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A VIN can be decoded by utilizing any VIN-check website, such as There are many functions of this site, and one of them is that as soon as you enter your VIN, it will tell you where the car was manufactured, what the original price of the vehicle is, whether there were recalls on it, and much more. However, like many other websites, has some benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at them:

This review was updated in 2024. Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what has to offer:

  • provides VIN reports free of cost.
  • This website is regarded as secure by DNS Filter.
  • Provides PDF printable report.
  • Collects data from credible sources like NMVTIS.
  • You can even view details with the Number Plate of the vehicle in the USA.
  • Vehicle images are not available.
  • It only operates in Canada and the USA.
  • Provides very basic info for free; later asks for payment in exchange for a complete report.


VINFreeCheck will tell you the make and model of your car, when and where it was manufactured, whether or not it has been stolen and if any recalls have been issued for that particular vehicle. If you’re interested in selling your used car, it can also provide information about how much money you could sell it for based on year, make and model.

The best part about this site is that there are absolutely no advertisements or fees for the basic report! The website gathers information from reputable state-owned departments like NMVTIS to provide visitors with the most up-to-date information. Other resources include salvage yards, vehicle auctions, repair shops, etc.

Once the data has been collected, the integrity of the data is checked using high-quality technologies. About ten different items make up the final VIN report, which contains information about the vehicle’s essential characteristics, damage history, and unique vehicle history. The customer can read the vehicle information online or send the report to themselves for later study.


Where does take data from?

The platform’s ability to gather information from the most reliable sources sets apart from many other free VIN check websites and even from a few premium ones. The primary source of their data is NMVTIS, a US-based vehicle database with information on millions of automobiles and information gathered from about 900 sources.

The state also requires other smaller agencies to regularly send data to the NMVTIS so that its database is updated and the user doesn’t receive a false report. For example, salvage yards, vehicle auctions, law enforcement agencies, manufacturers, etc., are other data sources for The information obtained from these sources is validated using various tools and software, so you get precise information.

The insurance departments also make the report more thorough and inform the user of the vehicle’s insurance status. As a result, the user receives a comprehensive, precise, and special final report.


Pricing Details

The most remarkable aspect of is that all the necessary data is available on the website for free. After inputting the VIN, the user may quickly get the report without paying for it. In addition, the allows you to download the report as a PDF for free, even if you wish to examine it later. But, the free version offers too much-limited information, which isn’t enough to make a decision.

Free VIN reports do not imply that the website has compromised the integrity and security of the information. Instead, the customer has access to the most recent, thorough report, which is sufficient to protect you against all kinds of fraud and scams. However, this free report isn’t very detailed, and you need to pay a nominal fee if you want to obtain the complete vehicle history report, and the cost for that is $9.99. In case you find this price a bit high, then avail the three vehicle reports at $29.99 or ten reports at $99.90 options. It’s because going with any of these options allows you to get multiple reports while getting an instant discount on each purchase.


What’s covered in the report?

Users who utilize receive a detailed report with all the data required to complete a fair transaction. Please note that the below-listed info is only available with the paid report; free versions only limited information. The following is a list of everything a report covers:

  • Basic Vehicle Specifications. In this portion of the report, the user is given details about the vehicle’s model, color, and other features. Using this information, the user may assess if the vendor’s information corresponds to the data in the VIN report or whether the information is erroneous.
  • Theft Records and Sales. Knowing a vehicle’s theft history enables the user to ascertain whether the vehicle has ever been stolen overseas, as the name suggests. The sales data also include information on how frequently and at what price the automobile was sold. These precautions help you stay away from buying an expensive, stolen car.
  • Fuel Economy. Prior to making a purchase, it is essential to understand a vehicle’s total fuel consumption and the type of gasoline it needs. The entire driving range of an automobile, its fuel capacity, and the changes in fuel consumption between city and highway driving are all covered in this section.
  • Market Value. This part gives you the market worth of that specific car to stop you from paying more than the going rate. The data is separated into three categories: average market price, below market price, and above market price. This data was roughly calculated by comparing it to the selling prices of similar cars during the preceding two years.
  • Equipment Details. Knowing the characteristics of the equipment entails being aware of the automobile’s numerous interior and external components, as well as their current condition. The chassis, internal dimensions, exterior dimensions and weight, cargo bed measures, and capacities are the most important new improvements to this category. The user can use this data to confirm each listed component’s presence.
  • Odometer Tampering Info. Automobile sales associates and dealers routinely change the odometer reading or reset it to zero to trick clients into purchasing an expensive vehicle. However, a  report ensures that the buyer will receive the essential odometer reading, informing them of the kilometers the vehicle has traveled.
  • Junk or Salvage. The “Junk or Salvage” part contains information on the junk, salvage, and insurance losses the automobile has racked up over the years. Because you are familiar with the vehicle’s history with junkyards and salvage auctions, you can negotiate clearly. This is done to prevent you from purchasing an automobile that has to be fixed. Being informed of it in advance could be helpful, too, because vehicles acquired from these departments have a history of damage.
  • Inspection Checklist. The customer should, without a doubt, receive a report to understand more about the specifics of a vehicle’s inspection since this is the most critical factor. This instructs the user on the many parts of the automobile, including the suspension, exterior, interior, tires, and engine. The user can find out if these car parts need any maintenance or are in good condition. It is crucial to be informed of all of this before making a car purchase to avoid unfortunate events. Report Example Sample Report


What could be better in the report?

