hit the ‘Go’ button.

CARFAX step 1

  • Availability of Report. After that, you will direct to another page where you can find the records about your vehicle.

CARFAX step 2

  • Purchase the Report. To avail of the starter or business reports, you have to purchase your report plan. For buying your desired report, the website offers secure payment processors.

CARFAX step 3

  • Completion. After your payment is made, the website provides you the link to the report file. You can access the report from there.


Download CARFAX Sample Report Here


CARFAX Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is CARFAX?

CARFAX is an online VIN checker that provides decoding services to users. It gathers car history information from verified sources like law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, public sectors, service shops, and many other organizations. Additionally, this website provides comprehensive records of the historical events of the vehicle.

✔️How does CARFAX work?

CARFAX has a user-friendly interface. It works with many trustworthy partners to assist people when buying used vehicles. It’s simple to operate this VIN decoder. You just need to input your VIN code. The site generates your vehicle report and provides you with various records about the past events of the used car.

✔️How much does the CARFAX report cost?

CARFAX is a relatively expensive alternative. A single report costs $39.99. The website also offers you to purchase unlimited reports. The price for three reports is $59.99. The report costs get lower when you buy multiple reports simultaneously. For instance, six reports are worth $99.99. This platform also offers premium reports, and the pricing varies for each report. It also offers an 80% discount on buying multiple reports.

✔️What will I see in the CARFAX report?

You will see detailed information about various types of records in the car history reports. The reports cover mileage manipulations, thefts, car title records, ownership changes, odometer recordings, import checks, and more. Likewise, you will also get maintenance records and inspections about the past events of the vehicle. The service history, repair, salvage title record, vehicle usage, etc., are also included in the report.

✔️Is the CARFAX report accurate?

CARFAX collects information from reliable sources like government sectors, police, car auctions, fire agencies, car service/repair shops, and more. These departments provide verified history details to CARFAX. Thus, it offers authentic information to its users.

✔️Is CARFAX worth it?

This website offers comprehensive audit reports to its customers. It takes data from multiple organizations and gives reliable information. It offers great customer service and safe solutions for payment. The pricing is a bit costly, but if you want to know a bunch of details about the history of the used car, it’s worth it.

✔️Is CARFAX safe?

CARFAX website is SSL encrypted, protecting the user’s personal information from fraudsters. The website only provides accurate information to its users because it solely relies on credible sources. This platform has a strong security policy. It also ensures safe modes of payment and has a flexible refund policy.


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