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Getting scammed by vendors into buying a costly or damaged vehicle is nothing new. So, if you have been eyeing a vehicle for quite some time and want to protect yourself from such scams and frauds, a VIN report is the solution. Typically, a VIN report shares basic vehicle information on damage, theft history, and much more. That’s why getting a VIN report is essential before sealing the final vehicle deal.


There are multiple VIN check platforms available online, but what makes VINAlert best is that it extracts data from federal databases, and the database gets updated regularly, which means the user will get access to the most recent information about a particular vehicle. In addition, the comprehensive VIN report is complete. It contains all the information, like Gray Market Trade, Air Bag Deployment, Undisclosed Lien, etc., that may be missing in the VIN report provided by other platforms. However, before buying the VIN report from VINAlert, it’s necessary to have a look at its pros and cons:

This VINAlert review was updated in 2024.

VINAlert Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what VINAlert has to offer:

  • Collects data from credible federal sources and verifies it later to provide the most accurate information.
  • It offers a complete preview of the report before making the final purchase.
  • Provides complete vehicle information like Air Bag Deployment, Gray Market Trade, etc., that's not available on other sites.
  • Has primary and full report options for users and extracts data from 250 brands and 9000 insurance departments.
  • It only provides services in Canada, the US, and Mexico.
  • The price for a single report is relatively high.
  • Vehicle images aren't added to the VIN report.

About VINAlert


VINAlert is an excellent resource if you’re looking for correct VIN records. You may find what you need quickly on the website, which usually provides information about more than 250 current and historical title brands. They collect all the data from the Federal Database in their report and make no exclusions. Every day, they update their database. The website gathers vehicle information from a variety of sources and provides the customer with a comprehensive report that includes the car’s minor to significant damages and stolen databases. The report has an easy-to-understand style.


Where does VINAlert take data from?

In comparison to other VIN decoding services, the VINAlert collects data in a very different way. While other services rely on state-owned agencies like the NMVTIS for data collection, VINAlert does not. The website instead provides information that the Federal Database has validated. Afterward, the information gathered is verified using top-notch techniques to guarantee that the user receives the most recent facts.

VINAlert does not withhold any information and includes all the data from the Federal Database in its comprehensive report. Furthermore, every day, they update their database. So regardless of how useful the information is, it is all in the database. In addition to that, The VinAlert report is highly detailed.


Pricing Details

VINAlert costs a bit extra for a thorough report that can be more than the competitors, but it’s totally worth it. The VINAlert reports do, however, provide essential car information as well as the history of severe damage. These elements add to the cost of the VINAlert report purchase. The related expenses for each report are as follows:

  • Full report Fee: $17.00
  • Two reports: $32.00

The VINAlert website has been made more dealer-friendly as a result of its understanding of the significance of VIN reports for dealers. In addition, credit card payments are processed by Clickbank for secure and easy payments. Clickbank doesn’t hold any used information like email or card numbers, so you don’t have to worry about security risks.

As mentioned earlier, compared to other VIN lookup websites, the cost of a comprehensive report at VINAlert is somewhat more, but it is a one-time purchase, and the features of the VINAlert report make it worthwhile. Each report comes with a $17.00 price, and you can obtain the detailed report after making the payment.


What’s covered in the VINAlert report?

VINAlert provides user-friendly, efficient, and comprehensive VIN reports for all second-hand and used automobiles. These are just a handful of the many topics that may be found in a data report provided by VINAlert:

  • Basic Vehicle Specs. When the report is obtained, the user may scroll down to see the car’s basic information, like its model, color, production date, brand, etc. This gives the user an overview of the features of a certain vehicle to know whether the vehicle has everything that’s mentioned by the vendor too.
  • Accurate Odometer Reading. To deceive customers into buying an expensive vehicle, auto salespeople and dealers frequently alter the odometer reading or reset it to zero. However, a VINAlert report guarantees that the buyer receives the essential odometer reading, which tells them how many kilometers the car has covered overall.
  • Equipment Details. In a separate section of the VINAlert report, the vehicle’s equipment information—including the engine, the engine’s design, and the fuel type used in it—is displayed. Additionally, complete information is given on the doors, bedding, body type, etc.
  • Vehicle Value. By combining information from several wholesale sellers and auto dealers, this section of VINAlert gives car values, such as the average wholesale base and modified wholesaler base. The consumer can save money by requesting a cost estimate before paying more than is necessary.
  • Junk or Salvage. Information on the junk, salvage, and insurance losses the car has incurred throughout the years is included in the section under “Junk or Salvage.” You can negotiate clearly because you are aware of the vehicle’s history with junkyards and salvage auctions. This is so that you may avoid buying a car that has to be fixed. Vehicles purchased from these departments have an account of damage, so being aware of it ahead of time may be helpful.
  • Additional Information. This section covers the remaining data, such as the history of inspections or thefts. The user gets informed of any automotive theft or loss that takes place in a different location.


VINAlert Vehicle History Report Example

VINAlert Sample Report


What could be better in the VINAlert report?

