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ClearVin is an online VIN checker that provides vehicle history information in Canada and the USA. This platform partners with reputable data sources in the automotive industry. The leading service provider of this website is National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), JD Power, National Vehicle Service (NVS), and more. These databases ensure the authenticity of the data collected through various checks.


Additionally, this platform enables you to disclose vehicle specifications, damage records, and accident details reported from all 50 states of America. The reports also include accurate information about odometer functionality. It is a competitive VIN decoder that provides cost-effective solutions and great customer service. These factors make it a valuable choice in today’s vehicle industry.

This ClearVin review was updated in 2024.

ClearVin Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what ClearVin has to offer:

  • Responsive customer service system.
  • Free recall reports that may assist you in buying cars.
  • The history of trucks and other vehicles can also be checked.
  • Provide a money-back guarantee.
  • Affordable and accurate reports.
  • Only provide service in Canada and the US.
  • Provides fewer data as compared to competitors.
  • Some reports may contain outdated information.
  • Site performance may be slow sometimes.
  • Not all the reports carry full-scale information.

About ClearVin


ClearVin is one of the best websites to check car history events of used vehicles. The best thing about this platform is that it obtains data from a wide range of verified service providers. It takes data from many government departments and public organizations. Thus, it provides valuable and accurate VIN information to its users. You can access vehicle features, accident data, damage records, brand history, and many other details about used cars. This website offers affordable rates for audit reports. Additionally, it values its users and renders great customer support through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


Where does ClearVin take data from?

ClearVin has wide connections with multiple databases. The major partners of this decoder website are National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), National Vehicle Services (NVS), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), etc. These data providers provide only verified details and protect customers from purchasing unsafe vehicles.

NMVTIS is a US-based service provider that aggregates data from 9000-plus sources. It provides over 40 million history records of vehicles. Similarly, the site also collaborates with state and local agencies to collect the VIN information. Other data sources include DMVs, insurance companies, public agencies, federal departments, and more.

Many financial institutions, salvage yards, and car dealers also report reliable vehicle history details to the website. ClearVin partners with a bunch of trusted sources to disclose in-depth details about the vehicles. For instance, it gathers data from auto auction houses, local departments, law enforcement agencies, and more.

These various data sources provide diverse information about various past events of the used car. For example, the National Vehicle Services (NVS) provide information about vehicle theft, impound data, recovery info, export records, and more. The vehicle rental car industries and car finance organizations also provide data to ClearVin.


Pricing Details

ClearVin is a popular choice due to its affordability. The platform offers cost-effective solutions to buy car history audit reports. Moreover, the website offers different report plans for individuals and dealers. The pricing varies from one deal to another. Let’s discuss the different deals for individuals and car dealers.

For individuals

  • A single car history report is worth only $14.99.
  • Three reports cost $23.99.
  • The price for five reports is $29.99.

For car dealers

  • If you buy 20 reports, you have to pay only $60.
  • 40 reports are worth $100.
  • For 100 reports, the price is $220.

Reviewing the website’s pricing deals, we found that the report cost is comparable to other quality service providers. But when you buy dealers’ offers, it is pretty affordable as compared to the competitors in the market. You can buy multiple reports at cheap rates. The website has a flexible return policy. In addition, ClearVin accepts payments only through verified processors like or PayPal. You have to pay in United States Dollars to purchase your desired report.


What’s covered in the ClearVin report?

The audit report covers a lot of information regarding used vehicles. Let’s discuss the major areas of the report.

  • Vehicle Specifications. This report section includes all the basic data about the brand of the vehicle. It covers the model, type, engine, age, production year, steering type, dimensions, style, color, and other primary features of the vehicle.
  • Ownership History. The audit report also covers the ownership record of the vehicle. For instance, there is a list of the date of purchase, the owner’s state names, length of ownership, estimated miles info, and more. In this way, the customers better know whether the car is for private or commercial use.
  • Odometer Reading. ClearVin reports provide accurate details about the actual mileage records. Many sellers roll back the odometer readings to increase the vehicle’s selling price. This platform provides you with comprehensive information about the functioning of the odometer. If there is any mileage manipulation, you’ll find that in the ClearVin vehicle history report.
  • Insurance Records. The website gathers insurance records from trusted sources like NMVTIS, NVS, and more. These details provide information on whether the vehicle is junk/salvage or declared a total loss.
  • Lien/impound/theft Records. The audit information contains a complete record of any legal vehicle transfer, reselling, active or formal lien, and more. The report also provides details about the theft records of the car. It debunks any criminal data of the used car, if any, in the past.
  • Title Brand Information. This section includes all the necessary information you need to know before buying a second-hand car. It includes data about rebuilding, salvage, damage check, flood check, fire damage records, and more.
  • Vehicle Price Analysis. This section provides a complete analysis of the market price of the vehicle. It covers the retail price, average trade-in value, loan value, and other price structures.
  • Auto Auction Data and Photos. This section covers detailed information about the primary damage, secondary damage, seller, repair costs, condition, sales data, and other information. With the written document, the website also provides auction photos to showcase the car’s past condition in visuals.
  • Recalls and Report Summary. ClearVin also provides safety recalls facilitating the buyers. Moreover, there is a short section of the report summary at the end to simplify the search process for the users. You can easily navigate to various report sections through this overview.


ClearVin Vehicle History Report Example

ClearVin vehicle history report example


What could be better in the ClearVin report?

