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VinAudit is an online VIN check website that facilitates decoding the vehicle’s history. It is the leading access provider for the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). VinAudit collects vehicle hidden information from trustworthy sources, thus ensuring the credibility of the data.


In addition, this platform offers affordable rates for VIN reports. It is definitely one of the cost-effective solutions in the automotive industry. On top of that, the vehicle report covers technical problem checks, odometer readings, active theft records, and more. It estimates the current market price and the past sale listings. This website is a top-notch choice for dealers and buyers in today’s marketplace.

This VinAudit review was updated in 2024.

VinAudit Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what VinAudit has to offer:

  • It gives a comprehensive overview of ownership history.
  • It is the most affordable VIN checker in today's market.
  • VinAudit provides a variety of free tools and lookups.
  • You will get quick reports with excellent customer service.
  • Reports remain in the system for about one year. You can access it at any time.
  • The interface appears quite outdated.
  • The report is not as comprehensive as the others.
  • It only provides services in the United States and Canada.
  • You are unable to share login details with others.
  • VinAudit has limited resources to collect and verify information.

About VinAudit


VinAudit is one of the cost-effective VIN check websites that provides its users with car history reports. It has been in the vehicle industry since 2012. This platform has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field. Its mission is to spread transparency through accurate information. The website obtains data from trusted sources and organizes full-scale records. You will need only your VIN code to get instant reports.

There are some free resources to fulfill your basic needs. You can find out market value and ownership prices free of cost through this platform. You can also access car buyer and seller checklists for free. So, if you are looking to buy a used vehicle, VinAudit is an affordable choice for you.


Where does VinAudit take data from?

The website takes VIN information from verified sources worldwide. VinAudit’s main goal is to provide its users with detailed data from various units. For instance, it gathers vehicle hidden details from public agencies, industry partners, and non-profit organizations. The primary data partners are the National Motor Vehicle Title Information system (NMVTIS), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and other government sources.

These information carriers provide various types of vehicle records to their users. For instance, NMVTIS is a nationwide database that claims to provide 40 million records from 900+ sources. They take data from DMVs, salvage yards, and insurance companies.

In addition, NHTSA aggregates data about odometer fraud, airbag deployment, safety recalls, and more from various trusted units. Public agencies rely on reliable authorities to gather accurate information. For example, government bodies get details from state-level organizations to get accident info.

Similarly, the website also provides open-lien details from major lenders. VinAudit also collaborates with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It is a part of the US transportation department that maintains accident records, motor carriers’ info, and inspection events. In short, VinAudit takes vehicle data from verified units of government and industries.


Pricing Details

VinAudit offers the most inexpensive vehicle history reports compared to top players in the industry. You can access a lot of history records at a cheaper cost. The price for a single report is only $9.99. So, you can cover all the vehicle details at a much lower price. Instead of paying up to $50 for the same information, it is a sensible choice to get VinAudit services for only $9.99 per report. The website also provides affordable rates for dealers. So, if you are a car dealer, you can access the report for only $1. Isn’t it pretty cost-effective?

VinAudit also offers monthly packages for dealers. You need to pay only $20 per month to access unlimited vehicle reports. Due to its affordable pricing system, the users prefer VinAudit to other VIN checkers. This website is only available for US and Canadian residents. VinAudit accepts payments in US dollars through an approved payment gateway. For example, customers can only pay through WePay and Also, the payments are non-refundable.

Moreover, sale tax is also assessed on the customer bill zip code. The website also has different payment policies for Washington residents. Like, state and local tax rate is evaluated according to the relevant Washington department.


What’s covered in the VinAudit report?

VinAudit promises its customers to provide detailed information about the past events of the vehicle. The main points that the report covers are discussed in the following.

  • Vehicle Specifications. The report provides basic information about the vehicle’s features. For example, you can access the production year, style, size, engine type, fuel capacity, highway mileage, steering type, and many more.
  • Title Records. This report section includes the essential documents related to vehicle registration. It covers all the ownership changes records issued by the government. In addition, you can see a list of countries where the car has been registered.
  • Junk/Salvage and Insurance records. VinAudit provides detailed info on whether the car is registered as scrap and other insurance losses. It also includes damage type details. These records also list if the car has been sold at a salvage auction.
  • Accident and theft records. The report includes complete information about the accidents the car has been through. Also, there is a listing of the stolen vehicle events in the report. The website gathers this information from government agencies, National Insurance Crime Bureau, and other business sources.
  • Problem checks. This report part brings light to all the technical problems checked. For instance, it includes flood checks, vandalism records, junk, rebuilt details, test vehicle records, prior owner info, odometer check, and many more.
  • Lien/ impound and Export details. The export information, impound, and the lien is available in this report. The export section accounts for whether the car has been exported out of the US. Similarly, the lien and impound documents disclose more information about the past events of the vehicle.
  • Sales records and additional resources. VinAudit also covers the sales records of the car. It provides data about the sale history, time, and cost of the vehicle sold out. The website also aggregates extra details about the vehicle. For example, the market value and ownership costs for five years. Also, the various assumptions related to current mileage are included in the report.


