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Nowadays, many people complain about getting scammed by vendors and ending up with an unreliable or unnecessarily pricey vehicle. This makes VIN checking mandatory for everyone before buying any used or second-hand car. Typically, a VIN report covers all the essential details of any vehicle. This information helps the user in making the right decision. Although several premium and free VIN checking platforms are present online, they are either costly. However, is considerably reliable in this regard.


It shares a handful of information on a particular vehicle with the users so they can user can seal a fair deal. Moreover, the website collects data from local and state-owned departments, which is counter-verified via AI-based systems to ensure data reliability. The user also gets to see the latest vehicle image to check for any external damage and details about the fuel efficiency of a particular car. But like many other websites, the also has a set of pros and cons. Let’s look at them:

This review was updated in 2024. Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what has to offer:

  • Offers comprehensive and in-depth information about a vehicle for free.
  • Collects accurate data from reliable sources like NMVTIS, salvage yards, insurance departments, auto auctions, etc.
  • Guides users about how to check the VIN to make the procedure hassle-free.
  • The website has a low trust score.
  • The price for a single report is relatively high.
  • The owner's identity is hidden, raising suspicions.


VINCheck is a unique free VIN check website that mainly caters to the needs of users who want a comprehensive VIN report but are short on budget. The website gathers data from credible state-owned departments, like the NMVTIS, to provide the user with the most up-to-date information. Other sources include salvage yards, auto auctions, vehicle service shops, etc.

Once the data is collected, high-quality tools are used to check whether the information is credible. The final VIN report may comprise around 20 parts and has everything from the vehicle image to its basic specifications and damage history. The user can assess the vehicle details on the website or share the report on their email to view later.


Where does take data from?

The primary thing that makes different from many other free VIN check websites is that the platform collects data from the most authentic sources. The major contributor to their data is NMVTIS, a US-based vehicle database with data on millions of cars and extracts information from around 900 sources.

The state also orders other small departments to provide regular data to the NMVTIS so its database keeps updating, ensuring the user doesn’t end up with a misleading report. Other sources of data for are salvage yards, auto auctions, law enforcement agencies, manufacturers, etc. The data gathered from these sources is verified by different tools and software, giving you the most accurate information.

Furthermore, the insurance departments also make the report more comprehensive and tell the user whether the vehicle has any insurance. The final report provided to the user is in-depth, accurate, and offers excellent value.


Pricing Details

The most surprising thing about is that the website offers a handful of information without costing a single penny. The user doesn’t need to pay for the final report and can easily access it after entering the VIN. Even if you want to view the final information later, the allows you to share it to your email, and you don’t have to pay for it. However, the VIN report is free doesn’t mean the website compromises the security and credibility of the data. But, the amount of information is quite limited when compared to other quality VIN decoding platforms like carVertical.


What’s covered in the report?

The offers a detailed report to the user with all the data that can help them seal a fair deal. What makes it stand out is that the final report offers a considerable amount of data. Here’s everything covered in a report:

  • Basic Vehicle Specs. This section of the report tells the user about the vehicle’s manufacturing age, location, model, color, etc., of the vehicle. The user can use this info to check whether the information provided by the vendor matches that available in the VIN report or whether the data is misleading.
  • Vehicle Images. The next section of this report is the vehicle image. This image is shared with the user so they can check if the vehicle has been subjected to any accident and has any evident damage. It prevents the user from ending up with a damaged car and paying a high price. However, images might be missing in some reports especially referring to accidents.
  • Theft and Sales Records. As the name suggests, the theft record of a particular vehicle means the user knows whether the car has been stolen from any country or place. In addition, the sales records tell about how many times the vehicle has been sold and at what price. These things help you stay safe from buying a stolen and costly vehicle.
  • Fuel Efficiency. Before buying a vehicle, it’s essential to know the total fuel consumption of a vehicle and what type of fuel it needs. In this section, you get to know about the total mileage covered by a car with one-gallon fuel, the fuel capacity, and the difference between city and motorway fuel used per mileage.
  • Market Value. This section tells you the market value of a particular vehicle, so you don’t purchase a vehicle for more than the market price. The information is separated into three sections the Average market price, Below market price, and Above market price. All this data is estimated by checking the price of identical category vehicles sold in the past two years.
  • Equipment Details. The equipment details mean knowing about the different internal and external parts of the vehicle along with their current condition. Essential things added in this section are the chassis, interior dimensions, exterior dimensions and weight, cargo bed dimensions, and capacities. This information allows the user to cross-check if all the parts mentioned are in place or not.
  • Inspection Checklist. This is the most critical section, and the user should get a report to know about the inspection details of a vehicle. In this, the user learns about different parts of the vehicle, like the engine, tires, exterior, interior, suspension, etc. The user gets to learn about whether these parts of the car are in good condition or need any maintenance. Knowing all this before sealing a vehicle deal is essential to avoid any unfortunate happenings.