Although ClearVin provides a lot of details about a used vehicle, it needs to add other important information. For instance, the website report does not cover car repair data. It would be better to include the car services history to access the repair record would be better. The audit report also does not include collision-related information. Adding information on all the potential damages would further enhance the value of the report. Sometimes the information in the report is outdated.


Our ClearVin Review


Our experts at VIN Mentor have tested the website’s offers and packages in person. We have deep knowledge about the functioning of ClearVin through our multi-layered review process. Our multi-step review procedure discloses significant details about vehicle history. When we analyzed the report packages, we came across many affordable choices. Also, the website offered us options for buying multiple reports. For instance, under the dealer program, we received 20 reports only for $60. Isn’t it pretty cost-effective?

The audit report we got contains a lot of information about the past events of the car. We saw odometer rollbacks, brand history, title history, basic features, damage records, lien/impound data, ownership history, and many more.

Although the reports covered many sections, they lacked the repair history and collision data. It would be ideal for adding these sections to provide more comprehensive info to the users. As ClearVin aggregates the data from multiple trustworthy databases like NMVTIS, government agencies, public sectors, DMVs, insurance companies, and other partners. So, it provided us with reliable information. The website offered safe modes of payments managed by authorized payment processors. Our team engaged with their customer support multiple times and ended up satisfied every time. We contacted them through social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. They provided us with excellent and quick responses.

The audit information also provided us with the recorded images. These visuals helped us to acknowledge the past condition of the vehicle. Its free recall reports simplified our buying process. Additionally, the website also included a summary section at the end of the report. Through this section, we easily navigated our desired section in the report. It also offered us a 100% money-back guarantee. The user interface simplifies the search process.

We just followed short and easy steps to get our desired reports. We got complete access to the report after making the payments. There was a download functionality to get a PDF version of the report. In short, we had a good experience with this platform. Its accuracy and multiple databases make it a reliable option.

Personal Opinion

In our opinion, ClearVin is one of the best VIN checkers, as it offers affordable and accurate reports. It provides verified information from a wide range of service providers. The customer service is very quick and responsive. The audit report covers safety recalls, vehicle specifications, auction photos, theft records, damages history, accident data, price analysis, and many other details.

An overview of various records is also provided in the summary section. The website covers the history details of various automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles. Incorporating repair records would be a great addition for the users. Also, some reports are outdated. So, regular update of data is mandatory to keep the customers informed about recent happenings with their concerned vehicles.


ClearVin Summary

Overall rank#2 out of 22
Our rating5.0
UsabilityEasy to Use

How to use ClearVin?

ClearVin works easily and is simple to order car history reports. You just need to follow simple steps to get started with this VIN check website. Let’s get into this.

  • Input your VIN code.The first step is to provide your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in the search space bar of the website. You can easily navigate your VIN details by clicking on the Lookup VIN option.

ClearVin step 1

  • Searching and Get initial Info. After entering VIN, the system loads to gather information from various databases. You’ll land on a new page with the initial results. Now click the Get Report option.

ClearVin step 2

  • Choose your Package. ClearVin enables you to order more than one report and offers you multiple solutions for your car history. You can select any audit report package according to your preference.

ClearVin step 3

  • Access the report. After selecting your desired package and its payment, you can access your report through a login account. If you didn’t create one before paying for the package, the website emails you your login details with a password.


Download ClearVin Sample Report Here


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is ClearVin?

ClearVin is a web-based VIN lookup that provides its users with accurate vehicle history reports. The website gathers verified data from trustworthy sources like NMVTIS, public and private agencies, DMVs, and many other organizations. The report covers details about vehicle features, usage, salvage, junk records, brand check, recalls, and more.

✔️How does ClearVin work?

ClearVin is easy to navigate. You just need to provide your VIN code to acquire the audit reports. The website partners with major service providers like NMVTIS, NVS, insurance agencies, salvage yards, DMVs, and many other departments. The information you get is verified through various tools. It is very responsive and renders quick customer support.

✔️How much does the ClearVin report cost?

ClearVin provides cost-effective deals for vehicle history reports. It offers individual and dealer packages. For example, One report is worth $14.99. Three reports cost $23.99, and the platform offers 5 reports for $29.99. For car dealers, ClearVin offers more affordable rates. If you buy 20 reports, you have to pay only $60. ClearVIN costs $100 and $220 for 40 and 100 reports, respectively.

✔️What will I see in the ClearVin report?

ClearVin provides you with a lot of data in its audit report. You can access the safety recalls, theft info, odometer recordings, ownership changes, salvage/junk records, brand history, title data, and more. The website also covers auto auction history with auction photos to simplify buying.

✔️Is the ClearVin report accurate?

ClearVin collaborates with the leading databases and acquires accurate details from these sources. For instance, it partners with National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), JD Power, National Vehicle Service (NVS), auction houses, and state and local agencies to collect the VIN data. Other data sources include DMVs, salvage yards, insurance companies, public agencies, and federal departments. So, the website provides pretty accurate reports.

✔️Is ClearVin worth it?

ClearVin offers transparent and accurate VIN data. It provides affordable rates for audit information. Quick and responsive customer service facilitates car buyers to make the right decisions. It offers safe modes of payment and keeps the information secured from scammers. It is more than one expects from a VIN decoder.

✔️Is ClearVin safe?

ClearVin offers reliable and safe information to its users. As it partners with trustworthy sources, it only provides verified info to its users. It also keeps your data secure. It’s a reliable platform and guarantees you accurate VIN details. Being SSL encrypted, it also prevents interventions of scammers and fraudsters.


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