carVertical vs CARFAX

Getting a vehicle history report can be an important step in understanding what you need to know before you make a purchasing decision. In this case, you will need to use a service that can allow you to look up the vehicle based on the VIN.

There are two great options we are placing head-to-head today - carVertical and CARFAX. Both of these companies are VIN checking sites, but they have their own benefits that can help you decide which is the better choice for you. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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carVertical vs CARFAX

Benefits of carVertical

If you want to combine the latest technology out there with a vehicle history report, the answer you will get will be carVertical. Here’s what stands out about this website:

  • The service can be pretty cost-effective when compared to market rates.
  • The reference data is constantly updated, so you always have the right information.
  • The quality of data is always under scrutiny, and there is excellent customer service.

Benefits of CARFAX

CARFAX offers its clients the perfect combination of reliable and convenient work. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider using this site:

  • The information on CARFAX reports is considered to be highly reliable.
  • The company brings experience to the table with 30+ years in the industry.
  • CARFAX has an excellent and accessible customer support team.

Quality Breakdown

With the benefits of these two VIN checking sites in mind, you can now move on to the quality breakdown - how does the cost of getting a report compare to the information provided in the reports by carVertical and CARFAX?


With carVertical, you pay $24.99 for a single report. While on the other hand, you can get three reports for $15.99 each. However, there are no further bulk discounts beyond this. With CARFAX, a single report can cost $39.99, and three can be bought at around $19.99 per report.

CARFAX does have further options for bulk buying reports, with deals for up to six reports at a time. At the same time, car dealers and lenders can create a subscription account for huge discounts on the site, some up to 80% off the original price!

What's Included?

Now that we know what the pricing looks like, here’s what the reports cover:

Technical InformationYesYes
Equipment DataYesYes
Accident HistoryYesYes
Ownership HistoryYesYes
Maintenance RecordsYesYes
Background InformationYesYes
Insurance DataYesYes
Registration DataYesYes
Theft ReportsYesYes

With both carVertical and CARFAX, the reports are pretty extensive. However, both can have some limitations when it comes to a complete history of minor damages that a vehicle may have faced over time.

Which One to Choose?

When it comes to getting a single report, because of the comprehensive report and affordability, carVertical is a far more effective choice. However, if you need bulk discounts or are a lender, you may lean towards CARFAX as the choice of your VIN checking site!

Editors Choice
5.0 rating
From $12.79 per report
Use discount code: vinmentor
Ranks #1 out of 22 companies
5.0 rating
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4.8 rating
From $14.99 per report
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4.5 rating
From $9.99 per report
Ranks #4 out of 22 companies