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Due to the sudden increase in car prices, people started buying second-hand vehicles because they are cheap and have fewer insurance premiums. However, before purchasing a vehicle, it’s essential to check its history through VIN to make a reasonable decision. There are many online platforms or websites that offer a detailed VIN check report to the user, and VINinspect is also one of them. VINinspect has a vast database and collects data from multiple authentic organizations.


Once the data is collected, the website utilizes innovative tools to verify the information collected and provide the user with the most up-to-date data. You can get details about minor damages to the total loss of the car. What’s the best part? The VINinspect rapport offers the most recent vehicle pictures to the user to help them have a clear mind before sealing any deal with the seller. Just like many other VIN check websites, VINinspect also has a handful of benefits and fewer cons. Let’s have a look at them:

This VINinspect review was updated in 2024.

VINinspect Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what VINinspect has to offer:

  • Offers free auction reports of vehicles with pictures.
  • The database has information about millions of cars.
  • Faster generation of report.
  • Customer support service is way too efficient.
  • Special discount offers for car dealers.
  • Only available in Canada and the USA.
  • Not accessible through phone apps.
  • Maintenance history isn't mentioned in some reports.
  • Collect information from relatively lesser sources which might be less precise.
  • Usually collects data from relatively smaller partners, this can replicate lesser accuracy.

About VINinspect


Launched in 2015, VINinspect is a unique VIN check website that helps buyers and sellers make a fair vehicle deal. The website works with several credible governments and small local sources to come up with relatively accurate and authentic car history reports. On top of that, the website has millions of records of all the cars sold from the 90s to now, which means the user will get an in-depth report that prevents them from ending up with a damaged or defective vehicle.

What makes VINinspect different from others is its efficiency and the value they offer to its customers. The VINinspect support team is also swift and assists the user as much as they can. A VIN check report from VINinspect will have all the essential details such as damage history, vehicle photos, theft or stolen databases, etc.- everything a user should know before purchasing a vehicle.

It may surprise you, but VINinspect offers free car decoding and recalls services to the user, which provide basic vehicle information for users who are unable to buy the full report. Furthermore, if you cannot find the VIN of the vehicle, the free VINinspect VIN database helps you find it within seconds. Isn’t it great?


Where does VINinspect take data from?

Unlike other websites, VINinspect doesn’t rely on multiple sources for basic information. The only information provider for VINinspect is NMVTIS, which has accurate and detailed data, protecting customers from any potential frauds or scams. NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) is a US-based national database mainly designed to carry the history of all vehicles.

This system extracts information from over 900 other sources and has around 400 million cars. In addition, the government has also ordered vehicle industries and local service shops to share vehicle data regularly with the NMVTIS.

However, to make their report more comprehensive, the website sometimes gathers minor data from other reliable sources like salvage yards, vehicle service shops, finance institutions, etc. This data is later passed through different verification tools before sharing the report with users.


Pricing Details

VINinspect offers quick, and excellent VIN reports at very affordable rates. On bulk purchases, you get an instant discount which means if you are short on money but need multiple VIN check reports, VINinspect is here to cover for you. Let’s have a quick look at the price chart of VINinspect to have a better idea about what the best is offering:

Full Report

  • $14.99 – One full report
  • $29.99 – four full reports
  • $84.99 – 16 full Reports

The VINinspect price of a single report is a bit high compared to the other websites offering the same service. Still, looking at the credibility and authenticity of the website, this price is justified. It’s better to pay a bit high for precise data than to invest in a low-quality website that doesn’t promise accuracy and leads you to the wrong vehicle. However, looking at people’s concern over the price, VINinspect offers 4 reports at as low as $29.99, which is pretty affordable.

What serves as the cherry on the cake is the fact that the prices don’t change with geographical locations. A user from Canada will be charged the same as a user in the US. If you cannot pay any fee, you can try the free VIN checker to get basic information and pictures of vehicles, but it’s suggested to go with the paid report if you want in-depth information.


What’s covered in the VINinspect report?

VINinspect offers in-detail and credible vehicle information to users by collecting information from state-owned systems and departments. Once the required data is collected, it is passed through quick and efficient verification tools to ensure the user gets their hands on the most recent and comprehensive report. Here’s what the VIN check report of VINinspect covers:

  • Vehicle Basic Information. This section includes structural and basic information about the vehicle, such as the color, model, manufacturing date, and year. You’ll also learn about other things like the engine type, brake system, drive line, body style of the vehicle, etc.
  • Equipment Details. Equipment details contain all the parts and specifications of the car. The user gets to know about the repairing and maintenance of different vehicle parts, so you can decide whether you’re okay with the current situation of the car or want a new one.
  • Odometer Reading. An odometer is an instrument that’s present on a vehicle and shows the mileage the car has covered. Some sellers play with it to bring the odometer reading back to zero or reduce it to the minimum. Their aim behind it is to sell the car at a high price or scam the buyer. However, when you check the VIN of the target vehicle through VINinspect, the website provides you with the accurate mileage of the car, saving you from the traps of the dealers.
  • Ownership and Sales. Another section in the report is “Ownership and Sales.” It tells you about the car’s previous owners, like how many people owned it with their mileage and purchasing histories. You’ll also get to know about the sales background of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Pictures. The best feature of the VINinspect report is the vehicle pictures attached to it. Most VIN check websites don’t have this feature, making them look unauthentic. But with VINinspect, the vehicle images appear on the top of the report and show the car’s current state to the user.
  • Damage History. In case the vehicle has been hit by a flood or suffered any other damage or malfunctioning, the VINinspect report will share the information with the user to help them make a clear decision.
  • Stolen Databases. Of course, no one likes to buy a stolen car, but more than half of the people who buy second-hand cars end up in this situation. To prevent you from buying a stolen car, the VINinspect report provides the in-detail stolen and theft history of the vehicle. So, you can identify such things beforehand and stay safe from scammers hiding behind the “Sellers” tag.


