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Ranks #21 out of 22 companies explain users about a particular car and guarantees they will not end up with the wrong vehicle. Additionally, to provide a thorough and reliable report, the website gathers information from the state- and locally-owned agencies. Unfortunately, it’s more usual these days to fall victim to vendor scams and receive a costly or damaged automobile. Because of this, everyone must verify the VIN before purchasing any used or pre-owned vehicles.


A VIN report typically contains all the small-to-important information regarding a specific car. The user may make the best choice with the aid of this information. Despite the fact that there are several VIN checking systems on the market, they are either expensive or don’t offer enough information., however, stands apart from all the rest. Let’s discuss the different benefits and drawbacks of

This review was updated in] 2024. Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what has to offer:

  • The user is equipped with a safety rating and law enforcement incidents.
  • DNSFilter deems this website to be secure.
  • Collects data from credible state-owned and other local sources.
  • Easy-to-use website interface.
  • The images are not available for all vehicles.
  • Has a low Trustpilot score.


MyFreeVIN is a free VIN check website that excels at meeting customers’ demands who need a thorough VIN report but are on a tight budget. The website compiles data from reliable state-owned departments to give users the most recent information. Salvage yards, auto auctions, repair facilities, etc., are some more resources for data collection.

After data gathering, high-quality tools are utilized to determine the integrity. The final VIN report is made up of about 18 components and includes details about the car’s fundamental specs, damage history, and unique vehicle video. The consumer has the option of reviewing the car data on the website or emailing themselves the report to check later. What’s the best part? You don’t have to pay a single penny to access the final report!


Where does take data from?

The platform’s ability to gather information from the most reliable sources sets apart from other free VIN check websites. Manufacturers and Governmental organizations like departments of motor vehicles, police enforcement, and highway safety are the main contributors to vehicle databases with information on millions of automobiles.

In order to maintain their databases and to prevent users from receiving false information, the departments are mandated by the state to receive frequent data from other minor agencies. Salvage yards, vehicle auctions, law enforcement organizations, manufacturers, etc., are different data sources for The information you get is the most accurate since it has been checked using a variety of techniques and technologies.

The insurance departments also contribute to making the report more in-depth and informing the user of the vehicle’s insurance status. As a result, the user receives a comprehensive, precise, and very valuable final report.


Pricing Details

The fact that provides a variety of information without charging a dime is what surprises people the most. After inputting the VIN, the user may view the final report without paying for it. Free VIN reports do not imply that the website has compromised the integrity and security of the information.

Instead, the customer has access to the most recent, extensive report, which is sufficient to protect you against all kinds of fraud and scams. However, in case you’ve any doubts or want to know more about a particular vehicle, click on the Full History Report option, and you’ll be directed to the CarVertical website. It’s a premium site and costs you around $24.99 per report, $31.98 for two and $41.97 for three reports, respectively.


What’s covered in the report? gives users a thorough report with all the information they need to close a fair purchase. It stands out since the final report provides more details without cost than some of the paid websites do. Please note that the free report only gives a few line details about the vehicle. The below-listed points are for the premium report obtained using CarVertical. Let’s delve into it;

  • Basic Vehicle Specifications. The user is provided information on the vehicle’s model, color, and other characteristics in this report section. The user can use this information to determine if the vendor’s information matches what is available in the VIN report or whether the data is inaccurate.
  • Archive Pictures. In a report, during certain situations, VINs are connected to archival footage of the car, letting you view how it appeared at various points in time. The consumer is given access to this photo so they may determine whether the vehicle has experienced any accidents or has apparent damage. It protects the user from having a damaged car and incurring expensive repair costs.
  • Theft Records and Sales. As the name implies, knowing a vehicle’s theft history allows the user to determine whether the car has ever been stolen abroad. Additionally, the sales data detail how frequently and for what price the car was sold. These measures assist you in avoiding purchasing an expensive and stolen automobile.
  • Fuel efficiency. Knowing a vehicle’s overall fuel consumption and the kind of gasoline it requires is crucial before purchasing one. This section explains the overall distance a car can go on a single gallon of fuel, its fuel capacity, and the differences in fuel consumption between city and highway driving.
  • Market Value. In order to prevent you from paying more than the market price for a car, this section provides you with the market value of that specific vehicle. Average market price, below market pricing, and above market price are the three categories into which the information is divided. All of this information was approximated by comparing it to the selling prices of similar automobiles over the previous two years.
  • Equipment Details. Understanding the many internal and exterior elements of the car, as well as their present state, is known as knowing the equipment specifics. The most significant additions to this area are the chassis, interior dimensions, external dimensions and weight, cargo bed measurements, and capacities. The user can use this information to verify whether or not each of the stated components is present.
  • Inspection Checklist. This is the most crucial component, and the user should unquestionably obtain a report to learn more about the specifics of a vehicle’s examination. This teaches the user about the many components of the car, such as the engine, tires, exterior, interior, suspension, etc. The user may discover whether these auto parts are in good shape or require any maintenance. To prevent future mishaps, it is essential to be aware of all of this before making a car purchase.

