EpicVIN vs VinAudit

Having access to a VIN checking site can help you make better decisions when it comes to managing and maintaining your vehicles. A vehicle history report can be crucial, especially when comparing vehicles you want to purchase, so you are aware of their history.

In this article, let’s take a detailed look at two such websites, EpicVIN and VinAudit. Both of these have their own perks, and they offer unique benefits for generating detailed reports. So let’s break down their benefits, costs, and the services available.

From $14.99 per report
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From $9.99 per report
4.5 rating
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EpicVIN vs VinAudit

Benefits of EpicVIN

When it comes to EpicVIN, you are dealing with experience and a leading service provider in this world. Here are some core benefits to consider:

  • The process of requesting a report is easy to carry out.
  • You can get cost-effective plans for multiple reports.
  • All of the most vital data is covered in the vehicle history report.

Benefits of VinAudit

VinAudit, on the other hand, is an excellent online checker available to customers in the United States and Canada. Take a look at some of the benefits of this service:

  • Excellent coverage when it comes to ownership data specifically.
  • One of the most cost-effective breakdowns in the market.
  • You can access your report at any time from the website for a year.

Quality Breakdown

So, with the benefits of each VIN check service explored, it is time to take a look at what the services cost, along with the services offered.


EpicVIN allows you to get a single report at $17.99, whereas VinAudit offers a single report at the cost of $9.99. They both offer bulk discounts, and VinAudit has special deals available for those in the industry who need to do VIN lookups more often.

You can pay online for both services through approved gateways. However, when you buy a car history report through VinAudit, you have to keep in mind that there are no refunds available. On the other hand, you do get a money-back guarantee with EpicVIN.

What's Included?

Let’s take a look at what the report from each service includes:

Technical InformationYesYes
Equipment DataYesYes
Accident HistoryYesYes
Ownership HistoryYesYes
Maintenance RecordsYesNo
Insurance DataYesYes
Registration DataYesYes
Theft ReportsYesYes

Luckily, both services cover at least some of the areas mentioned above. However, the report from EpicVIN is far more detailed and gives you additional data, such as pictures of the car when it was sold, along with information on the original parts.

How To Choose?

It seems as though EpicVIN and VinAudit can be pretty good options for a Vehicle History Report. If you are looking for a comprehensive option, EpicVIN is a far better option and still generally cost-effective compared to other services. However, for a quick look on a budget, you won’t do any better than the report from VinAudit.

Editors Choice
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5.0 rating
From $14.99 per report
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4.8 rating
From $14.99 per report
Ranks #3 out of 22 companies
4.5 rating
From $9.99 per report
Ranks #4 out of 22 companies