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Sometimes buyers and car dealers fall victim to scams when they make a deal on a second-hand car. The seller hides the vehicle’s essential details, like the damage and stolen history, only to demand a higher amount for the automobile. So, to avoid such scams, it’s crucial to acquire a VIN report of the vehicle and get factual information about the concerned car. Although there are multiple VIN check websites available, VINdata takes the lead due to its exceptional services.


The company gets its data from one of the largest national databases, such as NMVTIS, that provides authentic vehicle information. Once everything is collected, the data passes through verification tools that ensure the user gets a reliable VIN report. What’s the best part? The price for a single VIN report from VINdata is relatively low compared to many other websites, and there’s no compromise on the quality. However, just like any other VIN check website, VINdata also has multiple benefits and a few drawbacks that you should know before getting a report. Let’s have a look at them:

This VINdata review was updated in 2024.

VINdata Review

Here is a list of some of the best and worst of what VINdata has to offer:

  • Collects data from credible sources like NMVTIS, Black Book, Kelly Blue Book, etc.
  • User-friendly VIN report and reliable payment options.
  • DNS filter and Flashback label this website as scam-free & malware-free.
  • Provides detailed report within a few seconds.
  • The owner's identity is hidden, making it suspicious.
  • Vehicle images aren't included in the VIN report.

About VINData


VINData is an incredible platform for people who want authentic VIN reports. Typically, the website has data on over 70 current and historical title brands, which means you can find the information on the required title brand hassle-free. In addition, the primary data sources for VINData are NMVTIS, Black Book, Kelly Blue Book, etc. As the website gathers vehicle information from multiple sources, the user gets a detailed report containing minor to significant damages and stolen databases of the vehicle. The report’s format is straightforward to understand, and you can buy the report utilizing the different options available at the site.


Where does VINData take information from?

VINData is different from many other websites of the same category in that VINData collects data from credible sources and doesn’t rely on unauthentic or random sources. The total data is gathered from NMVTIS that’s a US-based vehicle database the information about new and old vehicles. It has a history of over 400 million cars and extracts data from more than 900 small to large sources.

As NMVTIS is state-owned, the government orders every vehicle-related department to regularly report required information to the NMVTIS. This means the user gets the most up-to-date data that can help them make a fair decision. The second source of data collection for VINData is Black Book, which brings the historical value of all vehicles, such as bike values, cars, commercial trucks values, RV values, etc., to you.

Another source is Manheim, which provides auto dealers and commercial users with the most recent selling price of the vehicle. It monitors the vehicle’s wholesale price and the last sold price to give the user a better idea about the vehicle’s current pricing. To make their VIN report more in-depth, the VINData also consults several other sources like insurance and finance departments, salvage yards, automobile repair shops, etc. So, in the end, you get the information that leads you toward the right deal.


Pricing Details

While checking VIN reports providers online, you’ll come across websites that offer services at a low rate compared to VINData. Still, either data will not be authentic, or the information may be incomplete. But VINData reports carry every information about the vehicle from the primary vehicle specifications to major damage history. These reasons make VINData report a worthy investment, and here are the pricing details for each report:

  • One VIN Report: $14.99
  • Three VIN Reports: $9.99 each

If you think the pricing for a single report is high, you can avail of the three reports option. By doing so, you’ll get an instant discount on each report. Moreover, the VINData website understands the importance of VIN reports for dealers, so to make the website more dealer-friendly, there’s a program that enables car sellers or dealers to get multiple VIN reports at surprisingly low rates.

It comes with a monthly base fee of 20 dollars. Once paid, then you’ll be spending just 0.99 dollars for each report. It means 100 reports will be only 119 dollars!


What’s covered in the VINData report?

VINData offers quick and comprehensive VIN reports for all current and old vehicles at affordable rates. Here are the different things that are covered in a data report:

  • Basic Vehicle Specs. Once the report is generated, the user can scroll down to see the vehicle’s basic specs, including the vehicle model, color, manufacturing date, brand, etc. This gives the user an overview of whether the concerned vehicle has all the aforementioned specs or not.
  • Accurate Odometer Reading. Car dealers and sellers often trick the buyer into buying a high-priced vehicle by changing the actual odometer reading and returning the odometer to zero. However, a VINData report ensures the user gets the basic odometer reading that tells them about the total mileage covered by the car.
  • Equipment Details. There’s a separate section in the VINData report that focuses explicitly on the equipment details of the vehicle, such as the engine, it’s manufacturing, and the type of fuel used in it. Moreover, you also get in-depth information about the doors, bedding, body style, etc.
  • Vehicle Value. This section of VINData reports vehicle values like the average wholesale base and adjusted wholesaler base by extracting information from several wholesale sellers and vehicle dealers. So, the user gets an idea about the vehicle’s pricing and doesn’t end up paying higher than the average.
  • Junk or Salvage. The junk or salvage section shares data related to the junk, salvage, and insurance loss the vehicle has faced over the years. You know whether the car has any history of being in a salvage yard or junk auction, which helps you make an apparent deal. It’s because vehicles received in such departments have prior damage history, and knowing it beforehand saves you from ending up with a malfunctioning car.
  • Other Information. Everything left, like the inspection or theft history, is mentioned in this other information section. The user knows whether the car being sold is stolen or lost from any different geographical location.


