carVertical vs VINAudit

The internet has made online car shopping easier in many ways. Unfortunately, online vehicle purchases have also made it easier for people to take advantage of others with scams. To combat online fraud, several VIN check websites are available. There are so many that it takes time to choose which one to use.

We have thoroughly tested and ranked the top VIN check platforms. You have two excellent choices to make between carVertical and VINAudit. To help you decide, we compare them side by side using our four-point review process to help you find the best VIN decoder for your purpose.

Ranks #1 out of 22 companies
5.0 rating
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4.8 rating
carVertical vs VINAudit

Benefits of carVertical

carVertical is a top-ranking VIN decoder that

  • Uses reliable information from all types of organizations
  • Ranked high for data integrity because it gathers details from over 900 sources
  • Excellent customer service
  • Its website is easy to use
  • Provides multiple reports at a volume discount

Benefits of VINAudit

In its full report, VINAudit

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of a vehicle's history, including ownership and accident reports
  • Most affordable option of the VIN check websites
  • It has free features like VIN lookup tools
  • Reports are generated quickly
  • Great customer service

Quality Breakdown

Let us look at the pricing and the information included in the reports given by the two websites.


It's hard to beat the quality of data that carVertical provides because they use blockchain technology, numerous data sources, and regular quality assurance checkups. The reports provided by CarVertical are available for $24.99, and you can get three reports for $41.97, reducing the cost per report considerably.

While carVertical outranks its competitors on its data quality, VINAudit is more attractive because of its low price. One VINAudit report costs $5 for one car, while $20 will allow you to check unlimited vehicles. However, you might be sacrificing the quality of service and will get a different amount of information, too, because carVertical outranks VINAudit in both areas.

What’s Included?

Some VIN decoders offer reports in several languages, and carVertical exceeds in this area, whereas VINAudit only generates reports in English for US and Canada. On the other hand, there is a carVertical platform for each major country, designed to provide relevant information for your region.

The reports generated by carVertical are more comprehensive than the ones offered by VINAudit. VINAudit's platform is less sophisticated than carVertical's powerfully integrated website, and it might be more challenging for some people to use.

The table below shows the features included.

Technical InformationYesYes
Accident HistoryYesYes
Ownership HistoryYesYes
Maintenance RecordsYesYes
Insurance DataNoNo
Registration DataYesYes
Theft ReportsYesYes

How to Choose?

Your reasons for using a VIN decoder will differ from everyone else's, so you'll have to decide what's more important. If you live in Canada or the US and want to pay less for a single full vehicle history report, then VINAudit will be a good choice.

However, if you need quality data or wish to purchase more than one full report, carVertical will provide you with the easiest option with the best data.

Editors Choice
5.0 rating
Ranks #1 out of 22 companies
5.0 rating
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4.8 rating
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4.8 rating
Ranks #4 out of 22 companies