VINinspect Vehicle History Report Example

VINinspect Sample Report


What could be better in the VINinspect report?

Although the VINinspect report is excellent and comes up with the most accurate data that helps buyers or users to make a precise decision, there’re still a few things that can be better done to make the website more user-friendly. For instance, the website offers services only in the USA and Canada, which makes it impossible for people from other nationalities to access the data. So, the website should focus on increasing its network and spread in other countries to benefit people from different countries too.

Another thing missing from the report is the maintenance and minor vehicle damage. Adding the vehicle’s maintenance history allows the user to identify whether the equipment or parts inside are original or replaced with cheaper options. So they can decide accordingly and not get trapped into buying the wrong vehicle. These are our opinions about what could be better on the website, but these don’t affect the overall report; instead add more glamour to it!


Our VINinspect Review


Before writing this review and getting a better idea about how the website works and if the things they promised are there or not, we tested the VINinspect report. To our surprise, we got the report in less than 15 seconds. On top of that, the report contains all the information that can guide a user in carrying the appropriate decision.

The most prominent content in this report is the odometer history, damage and maintenance, basic car information, theft, stolen databases, etc. The website’s claim of providing accurate data extracted from the NMVTIS system was also valid, as we double-checked the reports with other best VIN check websites, and there was no difference. However, the VINinspect report was more comprehensive and covered everything that was missing in other reports. Our experts believe adding more sources will not only improve the credibility of the data but will also make it a more comprehensive one.

We noticed the price for one report was a bit high, but a bundle of discount options available for users or dealers makes obtaining bulk reports a cost-effective option. They have numerous payment options available for orders, including PayPal, credit cards, etc. As all these payment ways are authentic, we didn’t fear getting scammed. Overall, our experience with VINinspect was tremendous, and we got what they promised. A few areas may need some improvement, but there’s no reason not to go with VINinspect for your VIN check report.

Personal Opinion

VINinspect offers quick and reliable VIN check reports to users after collecting data from a trustworthy platform like the NMVTIS. All the information mentioned in the notification is enough to save a buyer from getting scammed. The price for one report may seem high, but looking at the accuracy of data and speedy response, it’s justified. Only a few areas need improvement, such as adding minor damage details and spreading the website services worldwide. In addition, adding more reliable sources will further improve the credibility of the content. All in all, we found the VINinspect supportive and responsive.


VINinspect Summary

Overall rank#8 out of 22
Our rating4.25
UsabilityEasy to Use

How to use VINinspect?

Using VINinspect is like lying on a bed of roses because the website has no complicated options or interface. The user can easily find out the VIN check option if they follow the below-given steps:

  • Go to the Official VINinspect Website. First, search on any search browser and click on the first option to have the same domain name. It’s the official website of VINinspect.
  • Enter the VIN Code. Now click on the “three lines” logo at the top of the website and select the VIN check option. Enter the VIN code in the empty bar and click on the “Check VIN” option in the blue bar.

VINinspect step 1

  • Availability of VIN Information. The website will take around 15 to 20 seconds to collect data about your vehicle. You will find everything from the odometer reading to the ownership and damage history of the vehicle. However, these options will not be revealed until you purchase the report.

VINinspect step 2

  • Purchase Your Report. Suppose you want to know about the in-depth features and things related to your car; select from the packages mentioned at the bottom of the website. For one report, you will be charged around $14.99. After selecting your package, select the payment option and hit the “pay now” button.

VINinspect step 3

  • Completion. Your report will appear on the screen within a few seconds containing all the essential information you need to know before purchasing any vehicle. Download the VIN check report to view it later.


Download VINinspect Sample Report Here


VINinspect Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is VINinspect?

First launched in 2015, VINinspect is a credible VIN check platform that provides users with up-to-date information about a particular vehicle. Their support team is always available; in case of a query, you’ll get a summarized and quick reply.

✔️How does VINinspect work?

VINinspect is an excellent website offering the most precise vehicle information. The website works with credible organizations like NMVTIS and other local service shops to develop the most authentic report. All you need to do is to enter the VIN and get all the data on the screen within seconds.

✔️How much does the VINinspect report cost?

The price for one VINinspect report is around $14.99, which is a bit high. However, for 4 reports, the cost is $29.99, and for 16 reports, it’s about $84.99. You should order in bulk to avail the discount offers. If you’ll 16 reports, the price of a single VIN check will drastically drop to just 5.31 bucks.

✔️What will I see in the VINinspect report?

You will see everything about a specific vehicle in a VINinspect report. The most prominent details are odometer reading, damage history, ownership and sales, manufacturer Info, and basic car details. All the data provided in a VINinspect report is enough to save you from any wrong deal.

✔️Is the VINinspect report accurate?

Yes, VINinspect data is relatively authentic as it collects information from state-owned departments. But adding more credible sources will make the report more reliable and comprehensive. We checked the VINinspect report and compared it with other websites, and there wasn’t anything wrong with the data provided to us! So, overall, VINinspect is a viable option for checking the VIN of vehicles.

✔️Is VINinspect worth it?

Undoubtedly, VINinspect is worth the money you spend on it because the website offers the most precise and calculated data. In addition, the data is extracted from top-notch sources, compelling you to give it a try definitely!

✔️Is VINinspect safe?

Yes, while creating the report, VINinspect ensures the customer’s data stay safe and protected. Every piece of information is encrypted, and the payment options are also reliable, clearing all your doubts.


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