The consumer may get the most significant and comprehensive automobile information available and all thanks to the excellent data report by VINAlert. However, changes may be made to the VINAlert report to enhance the user experience. A drawback is that, in comparison to other VIN checking sites, the cost of a single report is a little too high.

Another element missing from a VINAlert report is the automobile photographs. As a result, the user is not made aware of the vehicle’s current status. If the report contains images of the vehicles at the scene of the damage, it will be more helpful. It will also aid customers in coming to a fair deal. Otherwise, the VINAlert report includes all the details a user could need to know about a particular vehicle.

One factor is that VINAlert exclusively serves clients in Canada, the US, and Mexico and primarily provides information on these three countries, making it ineffective for people of other countries eyeing the VINAlert report.


Our VINAlert Review

Before composing this report, we made a request for a VIN record on the VINAlert website. The primary objectives were to evaluate the website’s claims of providing the most accurate information and the VIN report’s credibility. As soon as we entered the VIN and verified our payment, we were able to access our VIN data. The report’s main elements were the mileage check, damage reports, theft histories, etc. Surprisingly, the report also included all pertinent information about the automobile—from minor to significant.

The report was delivered to us in a couple of seconds, and ClickBank’s processing of the payment methods made them secure. Overall, VINAlert’s claim that it had access to a database of around 250 brands of automobiles was true, and the charge was entirely believable. We found that VINAlert was more accurate and detailed when we double-checked the final report against other VIN websites. Which feature is best? Customers may readily access information on the internet on how to get their VIN report.

The VINAlert apparently utilized additional sources, including the Federal Database, to gather the most precise data. This claim was also accurate since we used all the data from the VIN report to confirm it with other VIN-checking websites. Almost nothing had altered; the VINAlert report’s material was now more complete and concise. The price of one VINAlert report is considerable when you take into account the information they provide.

Personal Opinion

Visit the VINAlert website to get the VIN report for your car. The whole report contains all the information, including mileage checks, car adverts, and insurance details. To guarantee the reliability of the report, every piece of information was gathered from reliable state-owned sources and independently examined using a range of technologies. The material on the website is more than enough to shield a person from these frauds and scams.

The user experience as a whole needs to be improved in a number of ways. They should include providing pictures of the car and conducting business outside of the US, Canada, and Mexico in order to allay the customer’s concerns. On top of that, including other payment gateways like PayPal would be considerable addition. VINAlert is often the best alternative for folks because it is usually quick and simple!


VINAlert Summary

Overall rank#17 out of 22
Our rating3.50

How to use VINAlert?

Although the VINAlert’s website features a straightforward design, let’s look at a few key actions that might help you use it effectively:

  • Go to the Official Website. Use any search engine on your device to get to the official “” website.
  • Enter the VIN Code. The 17-digit VIN code should now be entered into the blank white box at the top of the Check that VIN page. To continue, click the ”Check this VIN” button.

VINAlert step 1

  • Availability of VIN Information. A report containing all pertinent information, such as the car’s value, salvage and theft history, and odometer reading, will be ready in a matter of seconds. You must purchase the report to get in-depth information, as this report is simply an overview.

VINAlert step 2

  • Purchase Your report. Next, click on ‘Order & Review report” and fill in the payment details.

VINAlert step 3

  • Completion. Your complete, final report will appear on the screen together with all the pertinent information. Download your report so you can read it later.


VINAlert Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is VINAlert?

For VIN checks, VINAlert is a unique website that provides dealers and potential customers with reliable information about the targeted car. In order to meet all of its customer’s needs, it also promises excellent customer service.

✔️How does VINAlert work?

The VINAlert compiles data from several dependable sources, including the Federal Database, and then provides the user with an in-depth report about the vehicle. The website also makes contact with financial, insurance, and salvage companies to get more information for the report.

✔️How much does the VINAlert report cost?

A VINAlert report costs $17.00, which is a bit costly. This report collects data from insurance, financial, and salvage companies while directly sourced from Federal Database. It usually contains ownership details, theft records, sales records, and many more.

✔️What will I see in the VINAlert report?

The VINAlert report contains a detailed profile of the targeted car. The most important components are the usage forms, ownership and sales records, salvage history, stolen databases, and odometer history, among many other things. This knowledge is sufficient to protect you against poor choices and con artists.

✔️Is the VINAlert report accurate?

The VINAlert report is accurate since the website interacts with state-owned organizations like the Federal database to get the VIN data. Additionally, by comparing the data with other decoders, it was shown that VINAlert offered trustworthy and up-to-date information.

✔️Is VINAlert worth it?

Yes, VINAlert’s report is accurate, comprehensive, and contains all necessary information. In addition, VINAlert sources data from the Federal Database, which further attests to the report’s authenticity.

✔️Is VINAlert safe?

The VINAlert is safe because its main objective is to encrypt users’ VIN details. The payment options are secure. In addition, VINAlert ensures the privacy of visitors and their VIN details by hiding them from other users.


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