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Many VIN decoders have integrated into today’s automotive industry. carVertical is one of the fastest growing platforms. It provides its users with the reliable information they need to know about their vehicles. Moreover, in 2019, carVertical launched its first worldwide car history data registry. This decoder simplifies your research process and gives you genuine records of safety recalls, damages, theft, mileage, and accidents.


carVertical relies on blockchain technology which verifies the vehicle data and ensures its credibility. It provides you with full-scale reports of your car. So, if you’re looking for an authentic VIN decoder, let’s discover whether this platform is a good fit for you or not!

This carVertical review was updated in 2024.

carVertical Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what carVertical has to offer:

  • Offers cost-effective decoding solutions when compared to competitors.
  • Uses blockchain to ensure original and tempered-proof reports.
  • Updates data regularly to provide the recent-most information.
  • Employs various checks to gauge the quality of data.
  • Exceptional customer support with a decent refund policy.
  • Pretty new to the market.
  • Doesn’t provide the option to buy more than three reports at once.

About carVertical

carVertical Review

carVertical is an efficient VIN decoder that pledges its customers to protect them from fraud. Its main goal is to provide updated information to car buyers and to bring transparency to the vehicle market. The website is expanding in more than 25 markets all across the globe.

Moreover, this VIN decoder gathers the required information and verifies it using special technologies. Their vehicle reports rely on 900-plus international sources. The users get the history reports in a user-friendly format, which is easy to digest. Also, this website provides guidelines about the best practices for buying used cars.


Where does carVertical take data from?

carVertical gets vehicle history data from multiple global sources like insurance and leasing databases, private & national registries, enforcement agencies, car dealers, car auctions, etc. Moreover, it also retrieves important details directly from the vehicle with the owner’s consent. This website keeps itself up to date from multiple databases to improve its reliability.

Additionally, carVertical also receives data from auto repair shops, paid APIs, and partner vehicle fleets. The website doesn’t need any permission to acquire information from these resources. carVertical grabs information from credible sources and facilitates its customers in getting details according to their preferences.

After the data has been collected, it is verified through the blockchain registry. Blockchain technology adds transparency to the system. It is because the data put in the blockchain registry cannot be manipulated or changed. Thus, adding a factor of authenticity to these reports.


Pricing Details

carVertical pricing details

carVertical offers cost-effective packages for its customers. The price per report is $24.99. Moreover, if the customer makes an order of two reports, the VIN decoder gives them a decent discount of 36%. The cost for two reports would then be $31.98 instead of $49.98. It means you have to pay only $15.99 cost per report if you want to purchase two car reports at a time.

In addition, the website offers you more concessions if you buy more than two reports. For instance, if you buy three vehicle reports, you only have to pay $13.99 per report. With our discount code: vinmentor, you can get additional 20% off their packages. On top of that, carVertical gives you flexible payment gateways. You can pay via your credit cards, PayPal, discover card, debit cards, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, and more. The website offers VIN services to private users only after their payment.


What’s covered in the carVertical report?

The carVertical vehicle report brings light on every significant information you need to know about your car. If you don’t know the proper features of the car before buying it, you may spend dollars on repairing it down the road. So, knowing such details about your vehicle save you thousands of dollars. You might be thinking about which data is provided in the car history reports provided by carVertical. Let’s discuss it in detail.

  • Vehicle basic info. It includes the basic facts about the vehicle. For instance, the manufacturing year, car model, engine, drive type, fuel, ownership changes, maintenance details, and more.
  • Mileage rollback. The report provides information regarding the actual mileage and damages records if any. Through accurate reading from the odometer, the website reveals mileage details for varying dates.
  • Damages and Accidents. In addition to mileage rollback, carVertical offers damage records of the past as well. The sellers usually conceal this information from the buyers. You can get all these details through the site’s history reports. If your car had an accident or a suspect, the website clarifies it through VIN checking.
  • Safety recalls and theft records. carVertical is committed to its customers to ensure the safety of their vehicles. The reports showcase all the details if your vehicle had a criminal record or was stolen or clocked in the past.
  • Market pricing and recorded images. Additionally, the carVertical brief report includes the estimated market value of the car models. In addition, the report also offers photos of the car from the past years. It helps the customers to examine the previous state of the vehicle. The report details are so reliable that the images are listed with particular dates and times to avoid any ambiguity. In most cases, carVertical provides extremely clear images of accidents to give you an accurate idea of the damage caused by certain incidents.
  • Specs and Equipment. The car history report further includes technical information about the equipment and specifications of the car. The report information about the equipment depends on the car’s manufacturer.
  • Checklist. To safeguard customers from potential scams, carVertical adds a complete checklist so you can verify everything before making a deal. The checklist involves all the important steps you need to execute in order to get hidden details about your vehicle.


carVertical Vehicle History Report Example

carVertical Sample Report


What could be better in the carVertical report?

