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EpicVIN is an online VIN check website that provides its users with reliable vehicle information. Since 2012, EpicVIN has been offering VIN services. It’s a leading service provider, approved by NMVTIS. National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) provides an electronic verification for the VIN data. It is specially designed to protect users from fraud. EpicVIN also offers several free tools in addition to delivering detailed VIN reports. The free version comes with odometer values, engine type, vehicle country, and car model. Let’s explore some of the prominent pros and cons of this service provider.

This EpicVIN review was updated in 2024.

EpicVIN Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what EpicVIN has to offer:

  • A cost-effective VIN decoder for bulk reports.
  • It offers basic information for free.
  • Easy to request vehicle reports.
  • Only takes a few moments to generate reports.
  • It includes the most relevant details about your vehicle.
  • It keeps your VIN available for other customers to check.
  • Currently, the report doesn’t provide maintenance information— though they have plans to add it soon.
  • Direct, timely assistance from CS would be a great addition.
  • The tech service information feature is still in progress.
  • The users may face loading issues in the mobile app.

About EpicVIN


In the automotive industry, EpicVIN is the leading service provider for revealing hidden details of the car. This platform has had deep knowledge and expertise in this field since 2012. On top of that, they ensure to provide updated data to their users. EpicVIN is powered by the national database NMVTIS. This reliable source enables EpicVIN to verify the VIN details with the electronic systems. Thus, it provides its customers with accurate and precise information about their vehicles.

One of the distinct features of this platform is that it provides a significant amount of information on a low budget. So, it is a pretty cost-effective alternative in comparison to others. So, if you are planning to purchase used cars, you can get all the required information without any hassle.

Where does EpicVIN take data from?

EpicVIN gathers information from trusted sources like government agencies nationwide. In addition, this website provides you with a comprehensive report of your vehicle. Autoinspect.us LLC is the main data provider of this VIN decoder. It is approved by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). EpicVIN only provides verified details about your vehicle. Through NMVTIS, the website provides users with accurate VIN data. Moreover, they collaborate with the public and private sector dealers to collect additional information. These sources are usually managed by DMVs and other verified sources.

EpicVIN also verifies the car’s history data through blockchain technology. For this purpose, this platform collaborates with the VINchain system to verify the report details. This worthy integration helps the users to get accurate details about their used cars. EpicVIN ensures to protect their customers from potential scams. This VIN check website only adds trustworthy and credible sources in its marketplace, So if you are looking for a reliable car history report, EpicVIN makes it possible for you. Why? Because it only relies on authentic databases to generate vehicle audit reports.


Pricing Details

One distinctive feature that sets EpicVIN apart is its affordability. This website offers cost-effective solutions to get detailed info about their vehicles. The pricing deals depend on the number of reports you are buying. The website offers a single report for $14.99. If you buy more than one report, you have to pay less. For example, if you purchase four car history reports, you only have to pay $7.04 per report. The full price for four reports will be $28.17. This VIN decoder also provides a bulk feature. For instance, you can buy sixteen reports for $86.24. For this deal, you only have to pay $5.4 per report.

EpicVIN guarantees you a 100% money-back option. In addition, EpicVIN offers flexible payment gateways. You can easily pay through debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, etc. The website keeps your privacy secured and protects your sensitive information. The checkout process is reliable and safe. Once you’ve made your payment, you will get instant access to your report.


What’s covered in the EpicVIN report?

EpicVIN provides you with the maximum details about your second-hand vehicle. The website database includes a bunch of car records. For example, the site includes odometer readings, recalls, title brands, salvage information, etc. Moreover, if your vehicle has been in an accident, you can get all the details about total accidents and all the losses in the report. The audit report covers ownership changes, warranty information, DMV title data, and many more. Let’s get into the details;

  • Insurance information
  • Mileage Records
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Auction sales
  • Vehicle Services
  • Ownership costs and information
  • Theft Records
  • Safety recalls
  • Hidden damages
  • Technical data

You can also get flood damage history, lemon history, and junk title data about your car. If you want to know about your car usage records, this report covers it all. The previous repair record provides you with information about the major damage the car had been through. The audit information includes photos of the previous sales.

This VIN report also gives you an overview of selling or buying a car. In addition, you can also get the car’s model, engine, type, fuel, age, and other data in the report. You will get open lien status and car specifications. For instance, the history report covers the body style, invoice prices, recorded images, and more.

The platform performs a quick market price analysis and predicts the car’s favorability against costs. History of the title and registration events also includes in the report. EpicVIN offers you a license plate lookup to validate your vehicle details without using VIN. Last but not least, you find the car owner’s registration details through this car history report.


EpicVIN Vehicle History Report Example

EpicVIN Sample Report


What could be better in the EpicVIN report?

The report is comprehensive in nature. But sometimes, the report does not contain all the information about the vehicle. There are better choices if the website expands its database and add updated information to the report. For instance, it should also include the last picture of the vehicle before it was sold. It will be ideal if they add more data about the background of the car, maintenance history, and a checklist section. These details might be helpful for the users to make a well-informed decision.


