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When you go out to buy a used or second-hand vehicle, it’s essential to check the VIN of the vehicle before sealing any deal. Otherwise, either you might end up with a stolen or damaged car. Nowadays, there are many VIN checking websites available that offer multiple services and information to assist the user in purchasing a used car. FAXVIN is one such website, having the largest second-hand vehicle database worldwide and providing the user with accurate information about the vehicle.


The website utilizes top-notch technologies and collaborates with reliable organizations while creating the VIN report of a vehicle. You can get details of minor damages to the total loss report within seconds. What’s the best part? FAXVIN also offers third-party validation related to car histories, so buyers and sellers can seal a fair deal. However, just like other VIN check websites, FAXVIN also has some significant pros and a few cons. So, let’s discuss them!

This FAXVIN review was updated in 2024.


Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what FAXVIN has to offer:

  • Collects data from credible government and non-government organizations.
  • User-friendly VIN checking and multiple payment options.
  • A detailed report about the vehicle within seconds.
  • DMV VIN check service.
  • Offer services to residents of multiple countries in the world.
  • Sometimes there's not enough information on the damage history.
  • Vehicle maintenance history isn't available for a few reports.
  • Customer service is not very responsive.
  • Owner identity is hidden for the domain is hidden on WHOIS.
  • Lack of direct option of buying multiple reports in a single go.



First introduced in 2010, known as VinCarHistory, and later changed the name to FAXVIN in 2017, this website is an excellent and credible source to find out a vehicle’s complete history. Until now, FAXVIN has offered more than 1 billion car reports to users, and it has data on all the cars sold after 1982. With data records that go over 21 billion, the website offers helpful information to buyers and enables them to make the right decision.

As mentioned, while creating a VIN report, it goes through a multitude of records to develop the most comprehensive and in-depth data, protecting users from purchasing a damaged or stolen vehicle. What sets them apart from other VIN check websites is their report format, which is very easy to understand. So you can extract the required information hassle-free.


Where does FAXVIN take data from?

While obtaining a report from FAXVIN, you should be sure about the authenticity and credibility of the data. The website doesn’t rely on untrusted sources for data collection. Instead, FAXVIN extracts its data from National organizations, vehicle repair and maintenance departments, manufacturers, and finance management authorities.

The most prominent names working with FAXVIN are US Motor Vehicle Title System (NMVTIS), Canadian Motor Vehicle Agencies, Collision Repair Facilities, CompaniesState Inspection Stations, etc. Most of these companies help find information related to car registration in different countries. Other partners come up with details like whether the car has any theft, damage, or taxi driving history.

Furthermore, FAXVIN also gets assistance from car dealers, auto auctions, and other top-notch motor agencies located in the US and Canada before creating the report. Once the data is collected, the website utilizes all its innovation and efficient tools to check the information’s authenticity. In the end, the user will get an in-detail report containing all the necessary and valid information. This prevents them from making any risky or unreasonable decisions.


Pricing Details

FAXVIN offers excellent vehicle details at very affordable rates. So, even if you’re short on budget and need a quick and efficient vehicle VIN check report, FAXVIN got you covered. Here’s the price chart for the FAXVIN VIN check report to give you a better idea:

  • One VIN check order and report costs around $8.95
  • 3 VIN check orders and report costs around $17.90

This shows that if you make a bulk purchase of VIN reports from the website, you can save more. Another advantage of using FAXVIN for vehicle details is that the prices don’t vary with geographical locations. So, either you are sitting in the US or finding the car’s information from Canada, you will be charged the same few which is mentioned on the FAXVIN website. On top of that, FAXVIN offers a free vehicle decoding report to the user that allows them to check the authenticity and efficiency of the FAXVIN VIN check.


What’s covered in the FAXVIN report?

FAXVIN gives an in-depth report of the targeted vehicle to the user by collecting data from all credible sources and analyzing them through efficient tools. Here’s the detail of each thing that you get to know from a FAXVIN VIN check report:

  • Vehicle Basic Information. The first thing the FAXVIN VIN check reports show to the user is the primary data of the vehicle. This includes the type, model, manufacturing date, weight, engine, and age. You’ll also get to know about the seating, brake system, and other specifications of the vehicle in the basic data.
  • Equipment Details. Equipment details refer to the specific parts and features of the car. This section also includes the repairing or replacing history of different vehicle equipment, so you can know whether the car you have been eyeing for a long time has original parts or some cheaper alternatives.
  • Manufacturer Info. The user gets to know about the manufacturer of the vehicle and its geographical location. For instance, if you are checking the report of a Toyota car, the manufacturer’s section will have Japanese nationality as most of Toyota’s vehicles are manufactured in its birth country.
  • Stolen Databases. The most common issue everyone faces while buying a second-hand car is ending up with a car with a previous theft history. It’s because most of the time, sellers scam the buyer by hiding such details. However, the FAXVIN report provides you with all the vehicle stolen databases. With this data, you can identify whether the car has been stolen from any country or whether the seller is authentic.
  • Odometer History. Odometer history tells the user about the exact mileage of the vehicle. In many cases, the seller tricks the odometer and takes the car’s mileage back to zero or minimum to get high rates. However, FAXVIN reports accurate car mileage, so you don’t get tricked into buying an expensive one.
  • Title History. As the name represents, the title history section contains information like the owners of the car, countries where the vehicle was used, and any accident history.
  • Manufacturer Recalls. The manufacturer recalls updates the user about all the issues present in the car that needs service. After knowing this, you can make the deal and negotiate with the seller accordingly.
  • Vehicle Damage History. In case the vehicle has any flood, damage, or defective history, it’s all listed in this section. This means if, after entering the VIN, your report shows any of these things, make the purchasing decision wisely.


