Best Places to Get Vehicle History Reports

Frequently Updated Reviews & Ratings of Vehicle History Report Providers

A vehicle history report can be a game-changer when you are on the lookout for information on cars and trucks. For many people, the necessity for this arises when they are considering purchasing a used vehicle. Having a vehicle history report in your corner in this scenario can be a huge benefit. After all, when getting a used car, you won’t have the same buyer protections that come with new vehicles and will have to rely on the information given by the seller. But what will you be able to do if the seller isn’t sharing all they should, or you suspect there is something else going on - the answer is to look for the best places to get vehicle history reports!

Even when you know what you need to do, you may still feel confused. After all, there are so many options online where companies claim to be the very best authority on vehicle history reports. How do you know which one can be trusted? Well, at VIN Mentor, we have all of the answers for you in this very article, where we discuss the best places to get vehicle history reports. So without further ado, let’s get into the list.

10 Best Places to Get Vehicle History Reports of 2024

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5.0 rating
Ranks #1 out of 22 companies
From $14.99 per report
5.0 rating
Ranks #2 out of 22 companies
From $14.99 per report
4.8 rating
Ranks #3 out of 22 companies
From $9.99 per report
4.5 rating
Ranks #4 out of 22 companies
From $24.99 per report
4.5 rating
Ranks #5 out of 22 companies
From $34.99 per report
4.5 rating
Ranks #6 out of 22 companies
From $14.95 per report
4.3 rating
Ranks #7 out of 22 companies
From $14.99 per report
4.3 rating
Ranks #8 out of 22 companies
From $8.95 per report
4.3 rating
Ranks #9 out of 22 companies
From $17.99 per report
4.0 rating
Ranks #11 out of 22 companies

Best Places to Get Vehicle History Reports

Our Top Vehicle History Reports Provider Picks

Why We Picked It

Ranks #1 out of 22 Vehicle History Report Providers

In our opinion, carVertical is the best vehicle history report provider out there. The main reason for that is their quick service and accurate reports. They use efficient blockchain tools to minimize tampering. Every report contains a direct link to check the authenticity of the data. It is highly recommended due to the authenticity of the information. Also, it ensures relatively up-to-date information compared to other sites. In the end, this website provides a checklist that provides you with a real-time experience. But overall, it is more than one can expect from a report of a few bucks.

Read full carVertical review here.


  • Offers cost-effective solutions when compared to competitors.
  • Uses blockchain to ensure original and tempered-proof reports.
  • Updates data regularly to provide the recent-most information.
  • Employs various checks to gauge the quality of data.
  • Exceptional customer support with a decent refund policy.

  • Pretty new to the market.
  • Doesn’t provide the option to buy more than three reports at once.

Ranks #2 out of 22 Vehicle History Report Providers

ClearVin is one of the best vehicle history report providers, as it offers affordable and accurate reports. It provides verified information from a wide range of service providers. The customer service is very quick and responsive. The audit report covers safety recalls, vehicle specifications, auction photos, theft records, damages history, accident data, price analysis, and many other details.

An overview of various records is also provided in the summary section. The website covers the history details of various automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles. Incorporating repair records would be a great addition for the users. Also, some reports are outdated. So, regular update of data is mandatory to keep the customers informed about recent happenings with their concerned vehicles.

Read full ClearVin review here.

  • Responsive customer service system.
  • Free recall reports that may assist you in buying cars.
  • The history of trucks and other vehicles can also be checked.
  • Provide a money-back guarantee.
  • Affordable and accurate reports.
  • Only provide service in Canada and the US.
  • Provides fewer data as compared to competitors.
  • Some reports may contain outdated information.
  • Site performance may be slow sometimes.
  • Not all the reports carry full-scale information.

3. EpicVIN

Ranks #3 out of 22 Vehicle History Report Providers

EpicVIN is one of the rational choices among today’s vehicle history report providers. It is much more affordable. You just have to pay $14.99 to get almost all the important details about your vehicle. The interface is pretty easy-to-use and engaging. The website provides you with reliable information, which is verified through NMVTIS and blockchain tools. EpicVIN is safe enough and keeps your information secure.