Our EpicVIN Review


Our team have tested the platform’s performance through our multiple-step review process. When it comes to pricing, EpicVIN offers many affordable packages as compared to other VIN check sites . We first tried the single report for only $14.99. It is pretty cost-effective. The information we got in this report was so comprehensive. The report covered almost all the sections promised on the site. We got safety recalls, theft records, accident details, damages, production year, model, engine, and many more.

Then we moved to test customer service to check the website’s performance. The service provider replied to us via email. Live chat is unavailable. So, there might be some issues in customer service, but this is the least you would expect from a VIN check website. In addition, the website offered flexible payment gateways. It ensures to keep confidentiality of customers’ data. Also, we tested their free and paid services. The free version contained basic information, but definitely, if you need a comprehensive report, you have to invest a few bucks.

The biggest plus of using this platform was the reliability of the data. VIN check website provided us the authentic information. In short, the value-to-money was totally justified because non-other provides such comprehensive details at this price bracket.

Personal Opinion

In our opinion, EpicVIN is one of the rational choices among today’s VIN decoding platforms. It is much more affordable. You just have to pay $14.99 to get almost all the important details about your vehicle. The interface is pretty easy-to-use and engaging. The website provides you with reliable information, which is verified through NMVTIS and blockchain tools. EpicVIN is safe enough and keeps your information secure.

The service is responsive, but live chat is unavailable. But the low pricing and reliability are the best reasons to choose this platform. What makes you wait? This platform is for you if you’re looking for maximum data on car history at a low cost.


EpicVIN Summary

Overall rank#3 out of 22
Our rating4.75
UsabilityVery Easy to Use
Official websiteEpicVIN.com

How to use EpicVIN?

This platform is pretty easy to use. It’s simple to request the report through your VIN. You just need to follow short steps to generate your audit report. Let’s get into this.

  • Enter VIN. The first step is to provide your VIN number to the website. When you open the webpage, you can input your VIN in the empty bar. After this, you’ll be redirected to the next page.

EpicVIN step 1

  • Generate the report. Once you have provided your Vehicle identification number, the website loads to gather your information. Upon completion, a new window will open with pre-report checks. You will get a limited amount of information. If you want to get maximum data about your vehicle, you have to spend a few bucks.

EpicVIN step 2

  • Pay for the report. The website offers you different packages; you can purchase any report deal according to your preference. Then, you have to pay through the given payment options to get the final report.

EpicVIN step 3

  • Get your report. After your payment, the website sends you a vehicle history report. Though they don’t offer a direct print option, you can always download the PDF version and later print it the way you want.


Download EpicVIN Sample Report Here


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is EpicVIN?

EpicVIN is a web-based VIN check website that provides comprehensive information about a vehicle’s history. It started its services in 2012 and has much expertise in VIN checking systems. This platform is user-friendly and provides hidden details at affordable rates. It takes the verified data from trusted sources and is approved by NMVTIS.

✔️How does EpicVIN work?

EpicVIN is easy to use. It works with trustworthy partners to provide authentic information to the users. You just have to provide your VIN to get the audit report of your vehicle. This decoder also offers free VIN tools to check the car history. If you don’t need a full report, the website provides free VIN decoding services, depending on your vehicle’s state.

✔️How much does the EpicVIN report cost?

This VIN checker offers cost-effective packages to its users. A single report is worth $14.99. On buying more than one report, the website offers you concessions. For example, the price of 4 reports is $28.17. EpicVIN also provides its customers to purchase multiple reports at exceptionally low prices. Like, you can buy 16 reports for only $86.24. These packages are unquestionably beneficial for car dealers who require bulk checking service on a regular basis.

✔️What will I see in the EpicVIN report?

The audit reports provide maximum data to its customers. You can get a wide range of VIN details through EpicVIN history reports. For instance, the information includes safety recalls, equipment details, auction records, engine type, fuel, model, theft records, and more. You can also access the stolen vehicle check, hidden damages, and ownership data.

✔️Is the EpicVIN report accurate?

EpicVIN gathers information from reliable sources like NMVTIS. It is a nationwide database that properly verifies the vehicle’s data electronically. Moreover, EpicVIN works with the VINchain system to protect customers from fraud. It uses blockchain technology to confirm the car’s details. In this way, this platform offers accurate information to its customers.

✔️Is EpicVIN worth it?

EpicVIN is one of the leading VIN service providers that protects its customers from scammers. It offers low-cost solutions to get detailed information about used vehicles. The platform provides reliable services with dependable customer support. In addition, it’s a user-friendly platform that ensures precision in the execution of history reports. So, EpicVIN enables users to make a knowledgeable choice before buying a used vehicle.

✔️Is EpicVIN safe?

EpicVIN guarantees a safe checkout process for the users. The availability of multiple well-known payment gateways further attests to its credibility. The website keeps your information confidential and secure. It’s SSL encrypted and protects your sensitive data from scammers. In short, it is a reliable and authentic platform, safe from fraudulent acts.


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