Although many people might start to doubt the validity of a report, it is unquestionably the most flexible and comprehensive VIN decoder. The website doesn’t skimp on quality and gives users the most accurate information possible. However, we think a few aspects of a report may be improved. The current photos of the vehicle should be included first in this regard.

In addition, the platform should make it clear on its website about the differences between free and paid reports. It may seem negligible, but such things have a significant impact on the popularity and ranking overall.


Our Review

We contacted to request a VIN report before writing this review. The primary goal of this was to evaluate the website’s trustworthiness and see whether it lives up to its billing as the most comprehensive and precise free VIN checking resource. The website took between 10 seconds to one minute to create the VIN report after we input the VIN and selected proceed.

We were then sent to a new website page that had all the necessary car details. There we discovered each part’s specifics, such as fuel economy, market worth, and damage, by clicking on the “$9.99 Vehicle History Report” option underneath the overview section.

To confirm that the data is correct, we cross-referenced this information with other paid VIN check websites. To our amazement, the website outperformed other free websites by providing the most in-depth and complete report. This confirms the website’s assertion that data was extracted from NMVTIS. Additionally, once you’re through, you may just download the printed PDF file to your device to obtain the report without having to pay anything.

Personal Opinion is trustworthy and easy to use, in our opinion. The data offered is likewise reliable, and the final report has all the information necessary for a consumer to make the best choice. The user may learn about the vehicle’s theft and sales histories, fuel economy, inspection specifics, etc., from the final VIN report. A few things want improving, like the inclusion of car photos and enticing visitors to provide evaluations.

These issues, however, have no bearing on the final VIN report’s trustworthiness. So think of as your best buddy if you desire a free basic VIN report. Summary

Overall rank#19 out of 22
Our rating3.00

How to use

MyFreeVIN is easy to use; all you have to do is follow a few straightforward steps to get all the information you need. We have prepared a user manual for this website so that you may access the content more quickly if you are a novice:

  • Go to the Official Website. Use any search browser on your PC to get started. “” should be entered. The first website with the same name is where you’ll end up.
  • Enter the VIN Code. You may proceed by selecting “Check VIN Number” after entering the 17-digit VIN code into the empty box on the left side of the page.

VINFreeCheck step 1

  • Availability of VIN Information. A table with thorough details about a particular car will appear in front of you. Get an overview and select “Get complete car history report” for additional information by spending just below 10 bucks.

VINFreeCheck step 2

  • Completion. After reading everything on, if you still want more details, clicking “Get complete Report” will take you to a page where you have to pay a small amount to get a whole report. Just complete the payment process and access your much-awaited VIN report.

VINFreeCheck step 3


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is

On a unique website called, users may get trustworthy VIN records. It includes reliable information that applies to both modern and classic autos. NMVTIS, along with salvage yards, auto auctions, and other departments, are the sources for data extraction. The overall website interface is also user-friendly, with an easy-to-understand report format.

✔️How does work? gathers data from dependable sources like NMVTIS and other state-owned agencies. The information is checked using a variety of methods after the data has been assembled to ensure there is no compromise on the authenticity of the information.

✔️How much does the report cost?

Unexpectedly, doesn’t ask for payment from the user. The user only needs to enter the VIN code and click “check VIN number” to get the report. The final statement the user receives is accurate and includes lots of details on a particular automobile, and the report’s dependability is unaffected. However, if you want a more detailed report, then you have to pay a nominal fee of $9.99 and purchase the report. There are also three reports and ten reports options that cost you $29.99 and $99.90, respectively. These options are targeted toward people who want instant discounts on bulk purchases.

✔️What will I see in the report?

The report will provide the buyer access to every aspect of an automobile, from the most minor to the most significant. The most apparent portions include details on fuel economy, equipment specs, stolen databases, mileage, and much more!

✔️Is the report accurate?

Yes, the report is considerably accurate. This is because the website gathers information from the NMVTIS as well as other places, including auto auctions, scrap yards, and repair facilities. The data given by the is enough for anyone to assess whether the concerned vehicle is a good option for them or not.

✔️Is worth it?

Yes, is incredibly valuable since it allows you to get thorough details on a specific car. Though the free report offer is just a marketing tactic, spending a few dimes for the paid version can serve your purpose. The site is extremely useful when it comes to providing quick VIN reports and offering quality information to the visitor.

✔️Is safe?

The is safe since it keeps users’ reports encrypted and doesn’t reveal their personal information to outside entities. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about security because the website doesn’t even need an email account and has a reputation for being free from all types of cyber attacks.


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