FAXVIN Vehicle History Report Example

FAXVIN Sample Report


What could be better in the FAXVIN report?

Although the FAXVIN VIN check is great for anyone who wants a precise vehicle history before committing the deal, however, there are a few things that can be a little better and provide a more user-friendly experience. The report contains almost all the necessary information, so adding vehicle images would have been a good initiative.

This allows the user to have a look at the vehicle and adds up to the authenticity of the website. Moreover, adding minor car issues and the nature of accidents (if any) the car has faced can help the user make a more appropriate decision. Lastly, a section explaining how users can purchase an authentic second-hand car or what to look for while buying a second-hand car would have served as the cherry on the cake!


Our FAXVIN Review


Our team at VIN Mentor personally tested the FAXVIN VIN check report to assess whether the data is accurate or how the report can help us. To our surprise, we got the report as soon as we ordered and paid, and it contained all the required vehicle information that can help a buyer in making the right decision. It contained everything from the vehicle’s weight and model to its engine type and previous usage.

In addition, there was data regarding the stolen or damaged history or if any governmental officer owned the car. The website claimed that the data is extracted from over 21 billion records, so there is no doubt about the report’s authenticity. This claim was valid because we cross-checked the data with multiple other VIN checkers, and everything was precise.

However, one downside was that the cost for a single report was a bit high, but when you make a bulk purchase, a discount is guaranteed to make it cost-effective. Furthermore, the website doesn’t offer any vouchers for payment, so before you go on to the payment section, make sure you’ve your credit card with you.

It’s because the only payment method available there is a credit card. This isn’t an issue as almost everyone today owns a credit card and finds it a convenient method for payment. Overall, our experience with FAXVIN was great because they provided what they promised. We accept that some areas need improvement, but there’s no reason not to consider this website for VIN checking.

Personal Opinion

FAXVIN offers reliable and quick VIN reports to users and collects their data from multiple authentic sources spread worldwide. The data provided by the website is enough to save the customer from scammers and damaged vehicles. Although the cost for a single report is relatively high, it’s justified by the top-notch services they offer. However, a few areas need a little attention, as the website can add pictures of vehicles and multiple payment options for user ease. All in all, we found it excellent and highly responsive.


FAXVIN Summary

Overall rank#9 out of 22
Our rating4.25
UsabilityEasy to Use
Official websiteFAXVIN.com

How to use FAXVIN?

FAXVIN has a user-friendly interface, so you can efficiently operate it by following the below-discussed steps:

  • Go to the Official FAXVIN Website. First, go to the official website of FAXVIN by searching “FAXVIN.com” on any search browser.
  • Enter the VIN Code. At the top of the website page, click on the “three lines logo,” and from there, select the VIN check option. Enter your vehicle’s VIN in the empty bar.

FAXVIN step 1

  • Availability of VIN Information. Once you enter the VIN, a page on your screen shows all the available information about the particular vehicle. After completing the VIN request, click on the “Order and View Report” option.

FAXVIN step 2

  • Purchase Your Report. You’ll be directed to the checkout page, where you must enter your email address, credit card credentials, and security code. Once you enter all this, hit the “Pay Now” button to get the report.

FAXVIN step 3

  • Completion. You’ve successfully paid and ordered your FAXVIN VIN check report, and it’s now ready to view. You can even download the report to view later!


Download FAXVIN Sample Report Here


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is FAXVIN?

FAXVIN is an online VIN check website that offers credible vehicle data to the user. The website gathers data from government departments and other organizations. You can contact them anytime as they work 24/7.

✔️How does FAXVIN work?

Starting in 2010 as VinCarHistory and later changed to FAXVIN 2017, the website possesses exceptional knowledge about VIN checking and data collection. They collaborate with several organizations and local maintenance shops to get precise data about a specific vehicle. All you need to do is to enter the VIN, and the website will come up with an in-depth report, saving the buyer from making any unreasonable decision.

✔️How much does the FAXVIN report cost?

The price for a single FAXVIN VIN report is around $8.95, which can be a bit expensive. However, the cost for 3 FAXVIN VIN reports is $17.90, which is budget-friendly for the user. The pricing doesn’t vary with geographical locations.

✔️What will I see in the FAXVIN report?

The FAXVIN report covers every minor to significant detail of the vehicle, such as the car’s basic details, specifications, damage or salvage history, stolen databases, ownership, and more. Generally, the user will get every information that can help them make a proper decision.

✔️Is the FAXVIN report accurate?

Yes, FAXVIN’s report is 100% accurate as they collect information from reliable sources, and efficient tools verify the data. So, you know you are getting precise information at the end.

✔️Is FAXVIN worth it?

Of course! FAXVIN is totally worth it because the website offers the best and most useful information to the user. On top of that, the website always goes with the most trustworthy sources, so you should definitely give it a try.

✔️Is FAXVIN safe?

Yes, the website takes pride in providing encrypted data to the user and ensuring the user’s information stays safe. Plus, FAXVIN deals through credit card payments and nothing more, making them more realistic. Their website also has SSL encryption, which means this website will potentially protect your data from scammers and fraudsters.


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