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Both consumers and car dealers could occasionally fall victim to fraud while transacting on a secondhand vehicle. It’s because sometimes the vendor withholds essential details about the car, such as damage and theft history, to boost the asking price. To prevent such fraud, getting a VIN report of the car and correct information about the involved automobiles is required. Despite a multitude of websites offering VIN checks, distinguishes itself from the competition thanks to its superior services. obtains its information from NMVTIS – one of the most extensive national databases that provide accurate automotive information. Once the data is collected, it is verified using processes and tools that guarantee the user will receive an accurate VIN report. So which aspect is the best? When compared to many other services, the cost of a single VIN report from is reasonable, and the quality is unbeatable. However, before obtaining a report, you should be informed of the benefits and drawbacks that, like all other VIN check services, offers. Now let’s look at them.

This review was updated in 2024. Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what has to offer:

  • You can get a full report at a reasonable price.
  • Delivers comprehensive reports within seconds.
  • Collects authentic information regarding vehicles from credible sources like NMVTIS.
  • User-friendly website interface and payment options.
  • Vehicle images are not available.
  • Service is only available for US and Canadian citizens.


CheckthatVIN is an excellent resource if you want accurate VIN records. It offers details on more than 60 current and defunct title brands. It has carried out more than 40 million vehicle checks until now. Moreover, you can instantly discover a vehicle’s title history on and see whether it may have been flooded, salvaged, or junked.

CARCO Group, an approved NMVTIS data provider of car title history from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) program of the US Department of Justice, creates pre-Checked reports. Additionally, the report has an accessible format and is available for purchase on the site. The Inspection Services section of CARCO also participates in the NMVTIS program and offers pre-insurance vehicle inspection pre-Checked reports to insurance companies, which significantly lowers car insurance scams.


Where does take data from? extracts data from the most credible sources, so the user gets access to the most recent information. The online pre-checked auto VIN CARCO Group, an approved NMVTIS data provider of car titling history from the United States, helps create the VIN reports. The website also takes data from the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, which is sponsored by the Department of Justice (NMVTIS). All governmental organizations that deal with vehicles are expected to periodically provide the relevant information to NMVTIS because it is a state-owned company.

This demonstrates that the user receives the latest information that can assist them in making a good decision. With the help of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System, consumers may be shielded against scams, hazardous cars, and the resale of stolen automobiles. In addition, title fraud and other crimes can be discouraged and prevented with the help of the NMVTIS, a tool that governments and law enforcement can use.

The Carco group, which safeguards providers and customers through its cutting-edge technology and provides data on the historical worth of all vehicles, including bikes, automobiles, commercial trucks, RVs, etc., is the second source of information for


Pricing Details charges a small fee for a complete report compared to other decoders. The reports include the basic automobile details and the history of significant damage. These factors increase the value of purchasing a report. Each report’s accompanying costs are as follows:

  • Single report: $3.50
  • Two reports: $7.00

The website also understands the importance of VIN reports for dealers; thus, it provides a program that enables dealers to obtain several VIN reports for unexpectedly low costs, making the website more dealer-friendly.

The basic cost for each report is $3.50, which is very small, and you can get any vehicle VIN report you like after making the payment.


What’s covered in the report? delivers inexpensive, quick, and complete VIN reports for all new and old cars. These are only a few of the numerous subjects covered in a data report:

  • Basic Vehicle Specs. The user may scroll down when the report is finished to view the car’s basic details, such as its model, color, date of manufacture, brand, etc. This provides the user with a summary of the relevant vehicle’s characteristics.
  • Accurate Odometer Reading. Changing the actual odometer reading and setting the odometer to zero are common tricks car salespeople and dealers use to dupe clients into purchasing an expensive vehicle. However, a report ensures the buyer gets the crucial odometer reading, informing them of the kilometers the vehicle has traveled.
  • Equipment Details. The equipment information of the vehicle, including the engine, its construction, and the gasoline type used in it, are presented in a distinct portion of the report. Furthermore, comprehensive details on the doors, bedding, body type, etc., are provided.
  • Vehicle Value. This part of provides vehicle values like the average wholesale base and adjusted wholesaler base by compiling data from multiple wholesale sellers and auto dealers. Before spending more money than actual, the user can save money by getting a pricing estimate through this VIN report.
  • Junk or Salvage. If a car has ever been flooded, rebuilt, salvaged, or junked, a “brand” is noted on the title. The section labeled “Junk or Salvage” contains details on the junk, salvage, and insurance losses the automobile has sustained throughout the years. Given that you know the vehicle’s history with junkyards and salvage auctions, you can negotiate clearly. This is because vehicles bought from these departments have an account of damage, and being aware of it beforehand might help you avoid purchasing a vehicle that has to be repaired.
  • Additional Information. The remaining data, such as the history of inspections or thefts, are covered by this supplementary informational component. Each automobile theft or loss that occurs in a different place is reported to the user.