Although carVertical pledges its customers to provide cost-effective solutions. It is practical only if the user buys more than one report. The cost of a single report is pretty high. On top of that, you can’t buy more than three reports in a single purchase. If the limitation removes, the users would have more opportunities to acquire information about their various vehicles without going through the checkout process over and over again.

Above all, the report doesn’t include all types of damages. It would be ideal if the user always gets a complete history of damages since manufacturing.


Our carVertical Review


We have personally tried the website through our multi-step review process. Our experts analyzed its functions and services. Before buying their services, we contacted them to observe their customer service. The response was immediate and satisfying. In addition, the website was quick and generated the report instantaneously. We received all the promised products in the audit report. For instance, the report gives us high-quality data about the car’s history, ownership changes, safety recalls, mileage, etc.

In the bargain, we got the recorded images, engine type, maintenance record, and many more. The images showed us the extent of the damage. So, what the decoder promised, was fulfilled. In comparison to other sites, carVertical uses blockchain technology to verify the VIN data.

The other important factor our experts considered was the pricing of the website. The cost for a single report was somewhat high. But considering the quality of service and reliability of data, it’s completely justified. On top of that, a higher number of reports also bring in some valuable discounts.

It would be a great addition if they provide more options to buy more than three audit reports. The website offers a refund policy within 14 days of purchase.

The best thing is that carVertical offers a variety of payment options. For instance, you can pay through PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, etc. In short, we are pretty satisfied with our interaction with carVertical. Also, the website was best in providing data regarding the equipment and specs, like, fuel, transmission type, body, and more.

Personal Opinion

In our opinion, carVertical is one of the best VIN decoders. The main reason for that is their quick service and accurate reports. They use efficient blockchain tools to minimize tampering. Every report contains a direct link to check the authenticity of the data. It is highly recommended due to the authenticity of the information. Also, it ensures relatively up-to-date information compared to other sites. In the end, this website provides a checklist that provides you with a real-time experience. Some of the things need improvement. But overall, it is more than one can expect from a report of a few bucks.


carVertical Summary

Overall rank#1 out of 22
Our rating5.0
UsabilityVery Easy to Use

How to use carVertical?

carVertical provides a user-friendly interface. If you’re a beginner, you can quickly navigate through this platform and get information as per your needs. You only need to follow simple and short steps to proceed with this decoder. Let’s discuss these quick and easy steps.

  • Enter your car’s VIN. The first step is to enter your VIN number. You can easily get it from your car’s documents.

carVertical step 1

  • VIN verification and data search. Next, after you have entered your VIN code, the system verifies it through blockchain technology and then searches for the required data. Once the search is complete, you will be able to retrieve the information on your screen.

carVertical step 2

  • Pay for the services. If you want to acquire a complete report of your car’s history, then you have to invest your money. For this purpose, the website offers flexible payment options.

carVertical step 3

  • Get your Report. Once you have finished the above requirements, you will be able to access the complete report.


carVertical Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is carVertical?

carVertical is a web-based VIN decoder that helps customers to know all the details of any vehicle. The website discloses hidden details of the vehicles using blockchain technology, with the aim to boost transparency and provide reliable outcomes.

✔️How does carVertical work?

carVertical uses official databases and the latest VIN lookup tools to provide accurate information to its users. This website gathers information from 900+ global sources. You just have to provide the VIN code. The website completes the search for the data, and after payment, you will get the report in a few moments.

✔️How much does the carVertical report cost?

A single report of carVertical price starts from $24.99. If you buy more than one report, the website offers some discounts. Buying two reports costs you $31.98 with a 36% discount rate. Moreover, if you want to purchase three reports, the platform gives you a 44% concession, and each report costs $13.99.

✔️What will I see in the carVertical report?

You will see the vehicle’s hidden information and the past records in the report. The car’s report includes safety recalls, damages, mileage rollback, theft records, photos, equipment, specs, ownership changes, and many more. The report also renders a complete checklist of the things to consider before buying a used car.

✔️Is the carVertical report accurate?

carVertical pledges to provide reliable information to its users. This VIN decoder uses artificial intelligence to verify the car’s information and employs blockchain technology to keep the data temper free. The accuracy also depends on the type of lookup you are using.

✔️Is carVertical worth it?

carVertical offers affordable packages to provide detailed information to users. The website uses up-to-date data to provide accurate results. Moreover, the platform processes and verifies the details through blockchain. That’s why the information cannot be faked. Also, you need to follow simple steps to get your desired information. This platform offers flexible payment options. So, overall, it totally worth your spending.

✔️Is carVertical safe?

carVertical is a trustworthy VIN decoder. It protects the sensitive information of the customers and reduces security risks. On top of that, its reliance on blockchain technology ensures tempered-proof reports. In short, it covers all aspects of customers’ privacy and security while ensuring the authenticity of the information generated.


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