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Nothing is more disappointing than investing in a top-class car only to end up with a damaged or faulty vehicle. This has happened with many people in the past, but now VIN checking platforms have made life easier for both car dealers and buyers. A VIN checking platform shows basic vehicle information such as odometer readings, stolen databases, equipment details, etc. All this information helps users in making well-informed decisions.


Tens of different VIN checking platforms are available nowadays, but Cebia occupies a significant place among them, thanks to its credible and comprehensive VIN reports. Cebia collects from top-notch sources and later verifies it with high-tech tools to ensure authenticity. Every bit of information provided in this report is enough to save you from the traps of scammers and potential frauds. Just like many other VIN check websites, Cebia also has a set of pros and cons. Let’s look at a few of them:

This Cebia review was updated in 2024.

Cebia Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what Cebia has to offer:

  • Different pricing plans serve the needs of every individual.
  • Takes data from the database of over one billion vehicles.
  • Work in partnership with an auto tracer.
  • Collaborates with local departments to fetch information from around 20 European countries.
  • It only provides services in the Czech Republic and other European countries.
  • It doesn't provide services in the English language, and the user has to translate it.

About Cebia


Cebia VIN decoder first started in 1991, is one of the best online VIN checking platforms. It has a headquarter based in Prague and provides services to people from the Czech Republic and many other European countries. The website extracts data from multiple vehicle national databases and consults different departments to make the final report comprehensive. Moreover, the online platform also consults with insurance departments like Allianz, salvage yards, lease shops, etc.  The local producers and car owners also share appropriate information to ensure the report’s credibility.

As this VIN decoder’s headquarters is in Prague, the website has deep roots in European countries and provides services to around 20 countries. The final report obtained by Cebia possesses all the information about a particular vehicle. It not only helps the buyers or car dealers, but insurance departments and other vehicle institutes also benefit from the Cebia VIN decoder.


Where does Cebia take data from?

The data collection of the Cebia is quite different from other VIN check websites. It brings data that is verified by the Czech Republic or other European countries’ Police, lease shops, vehicle service shops, etc. The data collected is later verified by top-notch tools that make sure the user gets the most up-to-date information.

As mentioned earlier, Cebia has been in this business since 1991; the website has a huge database that carries information on over one billion vehicles. This data is a result of the website’s cooperation with vehicle manufacturers, vehicle dealers, car owners, importers, etc.

Other data providers of Cebia are Allianz, CPP vehicle group, UNIQA, etc. Allianz is an international insurance department that entertains more than 86 million users and has the most updated and credible insurance data about vehicles. All these partners are authentic and ensure the user gets access to the most comprehensive and precise VIN report; that’s more than enough to save a user from potential scams.


Pricing Details

The pricing details of Cebia are versatile and vary with your package. However, whether you are short on money or have some bucks to spend on a VIN report, you will definitely find the package that caters to your needs on the official website. Here are the pricing details of different packages to give you an appropriate idea:

  • Minimum report – 199 CZK (it’s around €7.30 or $7.80)
  • Fuller report – 499 CZK (it’s around €18.50 or $19.70)
  • Deal for a 2 reports – 749 CZK (it’s around €27 or $29)
  • Deal for a 3 reports – 990 CZK (it’s around €36 or $39)

The minimum report option is good if you only need minor information about a vehicle. It’s economical and provides you with adequate information. But remember, you will not get other information like mileage and historical records that can help you make a better decision. If you need full in-depth information, then go for a full report. For car dealers and buyers who want a discount, the 2 reports or 3 reports deal is perfect as you get an instant discount on both.


What’s covered in the Cebia report?

The Cebia VIN report is different from many other VIN checking websites, and that is because it offers more detailed and precise reports. Here’s what’s covered in a Cebia VIN decoding report:

  • Mileage Check. This section of the report tells the user about the total mileage covered by the car, also known as the odometer reading. It’s because sometimes the seller rolls back the odometer reading and demands a higher price for the vehicle. However, a Cebia VIN report tells you about the accurate mileage covered by the vehicle so that you can better negotiate the car’s price.
  • Vehicle Damage Records. The Cebia VIN report tells you about the accidents in which a particular vehicle was caught and the damage they caused. This helps the user in making the right decision and saves them from ending up with a completely damaged or subpar car.
  • Records of Service Operations. As the name says, this section tells the user whether the vehicle has got any part replaced or repaired during the service operation. Knowing this can assist you in buying the right vehicle that’s free from faults and malfunctioning parts. Moreover, the car buyer also gets to learn about how many times a vehicle went for regular service and if It’s in good condition or not.
  • Theft and Stolen History. This part of the Cebia VIN report shares adequate information about the car’s theft and stolen history. The website collects data from local departments and European police and crime departments to tell the user if a specific vehicle has been stolen from any country or was a part of any crime. Information about this can prevent you from ending up with the wrong vehicle.
  • Vehicle’s Valuation. Buying a car for more than the market price is always painful. However, with a Cebia VIN report, you don’t have to worry about this thing. The Cebia VIN decoder tells you the actual condition and estimated price of the vehicle by checking its registration date and car’s mileage. So, you don’t have to pay more than the market value and stay away from the traps of sellers.
  • Vehicle Images. The vehicle images section is the most important thing covered in a Cebia VIN report that’s missing from many other VIN checkers. You get to know the current condition of the vehicle and if the vehicle has been in any accidents or not.


