It is tricky to buy a car based on word of mouth. Believing what sellers tell you can be hard, so you need to do cross-checking and research. Car history reports are a great way to see if your seller is telling you the truth. These also give you additional information you may have yet to consider when buying a car.

This article uncovers two VIN checking websites that provide car history report services for a price. Uncover how EpicVIN and CARFAX differ and which is better and more appropriate for your needs.

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Benefits Of EpicVIN

Here is a list of benefits that EpicVIN offers that some other services do not.

  • Affordability - While there are cheaper services, EpicVIN is still not pricey.
  • Detailed Reports - The reports are extremely in-depth.
  • Extensive sources - The sources from which data is collected are numerous and trustworthy.
  • Pictures - EpicVIN provides photos of the vehicle.

Benefits Of CARFAX

CARFAX provides its users with significant help when they are buying used cars. Let us look at some benefits of using it.

  • Given how long CARFAX has been around, the information can be expected to be credible and accurate.
  • The sources used by CARFAX extend beyond official sources.
  • CARFAX is a dependable source.

Quality Breakdown

Let us look at all the components that make up these VIN decoders.


If you get a CARFAX report for one vehicle, it will cost you $39.99. If you are considering many vehicles, you can buy CARFAX’s big package that provides 10 vehicle history reports. For this, you will have to pay $99. However, EpicVIN is a lot more affordable. One report from EpicVIN costs $14.99.

What's Included?

We have made a table that includes all the points from a checklist of items that need to be contained in a car history report. This table shows whether CARFAX and EpicVIN have these items.

Technical InformationYesYes
Accident HistoryYesYes
Ownership HistoryYesYes
Maintenance RecordsYesYes
Insurance DataYesYes
Registration DataYesYes
Theft ReportsYesYes

Additional Information

CARFAX reports are restricted to providing the history of vehicles. The information is limited to the car's make, model, accidents, and damages, among other things. EpicVIN does the same but provides pictures of the vehicle, which aren’t usually included in car history reports.


CARFAX reports are known to be the most reliable sources for VIN decoders. They have been acclaimed as a credible service because of the vast web of sources that they utilize when making a CARFAX report.

EpicVIN is known to be very credible due to the security technology that they employ. Changes to the data are difficult to make, making it more trustworthy. Moreover, EpicVIN reports go into more depth than CARFAX reports do.

How to Choose?

EpicVIN and CARFAX are seen as the same services with different price tags on them. It is often contested that EpicVIN is a better service due to the details about damages and maintenance records they provide. Moreover, EpicVIN is considerably cheaper than CARFAX and hence is a good contender for the position of the perfect choice of a VIN decoder.

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