The service is responsive, but live chat is unavailable. But the low pricing and reliability are the best reasons to choose this platform. What makes you wait? This platform is for you if you’re looking for maximum data on car history at a low cost.

Read full EpicVIN review here.

  • A cost-effective service for bulk reports.
  • It offers basic information for free.
  • Easy to request vehicle reports.
  • Only takes a few moments to generate reports.
  • It includes the most relevant details about your vehicle.
  • It keeps your VIN available for other customers to check.
  • Currently, the report doesn’t provide maintenance information— though they have plans to add it soon.
  • Direct, timely assistance from CS would be a great addition.
  • The tech service information feature is still in progress.
  • The users may face loading issues in the mobile app.

Ranks #4 out of 22 Vehicle History Report Providers

VinAudit is a good choice in comparison to other vehicle history report providers. You can access reliable information at a very affordable price. The website offers great customer support and useful vehicle details. You can also use free tools and resources. The website uses trusted sources to provide you with genuine information. Some areas need improvement, like the report should be more comprehensive. It should contain photos, extensive damages, equipment records, and maintenance records. But overall, it’s one of the best vehicle history report providers in today’s vehicle marketplaces.

Read full VinAudit review here.

  • It gives a comprehensive overview of ownership history.
  • It is the most affordable VIN checker in today's market.
  • VinAudit provides a variety of free tools and lookups.
  • You will get quick reports with excellent customer service.
  • Reports remain in the system for about one year. You can access it at any time.
  • The interface appears quite outdated.
  • The report is not as comprehensive as the others.
  • It only provides services in the United States and Canada.
  • You are unable to share login details with others.
  • VinAudit has limited resources to collect and verify information.

Ranks #5 out of 22 Vehicle History Report Providers

AutoCheck car history reports with score ratings are a reliable option to consider. It provides fast and easy solutions to help customers to make vehicle comparisons. The platform provides a secure environment for the users. The pricing is affordable. In addition, this company gathers info from verified agencies and leading partners. It means the authenticity of data is ensured. You will get dynamic vehicle updates throughout the package subscription period. AutoCheck has a convenient refund policy. It offers buyback protection to keep the data secured. Some portions need improvement: the free report should contain more detail, and customer support should be improved. But, overall, it is one of the best vehicle history report providers in the market.

Read full AutoCheck review here.

  • The website is straightforward to navigate.
  • It gathers information from multiple databases.
  • Batch purchasing of reports is a cost-effective option.
  • The score feature enables the user to compare the vehicles.
  • It offers Buyback Protection for paid users.
  • Customer service is reliable but not much responsive.
  • The price of a single report is relatively high.
  • The free versions may have minor issues and not provide considerable details.
  • The report does not include maintenance records.
  • It does not report all types of accidents in the report.


Ranks #6 out of 22 Vehicle History Report Providers

CARFAX is a good alternative if you want to get in-depth information about a particular vehicle. The report lets you get details about mileage, odometer rollbacks, stolen vehicle, owners, damages, and others. It is more expensive than other vehicle history report providers but if you want a detailed report, then it is worth spending some more bucks.

The website offers you great customer support, safe deposit options, and a flexible refund policy. The business reports offer you an 80% discount on multiple reports. Using CARFAX, you can request unlimited reports at a time. Accuracy and security are the factors that make CARFAX a better option for vehicle reports.

Read full CARFAX review here.

  • Provide comprehensive vehicle reports.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Collects the data from 100,000 multiple verified sources.
  • Multiple reports are affordable.
  • Real-time live chat is available to assist customers.
  • Single reports are more costly than competitors.
  • Not all damages and accidents are recorded.
  • No information for comparing various vehicles.
  • Some reports may contain less data about service history.
  • This platform only provides vehicle info reported to them.

