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People getting scammed by dealers while buying a used or second-hand car is nothing new. To avoid it, you must check the VIN report of the vehicle you’ve been eyeing for a long time. A VIN report lets you know every vital detail about a particular car. Although there are multiple VIN-checking websites online, TitleCheck.us provides unparalleled services.


The website ensures the user gets access to the most recent information that can prevent them from scams and frauds. In addition, the data is collected from top-notch state-owned sources and later passed from different verification tools to keep up with the authenticity. TitleCheck.us is the choice of many users due to the affordable rates and quality of data provided. However, just like many other VIN check websites, TitleCheck.us also comes with plenty of pros and a few cons. Let’s look at a few of them:

This TitleCheck.us review was updated in 2024.

TitleCheck.us Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what TitleCheck.us has to offer:

  • Collects data from authentic sources like NMVTIS and offers the most up-to-date information.
  • DNSFILTER and FlashChart consider this website safe from malware or phishing attacks.
  • In-depth VIN report covering every minor to significant information about a specific vehicle.
  • Trusted by MicroTrend.
  • It even offers bilingual reports (English & Spanish).
  • Vehicle images aren't added to the VIN report.
  • The owner's identity is hidden, which can be questionable for some people.
  • Offers services only in the US.
  • Doesn’t give a preview of available information at the checkout.

About TitleCheck.us


TitleCheck.us is a unique VIN check website that provides users with the best comprehensive VIN reports. All the data given in that report is enough to save a user from potential fraud. The website collects data from NMVTIS and other sources like salvage yards, vehicle repair shops, auto auctions, etc.

This ensures that your final VIN report is comprehensive and worth the money. Moreover, TitleCheck.us provides services in all the states of America, and the rates for a single report don’t change with geographical location. Overall, the TitleCheck.us VIN report has an easy-to-understand format and carries every important information about the vehicle.


Where does TitleCheck.us take data from?

Unlike other many VIN check websites present online, TitleCheck.us takes its data from credible sources. The most prominent one is the NMVTIS which is a US-based state-owned department having data on around 340 million vehicles. It may surprise you, but NMVTIS collects data from approximately 900 sources, making the report comprehensive and in-depth.

Moreover, the state also orders different vehicle departments to provide data to the NMVTIS regularly so the databases keep getting updated. This means the user receives the most recent information about a specific vehicle that’s enough to save them from scammers and frauds.

Other TitleCheck.us data collection sources include salvage yards, auto auctions, finance, insurance, etc. All this information is verified by top-notch tools and added to the report to cover every section of a vehicle. The final report will ensure the user doesn’t end up with a malfunctioning or damaged car.


Pricing Details

With TitleCheck.us, you get an in-detail and comprehensive VIN report at affordable rates that make this platform best for car buyers. Here’s the price of a single VIN report:

  • One Report: $9.98

One downside of TitleCheck.us is that the website doesn’t directly offer report packages. If you are a car dealer looking for multiple VIN report packages, you will not find them on TitleCheck.us. You can look at the dealer detail section and create an account to claim some discounts, but that’s neither an easy nor a direct way of doing it.

However, one factor that makes this TitleCheck.us report in demand is that the price for a single report doesn’t change with your location. Whether you are a buyer extracting the report from Florida or Alabama, you will be charged the same fee for a single report.


What’s covered in the TitleCheck.us report?

As mentioned earlier, the TitleCheck.us VIN report offers a significant amount of information about a particular vehicle that helps users to sign a fair car deal. The buyer gets access to the data of all old and newly sold cars. Here are the primary things typically covered in a TitleCheck.us VIN report:

  • Vehicle Basic Details. This section covers a vehicle’s basic details, including the color, age, manufacturing date, location, etc. The user can utilize this information by cross-matching it with the details provided by the dealer to ensure everything is as promised.
  • Odometer Reading. The odometer reading is the total mileage covered by a vehicle. Car sellers often scam buyers by returning the odometer reading to a minimum or zero. So, they can ask for a hefty amount while selling the vehicle. Although it’s an old trick, many people are still unaware. Therefore, to help those people from the traps of sellers, the TitleCheck.us VIN report includes the actual odometer reading of the vehicle. You get to know how far the car has covered under different owners and make a well-informed decision accordingly.
  • Equipment Details. This section has all the necessary information related to the equipment of a vehicle, such as an engine type, bedding, car doors, etc. The user also knows whether any car part has been replaced or repaired.
  • Stolen and Theft History. Another common trick of dealers or sellers is to sell a stolen car to the buyer. However, the TitleCheck.us VIN report shares accurate information about a vehicle with the user. You get to know if the car has any stolen history or not, so you don’t end up with a vehicle with any criminal or theft history, as it can land you in trouble.
  • Safety Recall Check. As the name suggests, the safety recall section includes information about different malfunctioning parts of a vehicle. This information is important because unawareness can cause accidents and other issues. You learn about damaged parts of a car and fix them accordingly before use.
  • Damage Records. If any external damage isn’t evident on the vehicle, this doesn’t mean it’s free from harm. Sometimes, the car falls victim to internal damage that the dealer does not mention. The TitleCheck.us VIN report shares all the damage records with the user to ensure the user stays safe from all the unknown information or scams that can result in more damage.


TitleCheck.us Vehicle History Report Example

TitleCheck.us Sample Report


What could be better in the TitleCheck.us report?