VinAudit Vehicle History Report Example

VinAudit Sample Report


What could be better in the VinAudit report?

Although the VinAudit report covers many areas, it needs to add extra details. For instance, it would be best to add recorded vehicle images. It gives the customers an overview of the car’s condition in the past, but the report does not include the maintenance records. This section would be a great addition to help car buyers to know more hidden details. If the report includes a comprehensive detail about all types of damages, it would be further helpful. The website must include the equipment details to verify the vehicle’s original parts.


Our VinAudit Review


Our expert team at VIN Mentor has tested the performance of this website. We have gauged the website status through our efficient review process. Regarding pricing, the website offers more affordable rates than others. It makes this platform an optimal choice. We got the report for only $9.99. After entering our VIN code, the website takes no time to load the page. The performance was fast, and we got the reports instantly. In the report, we got vehicle features, age, fuel capacity, engine type, damage records, ownership records, and many more. In addition, we saw junk/salvage records, theft details, and insurance records.

It would be better if the report included some recorded images from the past. We tested their services and then compared them with other websites. The platform gathers information from fewer sources. But we got almost authentic data. VinAudit offered us, specific payment processors.

We were allowed to pay only through WePay and The payment was non-refundable. There was no refund policy except on specific terms. We also communicated with their customer service. That was a great experience!

The team was very responsive and gave quick answers. The audit report we got was in pdf format. So, it was pretty convenient to store and share the report wherever we wanted.

The platform was so easy to use. We just input the VIN code, and the system did the rest. The best thing is that we get some tools and services free of cost. For instance, the VIN checker gives us details of market costs and the ownership pricing details free of charge. We also got a complete checklist for buying or selling used cars totally free. It was more than we expected. Our experience with this platform was pretty good. We almost got everything that was listed on the website.

Personal Opinion

In our opinion, VinAudit is a good choice in comparison to other costly VIN checkers. You can access reliable information at a very affordable price. The website offers great customer support and useful vehicle details. You can also use free tools and resources. The website uses trusted sources to provide you with genuine information. Some areas need improvement, like the report should be more comprehensive. It should contain photos, extensive damages, equipment records, and maintenance records. But overall, it’s one of the best VIN check websites in today’s vehicle marketplaces.


VinAudit Summary

Overall rank#4 out of 22
Our rating4.5
UsabilityEasy to Use

How to use VinAudit?

The website is pretty easy to use. You need to follow some quick & easy steps to get VinAudit reports. Let’s get into this.

  • Input VIN code. First, you have to enter the VIN code to proceed further with the system. Enter the VIN and click the ‘Search VIN’ button to proceed further.

VinAudit step 1

  • Generate the report. After your VIN request, the system loads to generate the VIN report. Once the report is ready, the website asks you to confirm your payment.

VinAudit step 2

  • Complete your Payment. Next, you need to pay in US dollars and only via the available payment processors. After your payment is made, you will get your report access instantly.

VinAudit step 3

  • Login to your account and access the report. The website also provides an email with a password to access your vehicle history report. The report remains in the system for one year. You can download the pdf format and access it anytime.


Download VinAudit Sample Report Here


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is VinAudit?

VinAudit is an online VIN checker and a leading access provider for the national database NMVTIS. It provides decoding services to its customers through car history reports. On top of that, It provides reasonable offers compared to the market competitors. You can also enjoy some free tools and resources provided by the platform.

✔️How does VinAudit work?

VinAudit is very simple to use. This website provides services in the US and Canada. It gathers VIN information from reliable sources, such as government agencies, industry partners, NMVTIS, NHTSA, FMCSA, and other business partners. You just need to input your VIN code to get your report. VinAudit offers safe solutions for payment. This platform works to spread transparency in vehicle records.

✔️How much does the VinAudit report cost?

VinAudit offers affordable solutions for VIN history reports. In today’s vehicle history, the website offers the most inexpensive reports. The single report costs $9.99 only for consumers. Also, the website offers packages for car dealers. The dealers have to pay only $1 per report. Monthly packages are also available for $20.

✔️What will I see in the VinAudit report?

You will get a bunch of information in the vehicle reports. For instance, you can access vehicle specifications, theft records, accident info, title records, insurance data, and more. The report includes the sales records, lien/impound information, and various problem checks on the list. You can also see the car’s market value and ownership costs.

✔️Is the VinAudit report accurate?

VinAudit gathers information from trustworthy sources, such as public sectors, National Motor Vehicle Titles Information System (NMVTIS), DMVs, and other reliable sources. The information they provide is verified through various tools. So, VinAudit promises to provide authentic information about your vehicle.

✔️Is VinAudit worth it?

Yes, VinAudit provides cost-effective pricing as compared to other VIN platforms. You can directly access the data from trusted databases. Although they have fewer sources than others, you can still get a lot of vehicle records for only $9.99. You can store the report and access it anytime. It provides you with fast reports and excellent customer service.

✔️Is VinAudit safe?

VinAudit is safe enough to protect you from scammers. It protects your personal VIN code and related information. As it takes information from verified sources, it provides you with reliable data at a good value for money. This platform offers safe transactions. So, what makes you wait?


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