carVertical vs AutoCheck

Selecting a VIN decoding platform can be difficult, as many options are available. We've scrutinized and examined several websites, from free VIN lookups to paid complete vehicle history reports, and have ranked the top VIN check sites using a four-point review system.

AutoCheck and carVertical are two exceptional platforms that provide unparalleled services. However, it can be challenging to decide between them. So let's take a closer look.

From $12.79 per report
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5.0 rating
Ranks #1 out of 22 companies
From $24.99 per report
4.5 rating
Ranks #5 out of 22 companies
carVertical vs AutoCheck

Benefits of carVertical

carVertical, time and time again, has proven to be the superior VIN decoding tool. With features such as:

  • high-quality data provision,
  • excellent customer service,
  • secure transactions,
  • ease of use,
  • availability of reports in 17 languages,
  • tamper-proof data through blockchain technology,
  • an affordable price,
  • and volume discounts,

carVertical has got it all.

Benefits of AutoCheck

On the other hand, AutoCheck, a branch of Experian, a top credit reporting service in the US and Canada, has a trusted name and integrated data sources, making it hard to overlook. Moreover, with a straightforward and user-friendly website, cost-effective options for auto retailers, comprehensive reports that score each vehicle for comparison, and Buyback Protection, AutoCheck is a considerable competitor.

Quality Breakdown

Let us take a look at the pricing and the information that is included in the reports given by the two websites.


Both carVertical and AutoCheck charge $24.99 for a single full vehicle history report, which is relatively high compared to many others. However, this is due to their utilization of high-quality data sources, which commands a higher price. carVertical offers volume discounts, making it a better choice for those seeking high-quality reports for more than one vehicle.

Information Provided

A comparison of features of carVertical and AutoCheck

FeaturecarVertical AutoCheck
Technical InformationYesYes
Accident HistoryYesYes
Ownership HistoryYesYes
Maintenance RecordsYesNo
Insurance DataNoYes
Registration DataYesYes
Theft ReportsYesYes

Additional Features

While both websites have user-friendly interfaces and adequate refund policies, carVertical is preferred due to its better reports, better customer service, more comprehensive and in-depth reports, and volume discounts. However, AutoCheck's name recognition may make it more attractive to some people.

How To Choose?

When choosing a VIN decoding platform, remember that AutoCheck and carVertical offer reports based on high-quality information. If you're unhappy with your purchase, you can get a refund from either company. However, carVertical is the better option, offering more features than those shared with AutoCheck.

Editors Choice
5.0 rating
From $12.79 per report
Use discount code: vinmentor
Ranks #1 out of 22 companies
5.0 rating
From $14.99 per report
Ranks #2 out of 22 companies
4.8 rating
From $14.99 per report
Ranks #3 out of 22 companies
4.5 rating
From $9.99 per report
Ranks #4 out of 22 companies