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Avoid costly problems in Europe, check a vehicle's VIN for free with our unique tool to get public information about its history before buying.


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VIN Check in Europe

Are you thinking of buying a used car in Europe? If so, it’s recommended to get a VIN check on the vehicle so you can save yourself from any future maintenance costs. You can use our free VIN decoding tool to get the basic info.

European VIN Check

If you choose to get a full VIN check report while you’re in Europe, you should get a completely accurate history of the car with detailed information about its specifications, insurance details, manufacture date, market value, accident history, previous owners, and much more.


You can use our free decoding tool for any pre-owned vehicle in Europe. However to get the full vehicle history report, you have to choose one of the premium VIN check services that offer reports for a small fee. This small investment will help you be fully informed about any car’s past.

This European VIN checker was updated in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️Do European Cars Have a VIN?

Yes, European cars do have a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), which serves as a unique identifier for each vehicle. The VIN contains important information about the car, such as its manufacturer, model, and country of origin.

✔️Are European VIN Numbers different?

European VIN numbers follow the same international standards as VIN numbers from other regions. However, there are some differences in how the VIN is structured and what information is included. For example, European VINs typically include information about the type of engine and the body style of the vehicle.

✔️How Do You Read a European VIN?

To read a European VIN, you'll need to decode the 17 characters that make up the VIN. Each character represents a specific piece of information about the vehicle, such as the manufacturer, model, and year of production. You can use an online VIN decoder or reference a VIN decoding chart to interpret the information encoded in a European VIN.

✔️What Information is Included in a European VIN?

A European VIN contains 17 characters that provide information about the car's manufacturer, model, type of engine, production year, and more.

✔️Are European VINs Standardized Across All Countries?

Yes, European VINs are standardized across all countries and follow the same international standards as VINs from other regions.

✔️How Many Digits Are in a European VIN?

A European VIN consists of 17 characters, including both letters and numbers.

✔️Can You Tell the Production Year from a European VIN?

Yes, you can tell the production year from a European VIN. The 10th character in the VIN represents the year of production, according to a specific coding system.

✔️Are European VINs Case Sensitive?

No, European VINs are not case sensitive, which means that uppercase and lowercase letters can be used interchangeably.

✔️How Can You Check the Validity of a European VIN?

You can check the validity of a European VIN by using an online VIN checker or contacting the car manufacturer for assistance.

✔️How Do You Find the VIN on a European Car?

The VIN can typically be found in the lower corner of the windshield on the driver's side, on the driver's side door jamb, or in the engine bay.

✔️Are There Different VIN Formats for Different European Car Manufacturers?

No, all European car manufacturers follow the same VIN format and structure, which is standardized internationally.

✔️How Are European VINs Different from American VINs?

While European and American VINs follow the same international standards, there are some differences in the way that the VIN is structured and what information is included. For example, European VINs typically include information about the type of engine and the body style of the vehicle, while American VINs do not.

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