Although provides a significant amount of information, that might not be enough to decide to buy a car worth several thousand dollars comfortably. So, spending a few dimes on other premium VIN check websites like carVertical would be a wise move. Report Example Sample Report


What could be better in the report?

Many people may become suspicious about the credibility of a report, but it’s undoubtedly the most versatile and in-depth VIN decoder. The website provides the most accurate information to users and doesn’t compromise on quality. However, a few things could be better in a report. The first thing in this regard is adding the website owner’s details.

Not having correct owner information on the website can make the user suspicious. It’s desirable to add that information and make the site more credible. In addition, if they focus on adding additional information covering every aspect of the car, then it can become a must-go place for everyone.


Our Review

Before writing this review, we contacted to get their report. The main reason behind this was to check the website’s credibility and assess whether it is fulfilling its claim of being the most versatile and accurate free VIN-checking website. When we entered the VIN and clicked on continue, the website took between 30 seconds to one minute to generate the VIN report.

After that time, we were directed to a new web page having all the crucial vehicle information. At the end, there is an overview section, and below it, an option says, “continue to the next report page.” By clicking on it, we got to know details of each section that, included fuel efficiency, market value, damage records, theft history, etc.

We checked this information with other premium and free websites to verify if the data was accurate. To our surprise, the website has outdone itself compared to the free options available in the market. This means the website’s claim of extracting data from NMVTIS was also valid. Moreover, once you are done, you don’t need to pay anything to get the report; enter your name, email, and zip code, and get it in your email within seconds.

Personal Opinion

We found credible and user-friendly. The information provided is also reasonable, and the final report has a significant amount of data that can help in decision-making. From the final VIN report, the user learns about the vehicle’s theft and sales records, fuel efficiency, inspection details, etc. A few areas need improvement, like adding owners’ information and encouraging users to give reviews. However, these things don’t interfere with the credibility of the final VIN report. So, if you want a VIN report free of cost, consider as a reliable option. But if you want a more comprehensive report covering every aspect of a vehicle, then find better alternatives. Summary

Overall rank#18 out of 22
Our rating3.25

How to use

Using isn’t tricky; follow a few steps, and you can have all the information you need. However, if you are a newbie, we have listed the step-by-step procedure of how to use this website so that you can access the information without any difficulty:

  • Go to the Official Website. First, open any search browser on your website and enter “” The first site with the same domain name is your destination. Now hit the ‘Click here to Get Free Report’ button to move forward.
  • Enter the VIN Code. Now enter the 17-digit VIN code into the empty bar and click on the “Continue” button to proceed.

VINCheck step 1

  • Availability of VIN Information. You’ll be directed to another web page having every detail about a specific vehicle. Get an overview and click on the “continue to next report page” to get in-depth information about particular sections.

VINCheck step 2

  • Completion. After going through all the information, enter your email, name, and zip code to share the file on your email and view it later.

VINCheck step 3


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is is an excellent platform for everyone who’s on the lookout for accurate VIN, and that too at no cost. It holds information for most of the cars, and it’s affiliated with NMVTIS, which has a database of millions of vehicles. The final report comprises 20 parts, ranging from insurance to equipment details.

✔️How does work? collects information from credible sources like NMVTIS and other state-owned departments. The NMVTIS gathers data from 900 different sources, and other vehicle departments are also ordered to share data with NMVTIS regularly. After collecting stats and facts, they are passed through various tools to attest to the authenticity of collected data. Overall, the website has a friendly interface and doesn’t take much time to show you the final VIN report.

✔️How much does the report cost?

Surprisingly, the doesn’t cost a single penny to the user. All the user has to do is enter the VIN code and hit the continue button to get the report. The final report the user receives isn’t only authentic but contains a considerable amount of data. If you need a comprehensive VIN report, then carVertical can be a desirable option.

✔️What will I see in the report?

The user will see every minor to significant detail about a vehicle in the report. The most prominent sections include stolen databases, equipment details, fuel efficiency, and much more! The information about market value and a detailed inspection list is also a part of this report. All this data is verified and more than what you can expect from a typical free VIN checking website.

✔️Is the report accurate?

Yes, the report is accurate as the website collects data from NMVTIS and other sources like salvage yards, auto auctions, vehicle repair shops, etc. However, the second most reliable source of information for is the law enforcement agencies that make the data more worthy.

✔️Is worth it?

Yes, the is totally worth it, as you get extensive hands-on information about a particular vehicle without spending any money. It’s comprehensive, precise, and more than what one can expect. What’s the best part? The quality remains uncompromised!

✔️Is safe?

The is safe because it doesn’t share information about a user with anyone and keeps their reports encrypted. Moreover, the website doesn’t ask for anything except email, so the user who is reluctant to get a report from any free source due to security issues can take a sigh of relief.


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