What could be better in the report?

The data report is excellent and offers the user the most significant and complete car info available. To enhance the user experience, a few aspects of the report may be improved. For instance, the website’s owner’s name is kept a secret, which occasionally raises user suspicion. Therefore, it would be preferable if the website contained some owner-related information.

One aspect is that mainly operates in Canada and USA and includes information about these regions mostly, so going beyond the borders will also help the worldwide community.

The car photos are another feature that is absent from a report. As a result, the user doesn’t learn anything about the vehicle’s present state. The report will be more valuable if it includes pictures of the autos at the scene of the damage. Additionally, it will assist consumers in reaching a fair agreement. In addition, the report contains all the information a user may want to know about a particular car.


Our Review

On the website, we requested a VIN report example before writing our evaluation. The main goals were to determine the reliability of the VIN report and determine if the website lived up to its claims. We were able to see our VIN data as soon as we entered the VIN and confirmed our payment. The mileage check, damage logs, theft histories, etc., were among the report’s principal components. To our surprise, the report also contained every relevant detail regarding the car, from the minute to the important.

NMVTIS, Carco, and other sources were allegedly used to obtain the most accurate data by This assertion was also true since we verified it with other VIN-checking websites using all the information from the VIN report. Nothing had changed; instead, the information provided by the report was more thorough and condensed. When you consider the information they offer, the cost of a single report is justifiably modest.

The payment methods were reliable, and we received the report in a couple of seconds. Overall, claim that it had access to a database of millions of automobiles was valid, and the charge was utterly plausible. We found that was more accurate and detailed when we double-checked the final result against other VIN websites. Which feature is best? Information on how to quickly obtain a VIN report is also made available to clients on the website.

Personal Opinion

To obtain the VIN report for your automobile, visit the website. Everything is included in the final report, including mileage checks, vehicle advertisements, and information on the insurance. All of the data was acquired from trustworthy state-owned sources and independently verified utilizing a variety of technologies in order to ensure the report’s legitimacy. The website’s information is more than sufficient to protect a user against these frauds and scams.

Several aspects need to be fixed in order to enhance the user experience overall. To address the customer’s worries, they should include photographs of the vehicle. For many people, the ideal option is because it is generally quick and straightforward! Summary

Overall rank#16 out of 22
Our rating3.50

How to use

Despite the relatively straightforward nature of the, let’s examine a few crucial steps that might guide you in using it properly.

  • Go to the Official Website. Make use of any search engine that is available on your device to access the official “” website.
  • Enter the VIN Code. At this point, enter the 17-digit VIN code into the empty white box at the top of the page. Click the Tick button to proceed.

CheckthatVIN step 1

  • Availability of VIN Information. In a matter of seconds, a report will be prepared with all necessary details, including the car’s valuation, salvage and theft history, and odometer reading. To read the whole research, you must pay for it; this report is merely an outline.

CheckthatVIN step 2

  • Purchase Your report. Next, choose your package and your payment method. Fill up all the boxes.

CheckthatVIN step 3

  • Completion. Your screen will display your final, comprehensive report with all the relevant data. To read your report later, you can even download it. Alternatives

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is is a unique website for VIN checks that gives dealers and potential consumers accurate details about the targeted vehicle. It also guarantees top-notch customer service to satisfy all of the demands of its clients.

✔️How does work?

The gathers information from a number of reliable sources, such as NMVTIS and Carco, and then offers the user a comprehensive report about the car. The website also contacts salvage yards, rubbish auctions, insurance, and financial firms to collect more data and include it in the report.

✔️How much does the report cost?

You can get a simple report for as little as $3.50, which is reasonable. However, thanks to a number of dealer programs and incentives for larger purchases, everyone can afford the VIN reports. As a result, the final report is thorough and inexpensive.

✔️What will I see in the report?

The targeted vehicle’s complete profile is available in the report. The most notable parts are the odometer history, ownership and sales records, salvage history, stolen databases, use forms, and many other items. This knowledge is enough to shield you against bad decisions and scam artists.

✔️Is the report accurate?

Since the website communicates with state-owned organizations to gather the VIN information, the report is legitimate. Additionally, it was demonstrated that the data was reliable and current by comparing it to those from other websites.

✔️Is worth it?

Yes, report is accurate and complete with all the relevant details. Furthermore, because it was compiled from reliable sources, the data you get on the website is real and legitimate.

✔️Is safe?

Since its primary goal is to encrypt users’ VIN records, is secure. Supported by data from state departments and backed by reliable payment gateways, is a safe platform to choose from.


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