Undoubtedly, the TitleCheck.us report is comprehensive and shares every information about a particular vehicle with the user that can help them in making the right decision. However, a few sections need improvement to make the website more user-friendly. The first and foremost is the addition of vehicle images. TitleCheck.us VIN report doesn’t come with vehicle images, so the user fails to get enough idea about the vehicle’s current condition.

Adding vehicle images can assist users better in decision-making and make the TitleCheck.us report more appealing. Another thing that the website can do is add the owner’s identity and appropriate information.

Another downside is that the website only offers services to the states that fall under the NMVTIS. So, the users trying to access a VIN report of vehicles from non-compliant states like Michigan, Hawaii, Illinois, and a few others won’t get the optimal results. Expansion to these states will be a great addition. All these things will immediately lift the overall look and comprehensiveness of the TitleCheck.us VIN report.


Our TitleCheck.us Review

Before starting this detailed review, we contacted the TitleCheck.us website. The purpose behind this was to check whether the website is offering promised services and is up to its claims or not. To our surprise, we got the VIN report as soon as we entered the VIN of the vehicle. The report was very in-detail and contained all the necessary vehicle information. The most prominent parts are the odometer reading, stolen databases, equipment details, basic vehicle specs, damage history, etc.

All this information was enough to lead one toward the right vehicle. Moreover, TitleCheck.us claimed to provide the most authentic information extracted from the state-owned NMVTIS. This claim was also up-to-the-mark as we double-checked the data given in the TitleCheck.us report with other VIN words, and there were no confusing stats or facts.

Instead, the TitleCheck.us VIN report was more comprehensive and worth the money one invested. Multiple payment options are available on the website, such as PayPal, Credit or Debit Cards, etc. People can select the one they find the most suitable and get their report within seconds. Additionally, all these payment options are reliable and trustworthy, freeing you from the stress of scams.

But, if they provide an overview of what’s present in the report would be a great addition. Currently, users are usually left out clueless about the availability of the data until o unless they make a purchase. So, if they can add a report preview, the user experience would be optimized.

Personal Opinion

TitleCheck.us is an excellent platform for collecting vehicle information. Once the data is collected from the NMVTIS, it’s passed from efficient verification tools to ensure the credibility of the final report. The report contains information about a particular vehicle, and you learn about the odometer reading, damage history, stolen history, etc., of the vehicle. In addition, the price for a single report is also economical compared to many other VIN check websites.

A few areas need improvement, like adding vehicle images, owner identity, and introducing discounts on bulk purchase options. However, these things don’t interfere with the authenticity and credibility of the final TitleCheck.us VIN report. So, if you need an affordable VIN report, consider TitleCheck.us as a reliable option!


TitleCheck.us Summary

Overall rank#13 out of 22
Our rating3.75
Official websiteTitleCheck.us

How to use TitleCheck.us?

The TitleCheck.us website interface is very user-friendly and easy to use. But to make sure you don’t end up wasting your time figuring out what options to select, we have discussed the step-by-step procedure for getting a TitleCheck.us VIN report below:

  • Go to the Official Website. Open any search browser on your device and search “TitleCheck.us.” Open the link with the same domain name as it’s the official TitleCheck.us website.
  • Enter the VIN Code. You will be directed toward the home page with an empty bar at the top. Enter your vehicle’s VIN code in that bar and click on the “search” option.

TitleCheck step 1

  • Availability of VIN Information. As soon as you enter the VIN code, the vehicle’s basic information appears on the screen. However, to access the final detailed report, you need to purchase it. But, before going to checkout, you need to tick the checkbox stating, “I understand that NMVTIS DOES NOT contain ownership information.”

TitleCheck step 2

  • Purchase Your Report. Enter your email and other required information in the respective sections. Select the payment method you are going with and pay the amount. You will immediately get your final TitleCheck.us VIN report having complete vehicle information. The most prominent sections are the odometer reading, stolen and theft history, usage details, etc.

TitleCheck step 3

  • Completion. View or share the report wherever you want. You can even download the final report for later use.


Download TitleCheck.us Sample Report Here


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is TitleCheck.us?

TitleCheck.us is a reliable VIN-checking platform that offers information about all old and new vehicles. All the detailed data is sourced from credible sources.

✔️How does TitleCheck.us work?

The TitleCheck.us extracts data from a US-based government-owned department named NMVTIS and other sources like auto auctions, salvage yards, etc. Once the data is collected, it’s passed from reliable verification tools that make the report more authentic.

✔️How much does the TitleCheck.us report cost?

On average, a single TitleCheck.us report costs around $9.98, which is comparatively lower than other VIN checking websites. However, you can’t avail of the bulk purchase discount option with TitleCheck.us and must pay the same price for each report. Dealer discounts are available, but the procedure is pretty odd.

✔️What will I see in the TitleCheck.us report?

The TitleCheck.us report possesses every minor to major information about a vehicle. The major sections that you will see are the odometer reading, stolen databases, usage details, damage history, and much more. All this information is enough to save you from scams.

✔️Is the TitleCheck.us report accurate?

Yes, the TitleCheck.us report is authentic, as the data is collected from trusted sources. After double-checking the information with other websites, TitleCheck.us proved to be a reliable option.

✔️Is TitleCheck.us worth it?

Of course! TitleCheck.us is worth your money. The price for a single price is low, but there’s no compromise on the report’s credibility.

✔️Is TitleCheck.us safe?

Yes, the TitleCheck.us report is safe. The website’s top priority is to ensure the privacy of visitors and users. On top of that, all the offered payment methods are powered by credible sources, so there’s no safety concern here as well.


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