Do Trailers Have VIN Numbers?

Like other vehicles, trailers also come with a unique identification number typically known as the VIN. With a VIN, you can easily find important information about the trailer, like its manufacturing material, origin, age, body type, model, etc. Let’s dig further into the details of trailers VIN!

Key Takeaways

  • All trailers have a 17-digit VIN.
  • The last five digits of VIN (12 – 17) are the serial number.
  • You can decipher the VIN of the trailer by any premium or free decoding website.
  • VIN shares valuable information about the vehicle, like the built date, year, origin, the material used, color, and more.

Do All Trailers Have a VIN?

All trailers manufactured after 1981 have a unique 17-digit alpha-numeric code given to it called the VIN. But these digits aren’t random; instead, each character tells you valuable information about the particular trailer. This includes details about the serial number, manufacturer, color, etc. As the VIN is different for each vehicle, you’ll never find two trailers sharing the exact VIN. Here’s what each section of the VIN tells you:

  • Digits 1-3: Manufacturer information
  • Digits 4-8: Trailer type, length, axles
  • Digits 9-17: production plant, manufacturing year, serial number

Can I Decode Trailers VIN?

Yes, you can easily decipher or decode the trailer’s VIN using any free or premium VIN-checking website. This is very helpful for trailer sellers and buyers as you get to know more details about your trailer, like whether the vehicle has any damage or stolen history, along with the actual odometer reading and much more!

In conclusion, all trailers have a unique VIN and serial number. Although it works as a vehicle identification number, you can also find out plenty of data about your trailer by decoding it.

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