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AutoCheck is an automated service provider for vehicle history reports in the US and Canada. It has been in business for over 10 years and is a part of Experian. This platform facilitates the users to get detailed information about different vehicles. It enables them to make the right choice while buying used cars. Additionally, the website provides the company score about the vehicle. It enables the consumers to acknowledge what the industry says about car history. The AutoCheck system is safe enough to protect your VIN information from malicious attacks. It also collaborates with major automotive partners to provide verified vehicle data.

This AutoCheck review was updated in 2024.

AutoCheck Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what AutoCheck has to offer:

  • The website is straightforward to navigate.
  • It gathers information from multiple databases.
  • Batch purchasing of reports is a cost-effective option.
  • The score feature enables the user to compare the vehicles.
  • It offers Buyback Protection for paid users.
  • Customer service is reliable but not much responsive.
  • The price of a single report is relatively high.
  • The free versions may have minor issues and not provide considerable details.
  • The report does not include maintenance records.
  • It does not report all types of accidents in the report.

About AutoCheck


AutoCheck is a web-based VIN check website that provides decoding services to its users. Experian, a nationwide database, owns this platform and provides credit card scores. It gathers vehicle details about age, mileage, accidents, damages, etc. The website aggregates data from the leading automotive partners such as ebaymotors, carzing, etc. It provides consumers with reliable information that helps them to decide between various cars. The scoring system of the site scans the VIN details. AutoCheck promises its users to dive into deep information about the past events of used cars. Also, it provides buyback protection for registered cars and keeps the data secured.


Where does AutoCheck take data from?

This platform partners with major industry databases. It collects vehicle data from Autotrader, ebaymotors, CarGurus,, NADAguides, and many other sources. These service providers offer verified details about the car’s history. On top of that, information is also gathered from the Department of Motor Vehicles, public agencies, CarMax, auctions, and insurance firms. The accident information is also compiled from police offices. For finding theft and damage details, the platform takes data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. During storm events, this organization also reports storm damage records. Kelley Blue Book, US auction houses, and also assist the website in gathering information.

Additionally, the other major sources include private organizations, salvage yards, and other independent sources. Based on these details, AutoCheck rates the vehicle between 1 and 100. This scoring system relies on the data received from various legit departments. Through this info, Experian provides various ratings for the vehicle. But, if the collected information determines a low car score, it doesn’t necessarily mean a poor vehicle.

This data is also collected from dealers, OEMs, consumer protection agencies, and other top industries. It helps the buyers to compare the vehicle information with others having similar requirements. So, AutoCheck takes the important details from the leading databases of all 50 states. All the information they gather is officially managed by Experian.


Pricing Details

AutoCheck provides various deals and packages for varying needs. The pricing depends on the number of reports you are buying. For instance, the cost of a single report may be high as compared to multiple reports. A single vehicle history report is worth $24.99. This package does not include any recurring fee.

Similarly, if you want to purchase 5 reports at a time, it will only cost you $49.99. Moreover, this platform also offers special deals for car dealers, lenders, insurers, and credit unions. These reports contain data from almost 95% of the US auction houses. It covers all the extensive accident damages in a single report for affordable rates.

Also, you can purchase 300 AutoCheck reports for only $99.99. The pricing details show that when a user buys more than a single vehicle report, it is a more cost-effective option. You will also receive dynamic vehicle report updates for the subscription period. Additionally, the website offers a safe payment processor. PayPal secures all transactions. You can pay through a credit card/debit card, and the payment processor secures your sensitive information.


What’s covered in the AutoCheck report?

The AutoCheck history reports contain many details about the used vehicles. Let’s discuss some major areas covered through this platform.

  • Vehicle Basic Info. AutoCheck provides its users with information to know about the basic features before buying used cars. This report section includes body type, age, mileage, color, fuel type, number of gears, engine capacity, transmission, and more. Also, the vehicle manufacturer info is included in this section.
  • Major State Title Brand Check. This report section includes all the details about flood checks, junk/salvage records, odometer brands, manufacturer buyback, rebuilt/repair records, and more. The data is collected by the State Division of Motor Vehicles (DMVs).
  • Accident Check. The website also provides information about the accidents the car has been through in the past. It is worth noting that the report does not provide all the accident records. AutoCheck collects accident data from public sources and independent organizations.
  • Damage Check. AutoCheck also offers detailed information on various types of damages in its vehicle history reports. It enables users to pinpoint fire damage records, frame or structured damages, auction junk records, and more. The damages record also covers the recycling or repair facility checks and salvage auction details. It also provides details about the car crash history.
  • Specific event check and other title brands. This section brings light to all the important events the car has been through. It includes insurance loss data, lemon or producer buyback checks, grey market title details, lien records, and many more. AutoCheck also offers repossessed records, duplicate title information, and theft records. An abandoned title check is also included in this section.
  • Odometer Check. The report also contains odometer check details. Various auction sources and DMVs collect this type of data and report it to AutoCheck. In addition, the section includes state title odometer checks, auction odometer details, and odometer calculation records. The problem is reported through the mileage check of the used car.
  • Open Safety recall check. This section includes title, registration check, salvage, accidents, insurance loss, junk vehicles, and more. It enables the users to acknowledge the safety recalls of used cars. The data is collected from various sources like police, auto insurance sources, motor vehicle departments, and others.


AutoCheck Vehicle History Report Example

AutoCheck Sample Report


What could be better in the AutoCheck report?

