About Us

VIN Mentor was created with the aim of guiding people about the purchase of pre-owned vehicles.

I, Martynas Baniulis, thought of bringing this idea to life when I went through one of the worst experiences of my life. Back in 2021, I decided to try my luck at pre-owned cars but little did I know that instead of saving money, I would end up wasting it because I could not accurately track the hidden problems in that car.

Why I Created This Blog?

This isn’t my story alone; hundreds and thousands of people have been victims of such scams due to a lack of knowledge about VIN numbers and their details.

I was scammed, but I learned from my mistake. Later, I realized that we could find important information about the car through VIN decoders. This is something that every dealer, car driver, and enthusiast must know. It can help reveal car history, including accident details, theft records, ownership changes, odometer readings, damages, and plenty of other details.

But understanding all these details and finding a reliable VIN platform isn’t an easy task. That’s the reason I created this blog to assist readers in understanding everything associated with VINs. I believe spending a few dimes on car history reports can potentially protect you from huge losses.

Martynas Baniulis

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How Do We Work?

We have a team of experts who reviews each platform on the basis of personal real-time experiences and comments of users. We have a vetted four-step review process to gauge every VIN service provider.

At VIN Mentor, we manually test their services and compare them with competitors. We analyze their pricing and determine the comprehensiveness of the report. After thoroughly reviewing every major aspect, we give them a rating. The authenticity of data matters the most. If someone relies on a subpar VIN service provider, there is a chance that he might end up scammed or reach a loss-making deal.

Our Priorities

At VIN Mentor, nothing comes first but the contentment of our readers. We make sure to bring forward those VIN services that highlight authentic nitty-gritty details regarding the car you want to buy, which means you’ll never waste your money or regret your decision.

On top of that, we strictly abide by our ethical and moral values. We always make sure to add impartial reviews on our website, so our readers can always refer to credible VIN products whenever the need arises. VIN Mentor is not an ordinary blog website but an experience you’ll cherish for your life.