Cebia Vehicle History Report Example

Cebia Sample Report


What could be better in the Cebia report?

Undoubtedly the Cebia VIN report is whole and provides the user with the best vehicle information that assists them in making the right decision. However, certain things can be improved in the Cebia VIN report. The first and foremost thing that a website needs to focus on is spreading its services outside European countries. Currently, the website is serving in the Czech Republic and 20 other European countries. This means users from other countries trying to access vehicles outside of Europe will not be able to get a successful VIN report. So, increasing the services’ geographical range can take the popularity of this credible website to a new level.

Another thing is that the website doesn’t offer reports in the English language; instead, the VIN report is in the native Czech language. This causes lingual hurdles for users who aren’t well aware of the native language and prefer English. So, Cebia should introduce the report translation in different languages or just go with English as it’s used widely worldwide. Besides, the Cebia VIN report is whole and offers users the best VIN checking experience.


Our Cebia Review

Before penning this review down, we contacted the Cebia website to get a VIN report. The primary purpose behind this was to check whether the website was offering what was promised—in addition to verifying the credibility claims of the website. As soon as we entered the VIN number and confirmed our package with payment, we got our VIN report. Surprisingly, the report had every minor to significant information about the vehicle, and the major sections were the mileage check, vehicle images, damage records, theft history, etc.

The payment modes were also reliable, and we got the report within seconds. However, the report was in the native Czech language, so we translated it before downloading it using Google Translate. Overall, the report was highly credible, and the Cebia claim of providing information from a multitude of vehicle databases was also true. The final report was credible and authentic; on double-checking with other VIN websites, we found Cebia more comprehensive and precise. What’s the best part? The website also shares a step-by-step guide with users on how they can obtain their VIN report hassle-free.

Personal Opinion

Cebia is an excellent platform to get the VIN report for your vehicle, as the website has an exceptional integrated auto tracer that works with the VIN checker. The final report has everything from mileage checks to vehicle images and advertisements. All this information is more than enough to save a user from potential fraud and scams. A few areas need improvement, like introducing services to countries other than European ones and translating the report into English.


Cebia Summary

Overall rank#14 out of 22
Our rating3.75

How to use Cebia?

The Cebia is a very easy-to-use website, but to make everything more understandable for you, we have listed the step-by-step guide on how to use the website:

  • Go to the Official Website. First, open a search browser on your device and search the official “” Click on the link with this domain name, and it’s the official website.
  • Enter the VIN Code. Enter your vehicle’s VIN code in the empty bar and click on the green arrow option on the right side of the bar to proceed.

Cebia step 1

  • Availability of the VIN Information. As soon as you enter the VIN code, you will be directed to a page sharing what information is available about that specific vehicle. You can’t see this information until the final report is purchased.

Cebia step 2

  • Purchase Your Report. To purchase your report, you need to select your package, whether you want the minimum report to have basic information or need an in-depth report. After that, choose the payment method and purchase your report. Once payment is made, the final report is provided to the user having every vehicle information such as mileage check, vehicle images, theft history, etc. Don’t forget to translate the report to make it more understandable.

Cebia step 3

  • Completion. Download your final report to view it later and make the appropriate decision.


Download Cebia Sample Report Here


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is Cebia?

Cebia is an exceptional VIN check platform that started in 1991. It has an integrated auto tracer in its VIN system that ensures the website’s credibility. The website has its headquarters in Prague and collects data from different local sources and police or criminal departments. Additionally, the website’s customer service is very active and addresses any questions quickly.

✔️How does Cebia work?

The Cebia collects data from local vehicle shops, criminal or police departments, lease shops, insurance departments, etc. Once the data is collected, it’s passed through high-tech verification tools to ensure the final report is precise and well-calculated.

✔️How much does the Cebia report cost?

On average, a single Cebia minimum report costs 199 CZK, while the fuller report costs 499 CZK. However, if you want a discount, then go for either two reports or three reports, as they cost around 749 CZK and 990 CZK, respectively.

✔️What will I see in the Cebia report?

The final Cebia report has the information that helps users in taking a fair decision related to vehicle purchasing. The most important parts are the vehicle images and advertisements, mileage check, theft history, damage records, etc.

✔️Is the Cebia report accurate?

Yes, the Cebia report is accurate as the website collects data from a vast vehicle database and verifies it before sharing it with the user. Other official departments, lease shops, and vehicle service shops also contribute to the final report and make it more accurate.

✔️Is Cebia worth it?

The Cebia report is totally worth it because the website provides in-detail VIN reports to users at affordable rates. The data is extracted from top sources, making the Cebia VIN checker a priority for many.

✔️Is Cebia safe?

Yes, the Cebia report is safe, and it doesn’t share the VIN report of any user with any other person. Moreover, the payment options are also reliable, so you don’t have to worry about safety with Cebia.


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