VIN Check in Romania


Before buying a used vehicle in Romania, make sure you check its identification number with our free VIN checker. Get public information about the vehicle's history and avoid any potential problems.


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VIN Check in Romania

Are you looking for a free VIN check to help you decide on a used car in Romania? Our website offers just that. Get started by entering your vehicle identification number above. You will be provided with the basic details and specifications of the vehicle of your choice.

Romania VIN Check

Several different VIN checkers and decoders are active in Romania. Given the automobile brands available in Romania, the quality and authenticity of the information may vary. That’s why it’s important to stick to one of the recommended providers reviewed on our site.

Apart from our free VIN check tool, in most cases it’s best to run a full vehicle history report from a highly ranked service like Car Vertical. Clear VIN and Epic VIN come very close and should also be considered. These decoders provide all the historical information you require about the specific car, from damages to insurance to mileage.


Free tools are excellent as they allow you to tread lightly in the VIN decoding world. Paid tools are great if you are willing to spend the money and run a thorough check on the vehicle. If you want to compare the items that a VIN check report from these paid tools provides, check out our website for comprehensive comparisons.

Our VIN checker works perfectly in Bucharest and other Romania cities.

This Romanian VIN checker was updated in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️Do Romanian Cars Have a VIN?

Yes, all Romanian cars have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN is a unique code of 17 characters that provides information about the car's manufacturer, model, and other important details.

✔️Are Romanian VIN codes different?

No, Romanian VIN codes are not different from those used in other countries. VIN codes are standardized internationally and follow a specific pattern established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

✔️How Do You Read a Romanian VIN?

To read a Romanian VIN, you need to understand the structure of the code. The first three digits of a VIN represent the manufacturer and country of origin. The next six digits provide information about the vehicle model, body, and engine type. The ninth digit is a check digit that verifies the validity of the VIN. The 10th digit represents the model year, and the remaining digits provide additional details about the car, such as the assembly plant, production sequence number, and optional equipment.

✔️What information is included in a Romanian VIN?

A Romanian VIN provides information about the car's manufacturer, model year, vehicle type, engine type, and other important details. It may also include where the vehicle was manufactured, the plant code, and the serial number.

✔️How Many Digits Are in a Romanian VIN?

A Romanian VIN consists of 17 characters.

✔️How Do You Find the VIN on a Romanian Car?

The VIN can typically be found in several locations on a Romanian car, including the driver's side dashboard, the driver's side door jamb, and the car's registration and insurance documents. It may also be located on the engine block or firewall. Be sure to check all these locations to ensure the VIN is correct and matches the car's documents.

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