VINData Vehicle History Report Example

VINData Sample Report


What could be better in the VINData report?

The data report is great and provides the user with the best and most comprehensive vehicle data. However, a few things can be improved in the VINData report to improve the user experience. For instance, the website doesn’t reveal the owner’s identity, making the user suspicious sometimes. So, it’d be better if there’s some owner-related information listed on the website.

Another thing that’s missing in a VINData report is the vehicle images. So, the user doesn’t get many ideas about the current condition of the vehicle. Adding images of cars at the time of damage will further add value to the report. It will also help the customers in sealing a fair deal. Besides, the VINData report has everything a user needs to know about a particular vehicle.


Our VINData Review

To make our review more impressive, we contacted the VINData website to get a VIN report and to check whether they are providing the promised things or not. Surprisingly, as soon as we entered the VIN number and selected the payment method, we got our report. It contains all the information a buyer needs before buying any second-hand vehicle. The most prominent sections of the report include Salvage or Junk History, Stolen Databases, Basic Equipment Details, Vehicle Value, etc.

The VINData also claimed to provide the most accurate data extracted from sources like NMVTIS, Black Book, Blue Book Kelly, etc. This claim was also valid as we double-checked all the data provided in the VIN report with other VIN-checking websites. There was no change in any information; instead, the data given by the VINData report was more comprehensive and concise. The price for a single VINData report is relatively high, but looking at the information they provide, the price is justified.

Moreover, you can avail of discounts by making a bulk purchase. The VINData report can easily be purchased by payment options like cards, PayPal, etc. All the payment modes are reliable, so there’s no need to worry about scams. Anyone looking for a detailed VIN report should get it from VINData!

Personal Opinion

In our opinion, VINData is a quick and reliable VIN report provider. The report contains all minor details about a particular vehicle you should know before getting a second-hand or used car. All the data is collected from credible state-owned sources and verified by various tools to ensure the report’s authenticity. However, there are a few things that need to be better to lift the overall user experience. These include the addition of the owner’s information on the website and vehicle damage images in the final VIN report. Overall, the VINData is fast and user-friendly, which makes it the ultimate choice for many!


VINData Summary

Overall rank#11 out of 22
Our rating4.00

How to use VINData ?

Although the VINData has a very easy-to-understand format, let’s have a look at different steps that guide you on its proper usage:

  • Go to the Official Website. Open any search browser on your device and go to the official “” website.
  • Enter the VIN Code. Now enter the 17 digits VIN code into the empty red bar at the top of the VINData website and click on the right-directed arrow to continue.

VINdata step 1

  • Availability of VIN Information. The report will be generated within seconds carrying all the vital information like the odometer reading, salvage, stolen history, vehicle value, etc. However, this will be a basic report, and to access the in-detailed report, you need to buy it.

VINdata step 2

  • Purchase Your Report. Now, you need to select your package, whether you want a single report or multiple reports, and then choose the payment mode to purchase it.

VINdata step 3

  • Completion. Your final in-detail report will appear on your screen containing everything you need to know. Download your report to view it later.


Download VINData Sample Report Here


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Frequently Asked Questions

✔️What is VINData?

VINData is a unique VIN check website that provides vehicle buyers and sellers with authentic information about the concerned car. On top of that, it ensures exceptional customer service to entertain all needs of its customers.

✔️How does VINData work?

The VINData collects data from multiple credible sources like NMVTIS, Black Book, Blue Book Kelly, etc., and provides the user with a final comprehensive report detailing the vehicle. In addition, the website also contacts salvage yards, junk auctions, and insurance and finance departments to gather more data and add it to the report.

✔️How much does the VINData report cost?

A single VINData report costs you around $14.99, which may seem a bit high. However, there are different dealer programs and discounts on bulk purchases that make the VIN reports affordable for everyone. The information in the final VINData report is comprehensive and worth the money you spend on it.

✔️What will I see in the VINData report?

You will see everything related to the targeted vehicle in the VINData report. The most prominent sections are the odometer history, ownership and sales records, salvage history, stolen databases, usage records, and much more. All this information is enough to save you from wrong decisions and scammers.

✔️Is the VINData report accurate?

Yes, the VINData report is authentic, as the website consults with state-owned departments to get the VIN report. On cross-checking with other websites, we found the data accurate and up-to-date.

✔️Is VINData worth it?

Yes, the report provided by VINData has all the necessary information and is worth your money. The website collects data from credible sources, which means the information you get is authentic and precise.

✔️Is VINData safe?

Undoubtedly, the VINData is safe as the website’s main aim is to keep the user’s VIN reports encrypted. The information presented is hidden from other viewers, and the payment modes are reliable.


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