The information provided by this VIN checking platform may not be enough for users as the report has basic information and doesn’t go into the details. If you want a more comprehensive report, then consider going towards CarVertical. It’s a premium website that doesn’t cost you much and provides more precise and in-depth information than Vehicle History Report Example Sample Report


What could be better in the report? is unquestionably very flexible VIN decoder, yet many people may start to mistrust its validity. The website doesn’t skimp on quality and gives users the most accurate information possible. However, we think there are a few areas where a report may be improved.

Every report on the website should have a car image rather than only some. Although these things are small, they can significantly increase the website’s traffic and overall position! In addition, there should be a clear elaboration of the free and paid reports to save users time and avoid mistrust.


Our Review

We visited to request a VIN report before writing this review. The primary goal of this was to evaluate the website’s trustworthiness and see whether it lives up to its billing as the most comprehensive and precise free VIN checking resource. The website surprisingly took about 5 seconds to create the VIN report after we input the VIN and selected ”Check car”.

After clicking on ”Get full report,” We were then sent to a new website page that had all the necessary car details— it was paid. We cross-referenced this information with other paid and accessible websites to confirm that the data was correct. To our amazement, the website outperformed some premium sites by providing the most in-depth and complete report. This proves that the website’s claim that it extracts data from government agencies is likewise accurate.

Personal Opinion was regarded as reliable and user-friendly. The data offered is likewise authentic, and the final report has all the information necessary for a consumer to make the best choice. The user may learn about the vehicle’s theft and sales histories, fuel economy, inspection specifics, etc., from the final VIN report. A few things require work, such as the website interface and providing a picture of each car.

These issues, however, have no bearing on the final VIN report’s trustworthiness. So, think of as your best buddy if you desire a free VIN report. However, if you need a detailed report, CarVertical is also a fantastic site. For a few bucks, you can get a tremendous in-depth analysis from it. Summary

Overall rank#21 out of 22
Our rating3.00

How to use is simple to use; all you need to do is adhere to a few simple procedures to obtain all the information you want. To make it easier for you to access the material if you are a novice, we have included a guide for using this website:

  • Go to the Official Website. To start, go to your computer and use any search browser. Type “” Your final stop is the first website with the same name.
  • Enter the VIN Code.  The 17-digit VIN code needs to be entered into the blank space on the side of the screen, and you can move on by clicking the “Check Car” option.

MyFreeVIN step 1

  • Availability of VIN Information. A table with comprehensive information about a particular automobile will open in front of you. Get a summary and click “Get full report” to learn more about specific areas in-depth.

MyFreeVIN step 2

  • Completion. If you want further information after reading everything on, you will be referred to a website called CarVertical when you’ll click on ”Get full Report,” where you may pay a nominal fee to receive two comprehensive reports. You have two options: purchase it or return back to the website.

MyFreeVIN step 3


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From $14.99 per report
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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is

Users can obtain reliable VIN reports on a great portal called It contains data that is accurate and pertains to both new and vintage cars. What’s the best part? All this data is collected from DMV, known as the Department of Motor Vehicle, and other governmental organizations. Additionally, the data quality isn’t compromised, and the website is also responsive, which means you can access the report within seconds.

✔️How does work? gathers data from reputable sources, including government agencies and other state-owned departments. DMV is the most prominent source in this regard that particularly focuses on all motor vehicle registration and licensing. The information is checked using a variety of methods after it has been assembled. In the end, you get a very fine and top-quality VIN report that’s enough to save you from scams.

✔️How much does the report cost?

Unexpectedly, doesn’t charge the user any money. To obtain the report, all the user needs to do is input the VIN code and press the ”check car” button. The final statement the user receives is not only legitimate but also contains extensive information on a specific car, and the report’s reliability remains unaffected. But to get the final report, we have to pay the one-time fee of CarVertical.

✔️What will I see in the report?

Every little to extensive detail regarding a car will be available to the consumer in the report. The most noticeable sections contain information on mileage, stolen databases, equipment specifications, fuel efficiency, and much more! Basic vehicle information, safety recalls, damage history, etc., are also included in the final report.

✔️Is the report accurate?

The report is authentic, as the website gathers information from governmental agencies as well as other sources, including auto auctions, salvage yards, and repair shops, among others. Information provided by the DMV also contributes to the final report, making it comprehensive and precise.

✔️Is worth it?

The free version doesn’t provide enough information. However, purchasing the premium CarVertical report can be a good choice in terms of cost-to-value.

✔️Is safe?

The is secure since it doesn’t divulge a user’s personal information to other parties and keeps their reports encrypted. DNSFilter and FlashChart deemed this website free from all types of malware attacks. Additionally, the user should not worry because the website does not even require an email address.


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