Ranks #7 out of 22 Vehicle History Report Providers

If you’re looking for precise and comprehensive reports, then VINcheckup is made for you. This platform gathers data from verified sources like NMVTIS, government agencies, insurance companies, and federal institutes. So, the site is pretty reliable. It offers you affordable rates for vehicle history information. You can access detailed data about vehicle features, damages, services, accidents, liens, reconstructions, title brands, odometer readings, and many more. It also offers you excellent customer support. The payment options and the return policies are also flexible. What makes you think much? It is more than one desire from a VIN platform.

Read full VINcheckup review here.

  • Leading partner of NMVTIS and other major databases.
  • The interface is simple & easy to use.
  • Accurate and reliable reports.
  • Offers VIN services in all 50 states of the US.
  • You can screen multiple vehicles, like trucks, bikes, etc., through this platform.
  • Sometimes the report may contain outdated information.
  • Customers are mostly dissatisfied with their refund policy.
  • Their report data could not replace the actual vehicle inspection.
  • As compared to competitors, its data sources are limited.
  • It only provides VIN services in the US.

Ranks #8 out of 22 Vehicle History Report Providers

VINinspect offers quick and reliable vehicle reports to users after collecting data from a trustworthy platform like the NMVTIS. All the information mentioned in the notification is enough to save a buyer from getting scammed. The price for one report may seem high, but looking at the accuracy of data and speedy response, it’s justified. Only a few areas need improvement, such as adding minor damage details and spreading the website services worldwide. In addition, adding more reliable sources will further improve the credibility of the content. All in all, we found the VINinspect supportive and responsive.

Read full VINinspect review here.

  • Offers free auction reports of vehicles with pictures.
  • The database has information about millions of cars.
  • Faster generation of report.
  • Customer support service is way too efficient.
  • Special discount offers for car dealers.
  • Only available in Canada and the USA.
  • Not accessible through phone apps.
  • Maintenance history isn't mentioned in some reports.
  • Collect information from relatively lesser sources which might be less precise.
  • Usually collects data from relatively smaller partners, this can replicate lesser accuracy.


Ranks #9 out of 22 Vehicle History Report Providers

FAXVIN offers reliable and quick vehicle history reports to users and collects their data from multiple authentic sources spread worldwide. The data provided by the website is enough to save the customer from scammers and damaged vehicles. Although the cost for a single report is relatively high, it’s justified by the top-notch services they offer. However, a few areas need a little attention, as the website can add pictures of vehicles and multiple payment options for user ease. All in all, we found it excellent and highly responsive.

Read full FAXVIN review here.

  • Collects data from credible government and non-government organizations.
  • User-friendly service and multiple payment options.
  • A detailed report about the vehicle within seconds.
  • Offer services to residents of multiple countries in the world.
  • Sometimes there's not enough information on the damage history.
  • Vehicle maintenance history isn't available for a few reports.
  • Customer service is not very responsive.
  • Owner identity is hidden for the domain is hidden on WHOIS.
  • Lack of direct option of buying multiple reports in a single go.

10. VINreport

Ranks #10 out of 22 Vehicle History Report Providers

VINreport is a quick and reliable vehicle history reports platform that collects data from state-owned sources and verifies the information from various tools before sharing it with the user. The report possesses all the vehicle details to help the user make a suitable decision. You may find the price of a single report high, but we suggest going for multiple reports and saving some bucks. A few areas need improvement, like providing reports worldwide and lowering the cost of a single report. Otherwise, the platform works great!

Read full VINreport review here.

  • Collects information from credible sources like NMVTIS and other local service shops.
  • Provides clear pictures of the damages.
  • Trusted by Micro Trend.
  • Services are limited to mainly USA and Canada.
  • The cost of the single report is slightly high.
Recent Reviews
3.3 rating
From $14.99 per report
Ranks #21 out of 22 companies
3.0 rating
From $14.99 per report
Ranks #20 out of 22 companies
3.0 rating
From $9.99 per report
Ranks #19 out of 22 companies
3.3 rating
From $14.95 per report
Ranks #18 out of 22 companies


What to Consider When Choosing a Vehicle History Report Provider?