AutoCheck provides its users with the major details about the car’s history. But there are better choices if the report includes the recorded images of the car when it was sold. It helps the customers to see the past condition of the car’s specifications. Also, it would be better to include the maintenance records about the vehicle.

The AutoCheck report covers the major accidents and damages to used cars. But it would be great to add extensive information about minor events too. It will be helpful for the users. In addition, the report should also cover the records of the repaired vehicles without insurance claims.


Our AutoCheck Review


At VIN Mentor, we have experienced the performance of AutoCheck in person. Our expert team has used our four-step review process to gauge the website’s functionality. When we tested their pricing, we learned that the price for a single report was relatively high, that is, $24.99. But the website offers fewer costs for batches of reports. That’s why 5 reports only cost $49.99. Pretty affordable!

In addition, we found the data in the report authentic and reliable. The website claims to gather information from leading databases. The promise proved almost correct. But we found less information and some minor issues in the free version of the report. So, it will be better to add more accuracy and detail to the free reports. But, It’s a fair argument that there’s nothing like free in this industry.

We tested the customer service of AutoCheck. It took some time to understand and respond to queries. There are better choices to optimize customer support. Moreover, the website offers safe payment transactions. A secure payment processor, PayPal, manages sensitive information. The scoring system, which Experian backs, helped us to compare various vehicles. In short, we were easily able to select the right vehicle for us.

In the reports, we found details of major damages, accidents, safety recalls, mileage records, salvage details, events info, insurance loss records, and more. It would be better if the reports also contained maintenance records. The report covers major damages and accident records. It would be best to cover minor details about accidents to give more comprehensive data. The report was missing the recorded images of the vehicle.

It would be optimal to add photos from past events like accidents or auctions would be an ideal addition. The website was straightforward and convenient to use. We just provided the VIN code and got the report after payment. In short, we had a good experience with AutoCheck. Highly accessible, efficient scoring system, buyback protection, and many more. What makes you stop?

Personal Opinion

In our opinion, AutoCheck car history reports with score ratings are a reliable option to consider. It provides fast and easy solutions to help customers to make vehicle comparisons. The platform provides a secure environment for the users. The pricing is affordable. In addition, this VIN checker gathers info from verified agencies and leading partners. It means the authenticity of data is ensured. You will get dynamic vehicle updates throughout the package subscription period. AutoCheck has a convenient refund policy. It offers buyback protection to keep the data secured. Some portions need improvement: the free report should contain more detail, and customer support should be improved. But, overall, it is one of the best VIN decoders in the market.


AutoCheck Summary

Overall rank#5 out of 22
Our rating4.50
UsabilityEasy to Use

How to use AutoCheck?

AutoCheck is a user-friendly website that is easy to access. If you want to know how this website actually works, let’s dive into the steps.

  • Enter the VIN code or US License Plate. The first step is to enter the VIN code of the car. AutoCheck also provides you with another option to disclose your vehicle details. You can also search your desired data by searching your vehicle license plate.

AutoCheck step 1

  • Choose your Report Plan. Next, you need to choose among various report deals. For example, whether you want to buy a single report or multiple ones. If you have many cars and are still shopping, you should select the multiple reports deal. So, you can pick a plan according to your preference.

AutoCheck step 2

  • Subscribe for the offer and get the report. Last, you need to subscribe to the offer. There will be no recurring charges.

AutoCheck step 3


Download AutoCheck Sample Report Here


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is AutoCheck?

AutoCheck is a web-based VIN checker that provides vehicle car history reports to its users. It is owned by Experian, which is a nationwide service provider in today’s automotive industry. It has been working for over 10 years and has in-depth knowledge and expertise in this sector. AutoCheck provides detailed information about vehicle features, damages, accidents, odometers, and more.

✔️How does AutoCheck work?

AutoCheck partners with major public agencies, independent companies, and other organizations to gather reliable info about used cars. The interface is easier to navigate. You just need to type your VIN code or US license plate to get your desired info. On top of that, AutoCheck also provides buyback protection for paid users.

✔️How much does the AutoCheck report cost?

AutoCheck offers a single report for $24.99. If you want to buy multiple reports, the prices are cost-effective. For instance, the website provides 5 reports that are worth $49.99. The package also provides access to dynamic vehicle data throughout the subscription period. Once the payment is made, there are no recurring charges.

✔️What will I see in the AutoCheck report?

AutoCheck includes vehicle specifications, safety recall check, title brands check, damages, salvage/junk records, accidents, and more. Also, the report covers insurance loss records, manufacturer info, major events check, mileage record, odometer check, etc.

✔️Is the AutoCheck report accurate?

AutoCheck gathers vehicle data from the leading partners. For example, ebaymotors,, Autotrader, Edmunds, government sectors, DMVs, and many other reliable sources. The information they collect is verified through various tools. So, AutoCheck reports are authentic and accurate. The free versions may have some issues, but overall, the full-scale reports are authentic enough.

✔️Is AutoCheck worth it?

The platform provides detailed information about various past events of the used vehicles. The reports are informative that help the users to make the right choice when buying cars. The report rates are affordable. It offers safe PayPal transactions that protect you from any fraud. Additionally, It collects vehicle details from wide sources. It is more than you expect.

✔️Is AutoCheck safe?

AutoCheck has a strong privacy policy. It is safe enough to prevent cyber crimes. The website is SSL encrypted. Thus it protects the personal information of the customers. It provides safe solutions for transactions managed by PayPal. Also, it provides authentic vehicle data to its users. In short, AutoCheck is one of the safest VIN check websites.


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