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Avoid costly problems, better check a vehicle's identification number first and get public information for free with our unique VIN checker.


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VIN Check Reports

VIN Mentor is a website specializing in advice and information about VINs, decoding, and vehicle history reports. We also provide a free tool to get VIN to check reports. All you need to do is enter the VIN for your chosen vehicle in the form above.

What You Can Find On Our Reports?

This free resource does not aim to give you in-depth information, but it gives you public details on the vehicle at $0. This includes basic information and does not tell much about the car's history, damages, and maintenance.

Below is a list of information that a free VIN check report will provide you: manufacturer name, make, model, model year, series, fuel type, vehicle type, body class, country of manufacture, number of doors, wheelbase measurement, displacements, gross vehicle weight, number of cylinders, engine power.

Paid VIN Checkers

Our free VIN checker does not employ external sources and does not have a database that stores extra information about vehicles based on their VIN. You will not find information that may authenticate the prospective car for you or tell you about its condition. Estimating the costs that the vehicle may incur for you is impossible with the free VIN check report. You may want to consider some paid services to attain such information.

Paid services provide a detailed vehicle history report which includes accidents, insurance, warranty, claims, damages, repairs, safety recalls, and odometer readings. If you are looking for best VIN checkers, consider CarVertical, ClearVIN or EpicVIN.


A free VIN check report works best for you if you are looking for a car description without having to inspect a car physically. It saves you the hassle and also saves costs. However, you can invest in a paid VIN checker for further detailed information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What Can A Free Vin Check Tell Me?

A free VIN check provides all the basic info about the car such as its make, model, engine details, where and when it was manufactured. A free VIN check doesn’t tell you if the car was ever stolen, if it has been damaged, and the frequency of the car's maintenance. Free VIN checks simply decode what each letter and number mean in the 17-digit vehicle identification number.

✔️Why Should I Run A VIN Lookup?

A VIN lookup will give you insight into the basic information. Look it up to get an idea of what the car may look like without the hassle of checking it physically. If your seller is acting suspiciously, checking the VIN may be a good way to see if you are being sold what is promised.

✔️How Do I Find My VIN?

Most vehicles have their VINs placed in different places. There is not one universal spot for it. Make sure that you check your dashboard. VINs may be located at the lower left side of the dashboard in front of the driving seat. Other places where VINs are often placed are in the front of the car with wipers, in the trunk, on the doors, or in the wheel area.

✔️What If The VIN Number Says Invalid VIN?

If the VIN number you have entered is being flagged as invalid, there could be a few reasons why this is happening. Here are some common reasons why a VIN might be considered invalid:

  • Typos or errors: One of the most common reasons for an invalid VIN is a typo or error in the number. Double-check to make sure you have entered the correct 17-digit VIN number and that there are no errors or typos.
  • Invalid characters: VIN numbers are made up of 17 alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers), but some characters such as I, O, and Q are not used to avoid confusion with the numbers 1 and 0. If the VIN you have entered contains any of these invalid characters, it will be considered invalid.
  • Non-standard VIN: In some rare cases, a vehicle may have a non-standard VIN that does not conform to the standard 17-digit VIN format. If you are certain that the VIN is correct, but it still shows up as invalid, you may want to contact the manufacturer or a professional VIN decoder to verify the number.

If you have checked for these common issues and are still having trouble with the VIN, it may be best to consult with a professional mechanic or use a professional VIN decoder service to ensure you have the correct information. It's important to make sure you have the correct VIN as it is used to track important information about the vehicle, including its ownership history, accident history, and more.

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