So you need to find the right place to get a vehicle history report. How can you decide which option to choose, even from the list above? Here are some hints on areas to focus on:

  • Level Of Detail: It matters that the place you choose to get the vehicle history report can give you the information you actually need. This is why you should look into each service's strengths so you can end up with the perfect match.
  • Your Budget: At the same time, budget matters too. The price ranges on these websites can vary greatly, but it is important to understand that the best budgeting comes from balance. If you are paying more, you should be getting more features out of this report.
  • Payment Options: While the cost and budgeting matter on one side, what is the point of a cost-effective option if it places you at financial risk or if you are left with payment options that are just not available for you? Always weigh these concerns.
  • Ease Of Use: Finally, don’t forget to consider how easy it is to use a vehicle history report site. It can be an important factor affecting your experience of using a service. While many sites have the data, if they cannot present it to you correctly or in a sensible way, that can be difficult to interpret.

How We Tested These Vehicle History Report Providers?

At VIN Mentor, we want to ensure that the information we provide to customers comes through a dependable process. Here is how all the websites in this list pass through our review process.

  • We Test Their Service: The first step to determining whether a website gets featured is to test out the extent of its Vehicle History Report. With this data, we can compare how well the website does from a customer’s point of view.
  • We Check Their Prices: Next, we compare the prices of the report (or different kinds of reports) to the kind of data that the Vehicle History Reports include. As a result, you can decide if it is worth the cost.
  • We Check Their Reputation: Reputation matters and the last thing we want is to bring in a company that can harm users to this list. Because scams and fraudulent businesses are at an all-time high, we take our time to analyze each company’s reputation.
  • How Good Everything Was: The last step of this process is to take a comprehensive look at how good the performance, reputation, features, and access of the service are in comparison to what they claim to offer to users.


With all of this information in mind, you may be starting to understand that choosing the right place to get a vehicle history report can be a difficult task. This is especially the case if you are looking to find one website that can be the perfect solution for everyone - the fact of the matter is that services like this don’t exist.

We all have different goals with vehicle history report. One person may want to know more about their car’s insurance data, while others may want to know if there is a history of criminal activity associated with a used car. Because the websites that provide this service can vary in their ability to deliver in different areas, it is important to choose the right place for you.

Still, the list of the places you can get a vehicle history report helps to narrow down your research to a more refined list, where you can be sure you will have clear information on the biggest pros and cons of using each service type.

At the same time, stay wary of free vehicle history report checkers, as they may claim that the information they provide is reliable, but it can often be limited and, in some cases, completely inaccurate. Spending a little bit can take you a long way, so make sure you have a budget set aside.

Our Top Vehicle History Report Providers
5.0 rating
From $12.79 per report
Use discount code: vinmentor
Ranks #1 out of 22 companies
5.0 rating
From $14.99 per report
Ranks #2 out of 22 companies
4.8 rating
From $14.99 per report
Ranks #3 out of 22 companies
4.5 rating
From $9.99 per report
Ranks #4 out of 22 companies

Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What Are the Best Places to Get Vehicle History Reports?

There is no one website to get a vehicle history report that will be right for everyone. However, we do have a list of the best possible options, along with detailed reviews that can help you choose what is the right report service provider in this field for you!

✔️How Do Places Get Vehicle History Reports to Work?

The websites that allow you to generate a vehicle history report will usually do this based on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This information is decoded and then checked across various databases. The collected data is then displayed in the form of a report.

✔️Are Places to Get Vehicle History Reports Accurate?

Because of our detailed review process, you can trust that the vehicle history reports from the options in this list are generally trustworthy. However, always keep in mind that for the most accurate information, you will need to spend some money and get a premium report.

✔️What Are the Most Reliable Places to Get Vehicle History Reports?

Some of the best places to get vehicle history reports have already been explored on this VIN Mentor list. However, remember that reliability can also depend on other factors, such as your location, the data you are most interested in, and the strengths of the website itself.

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